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  1. I plan to buy several copies,including the vinyl if there is one.That's why I don't feel guilty listening to this leak.Madonna will get my money anyway
  2. "Best Night" is fine just the way it is.I hope Drake doesn't ruin it with a silly rap.
  3. what is Madonna saying in "Holy Water"? The line that goes "Jesus (?) loves my....????"
  4. Listening now.This album is BRILLIANT!!! I am going crazy right now."Holy Water" is my new favorite Madonna song
  5. I say she should do it.It's a perfect to promote the tour and album at the same time.
  6. I know what you mean.It was so annoying seeing people say things like "She had to use a sales marketing gimmick just to reach number one on the charts"...or "she cheated"....people can be so clueless!
  7. I purchased my copy at http://www.greatmagazines.co.uk
  8. I just ordered a copy I didn't wanna wait for B&N to finally get it in stock.
  9. I agree.I like the song "Rebel Heart" but I don't think it should be a single.There are many more tracks that would make better singles.
  10. Ghosttown really should be the first single.It's the type of song that would appeal to people who normally wouldn't be interested in Madonna.
  11. I can't see why so many of you dislike "Holy Water"....that song is fun,nasty and outrageous! It's like a return to the 1992/93 Madonna.
  12. I love "Holy Water".The melody of the verses remind me of "4 Minutes".
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