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  1. After one full listen,all I can say is "WOW"!!!!!
  2. I have only heard the released songs.Can't wait until late Thursday night when my iTunes digital copy will appear
  3. Friday can't come soon enough! I'm going crazy waiting to hear this album
  4. Very good point.For the most part,young people are not really interested in older,veteran artists.Such a shame.
  5. I love this video! Madonna looks stunning.It's a very simple video,yet so effective.It works with the song.
  6. I was hoping that the finished video would be ready by now.It's a fantastic song,it just needs the video ASAP!
  7. So,I guess it would be safe to assume that the "Crave" video will be released this week...hopefully tomorrow when the song is impacted to radio?
  8. It's a great song...something different and fresh for Madonna.I really like the variety of different sounds that we have heard so far.Seems like this is gonna be a very eclectic album.
  9. "Future" sounds like it will be a fun,summer track.
  10. I'm happy to see that this song is getting some airplay in the US.It's extremely radio-friendly.
  11. The song is sexy and sultry.I love her voice throughout the song...yes,even the first verse
  12. "Crave" has become my favorite of the three songs.I can't stop listening to it!
  13. I like it! It's a sexy,breezy midtempo track.Love the chorus and the bridge.
  14. WOW!! I really love seeing her with dark hair.She looks stunning!
  15. So far,I ordered the 2-CD deluxe edition from Madonna's site and the Target exclusive CD. Does anyone know what the two extra tracks are on the Target CD? And of course,I also ordered the iTunes digital copy deluxe edition
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