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  1. "I think you're confusing me with somebody else....I won't apologize for being myself" This song is heaven!
  2. I have this song on 'repeat'....I just can't stop playing it!! It is truly my favorite song on the album. Kanye West did a remarkable job on the production.
  3. I didn't get the email from Ticketmaster yet.
  4. I agree.She should open the show with this song.
  5. "bless yourself and genuflect"....lol....love it!!!!
  6. Got the email from Amazon,saying that my Super Deluxe Edition has shipped and will be here tomorrow
  7. Got my tickets for the San Jose show on October 19.Has anyone heard any news about a possible second show? Madonna usually plays at least two shows in the Bay Area.
  8. I love this song more and more,each time I listen to it.
  9. PREACH!!!! I,too,want more of the vulgar,outrageous,sleazy Madonna!! Bring it on
  10. I'm in the US and I pre-ordered the Super Deluxe from Amazon.I keep checking my email to see if it has shipped yet.I chose the 'fast' shipping that will have it delivered on March 10.
  11. So true there was one gay blog that was complaining about "Holy Water",implying that it was too sexual...lol...wtf?!
  12. Holy Water Iconic Wash All Over Me Joan Of Ark Devil Pray
  13. lol at the dumb critics who think she is saying 'Jesus' in the song "Holy Water"
  14. "kiss it better,make it wetter".......love the lyrics!!
  15. Kanye's a jerk...lol...but he can make some great music He should stay focused on music and stay far away from award shows,lol
  16. "Oh my God,you're so hot....pull my hair,let me get on top"
  17. There was a rumor that Drake would appear on the song "Best Night",but I guess that's all it was...just a rumor?
  18. "Ghosttown" is a perfect choice for second single.It has mainstream appeal.Everyone loves a good ballad of substance.
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