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  1. I love the dark hair! Madonna looks fabulous.She had been rocking the blonde hair for too long...it's time for a change.
  2. It's so cool to see Madonna guesting on someone else's track.The song is fun.
  3. I agree with the part about Madonna working with only one or two producers.The album will have a more cohesive sound.She really doesn't need a ton of songwriters,either.
  4. me too! That's one song that I am dying to hear her perform live
  5. I think Madonna shouldn't have an opening act.It just forces her to start her show late.This is what happened in San Jose,where she didn't come out until 10:13.The opening act (a DJ) played for too long!
  6. I love everything about this show,but my favorite part was "Holy Water/Vogue".
  7. Yeah,she said those things.She also talked alot about "happiness".
  8. Incredible show!!! I'm still trying to recover from it
  9. Leaving work early to get ready I'm so excited for this show!
  10. that would be so cool! I'd love a T-shirt like that,lol
  11. I have a feeling that she may get a nomination for "Ghosttown".That's the type of big,power ballad that Grammy voters love.
  12. I will be at this show!! Can't wait
  13. I would love for her do a summer leg and play some of the places that are not on the current schedule.
  14. I think The Girlie Show band was her best band.Those guys were great!
  15. I'm gonna get to the venue early and buy my merchandise before the show.
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