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  1. If Madonna chose to,she could easily write an entire album (the lyrics) all by herself.I think she prefers to collaborate with others,though.I have to admit,it is crazy seeing a ton of people listed as the writers for one song,lol.
  2. I was gonna buy the vinyl,but I've heard reports from other fans that the sound quality isn't very good.
  3. please Madonna,keep the straight hair for awhile.It looks fantastic!
  4. At first,I thought it was a cute,charming song,but it wears thin after repeated listenings.Good thing it was kept off the album.
  5. "Iconic" should be the third single,released in the summertime.
  6. "Iconic" would be the perfect opening song
  7. I think Madonna should announce the Australian dates immediately.She would sellout the shows instantly and there would be alot of hype and (positive) media attention.
  8. I sorta feel bad for the artists,producers and songwriters who worked on the album.Their contributions aren't even being credited for the world to see.This is ridiculous.
  9. I noticed that,too.Perhaps it means that there is alot of 'new' interest in her tour?
  10. That's a good idea,actually! Can you imagine all the media hype and speculation it would generate?
  11. Yep,that's what it reminds me of...the stuff that Timbaland was producing in the late 90s.
  12. Indeed! Plus,I'm thrilled that she's using a high-profile actor for the video.It will get alot of media attention and Youtube views.
  13. so it looks like Terrence Howard (from Empire) will be the love interest in the video??
  14. I knew this was going to happen.We'll see media stories like this,proclaiming the tour is already a "flop".I think the super high prices are to blame.Still,I think the shows will sellout....just not very quickly.
  15. How about a segment devoted to Armegeddon (the end of the world)? Yeah I know it sounds bleak,but it could be interesting.... "Ghosttown" will obviously be one of the songs in this segment. ""Wash All Over Me" could be part of it,too. Then,she can end this segment on a positive note,performing "4 Minutes" and "Hold Tight".
  16. I actually agree with you.These high prices are why the shows are taking a longer time to sellout.If I was gonna pay $400 to see Madonna (or any artist),it had better be a floor seat,VERY close to the stage and catwalk.
  17. I wonder what the real reason is for no booklet with the credits? Is it a cost-cutting move? It really makes no sense to me. I also think it's not very nice to the many songwriters and producers who worked on the album.Surely they want their contributions to be clear for all to see.
  18. Awesome! I'm sure she'll come up with a wild,outrageous performance for this song.
  19. Do you guys think she will perform this on tour?
  20. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a second San Jose show added.She usually does at least two shows in the Bay Area.
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