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  1. Holy Water Iconic Wash All Over Me Joan Of Ark Devil Pray
  2. lol at the dumb critics who think she is saying 'Jesus' in the song "Holy Water"
  3. "kiss it better,make it wetter".......love the lyrics!!
  4. Kanye's a jerk...lol...but he can make some great music He should stay focused on music and stay far away from award shows,lol
  5. "Oh my God,you're so hot....pull my hair,let me get on top"
  6. There was a rumor that Drake would appear on the song "Best Night",but I guess that's all it was...just a rumor?
  7. "Ghosttown" is a perfect choice for second single.It has mainstream appeal.Everyone loves a good ballad of substance.
  8. It's a sexy,warm,inviting song.I think it would make a excellent single.
  9. I don't think Kanye had anything to do with this song...or does he? I know he co-produced three songs ("Holy Water","Illuminati" and "Wash All Over Me"),but I don't know about "Inside Out".
  10. Gorgeous song.In recent years,her ballads have gotten better and better.I loved "Falling Free" and now "Messiah" is also a favorite of mine.
  11. Wow,I'm loving all these interviews,TV appearances,excessive promo.....it's wonderful!
  12. I gotta admit,I'm not too crazy about this song. I like the concept,but the lyrics just don't work for me.Musically,it's not very interesting either.
  13. "I promise you it's not a sin....find salvation deep within" One of the best lines on the album
  14. ^^THIS.It's time to move on and focus solely on the "official" versions that made it onto the album.Let's pretend we never heard the demos.
  15. This song is amazing! Love the lyrics and Madonna's vocal style.
  16. in one of the album reviews,they were praising Madonna for finding a way to fit the word "genuflect" into a pop song :)
  17. I do agree....those two lines are the highlight
  18. the only thing about this song that I'm not crazy about is the "Vogue" sample.It just seems unnecessary and out of place.
  19. This should be the third single from the album....released just as summer begins,with an amazing video.
  20. It's a shame that the credits (and lyrics) aren't included in the package.
  21. As far as I'm concerned,the Super Deluxe Edition is the *only* version that matters That's the full,complete album right there. I love this song.Nas' rap is great.
  22. To me,this song sounds like a Timbaland production.I like it alot.
  23. yeah,I think alot of people don't 'get' the humor of this song.In the RS interview,Madonna comments on the humor aspect of the song.It's clearly meant to be tongue in cheek (no pun intended,lol)
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