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  1. when I go to the show,I'm gonna get the tourbook and the black Rebel Heart hoodie
  2. Hey thanks for that link! I'm at work listening to it now Sound quality is fantastic!!
  3. I saw a clip of the "Holy Water" performance and it is amazing!!! How could you want her to remove that? lol
  4. I pray that she adds "Who's That Girl" back to the setlist when I see her next month!
  5. I agree with this.The MDNA tour was so long and grueling.Madonna confessed that she would be in her dressing room,crying sometimes because she was so exhausted and tired.Maybe this time,she simply wanted more time to rest between dates?
  6. This is my favorite song on the album,and I love the way she performs it in concert.It's an outrageous,sexy performance!!
  7. I love "Candy Shop"! It's such a fun,infectious song. "my sugar is raw...sticky and sweet....my sugar is raw....sticky and sweet" I know Madonna LOVES to sing that line,lol
  8. Madonna sounds incredible on this tour.Her vocals are amazing! Janet Jackson's voice is light as air.Her vocals have no power whatsoever.
  9. Nice! Can't wait to purchase a copy at the show next month!!
  10. I will be at the San Jose show on October 19
  11. I love Hard Candy.It's such a fun,energetic album.I still listen to it all the time.
  12. I don't think the Hard Candy era was a letdown at all.The album is great and wasn't the tour (S&S) her most successful tour ever?
  13. I think that "Get Together" would have done better if it had a great.exciting video for it.
  14. Nice picture! When Madonna works with the right stylists and hairdressers,she looks incredible!
  15. I wish that Madonna had titled the album 'Beat Goes On'.That would have been the perfect theme for what she was going through back then (divorce from Guy and from Warners)....."life sucks but the beat goes on....you gotta keep on living"
  16. Madonna worked with the wrong photographer.Some of these pictures are dreadful! The final artwork was fine,though.It's just a shame that so many of the outtake photos leaked.
  17. This sounds like a fake,tabloid article that you would read in the National Enquirer I think it's 100% FALSE.
  18. I agree.I love "Best Night" but I think the opener should be a more uptempo song,like "Iconic".
  19. if "Iconic" is the opener,she should add a few lines from "Spotlight" into this performance.That song has a similiar theme/message.
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