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  1. "Take A Day" is fantastic! I hope Madonna does something with it in the future.
  2. yeah,I can't wait to see what she does with this song in concert.
  3. Yeah,she really needs to shake things up a bit....go to some cities that she hasn't done in awhile.
  4. I agree.It makes no sense to skip a major city like Dallas or Houston.
  5. I love what Kanye did to "Holy Water" and his work on "Wash All Over Me" is excellent.
  6. Madonna is worth much more than $520 million.Her net worth is closer to $1 billion.
  7. I just hope that,in addition to the major hits,she throws in stuff like "Angel" and "Causing A Commotion"...songs she hasn't performed live in a long time.
  8. As much as I love Rebel Heart,I think a greatest hits tour is long overdue.The general public would love a greatest hits tour from Madonna.
  9. I agree.It would be a good idea for her to change the focus of this tour to more of a greatest hits-type tour.The general public would be more inclined to purchase tickets.They want to hear the HITS.
  10. The more I listen to this song,the more I think that it should be a single.
  11. I would be pissed if I were one of them.They do all that hard work and it's not getting noticed.
  12. The demos are great,but now that we have the official album,I don't go back and listen to 'em very often.
  13. Whatever she does next (musically),I just pray that there are NO LEAKS.She needs to do whatever it takes to make sure that her songs don't leak next time.Get a new computer,change the passwords,fire her team,work with Beyonce's team,whatever....I just don't wanna see a repeat of all those songs and demos leaking *months* before the album is due!
  14. I had two friends in the car with me and I was playing this song really loud.These guys aren't really into Madonna,but they think this song is great! One of them said "Wow,I may have to buy her album"
  15. I voted for some songs that she never does: "Physical Attraction","Angel","Causing A Commotion","Cherish" I wanna hear these songs on the tour!
  16. I would mind hearing "Some Girls"...that's my favorite song from MDNA.
  17. I really like this song,but I don't think it should be the next single. "Iconic" is a stronger choice for the next single.Like BIM,it has a radio-friendly sound,but it's more positive and uplifting.Let's face it,a song like BIM would get alot of criticism (like elijah mentioned).If "GT" takes off and becomes somewhat of a hit,it would be to Madonna's benefit to play it safe and choose a really strong third single,which I think "Iconic" would be.
  18. I agree! This video is like a return to the "classic" videos she did in the past.I hope we get more videos like this.
  19. Exactly! This video is eveything the fans have been asking for.I'm very pleased with it.
  20. Love this video! I think it's Madonna best video in awhile.
  21. I'm surprised that there's not a second San Jose show announced.Madonna always plays multiple dates in the Bay Area. But you know what? Maybe she wanted to do a shorter tour this time and if so,we can't blame her.Lengthy tours can be grueling.
  22. This song would make a perfect single.
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