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  1. so happy that "Holy Water" is on the album "bitch,get off my pole" will soon become a new catch phrase,LOL
  2. "Ghosttown" should be the second single.I can just imagine an amazing,epic video for it.
  3. I feel the same way.I don't want her to rush out on tour so soon after an album is released.She did that for the last two albums,so it's refreshing to have a different strategy this time.
  4. I agree.Prince hasn't done a truly great album since the early 90s.He seriously needs to start working with other producers.Imagine what Pharrell could do for him.
  5. This has got to be released as a single....with an amazing video!
  6. "Back That Up" has the potential to be a hit single.I could see the folks who liked "4 Minutes" really liking this song,too.
  7. I like the fact that she isn't gonna rush out on tour.I want 2015 to be devoted strictly to the new album.Lots of promotion and videos.The album is gonna be amazing (based on what we have heard so far) and it deserves alot of attention and promotion.
  8. I love the "bitch,get off my pole" hook in Holy Water....that is sheer genuis! LOL
  9. I just hope that there is an active investigation going on.Madonna needs to get to the bottom of this.Isn't the FBI involved?
  10. These leaks have to be coming from someone in Madonna's camp.They get their hands on these songs and sell them to collectors.That's how these songs leak.
  11. "Back That Up" is the type of song that I wanna blast in my car,really loud.
  12. One thing is certain: Madonna has to try a different approach in the future,or else this stuff will keep happening whenever she records an album.She's gotta find a way to protect her music.Do we really wanna go through all this again in two-three years (demos leaking early,messing up her promotional plans)? It's a serious problem that needs to be fixed.
  13. Yes "don't it taste like holy water?",she asks in the chorus
  14. I agree! These days,it's risky to spend many months working on an album,hyping it up on social media,teasing fans with song titles,etc....and expect that nothing will leak.Madonna probably should have released the album last month (November),which is when many of us thought it would be released.If she had done that,these current leaks would be irrelevent.
  15. I love the idea of a double album.It gives her a chance to divide the two themes.Some of the "fun",wild tracks might not fit comfortably on an album with more "serious" tracks.I have always wanted Madonna to do a double album.I hope she changes her mind and decides to go through with it.
  16. Yes,Madonna definitely needs to have her own studio.Producers can work with her at this studio,but NONE of their recordings are to leave the premises.Everything stays there with Madonna.Hire some security guards,if necessary Things would probably work alot easier if she only worked with one producer on a project.It would be easier to keep track of everything.
  17. "bitch,get off my pole....bitch,get off my pole" I can't get that hook out of my head! I like "Holy Water"!!
  18. I really like "Back That Up (Do It)"....what a groove!
  19. I agree."Holy Water" sounds promising to me.With a little more work,it could be one of the wildest tracks she's ever released.I love the lyrics
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