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  1. The thing is...we weren't supposed to hear the demos! So I'm gonna just enjoy the album and pretend that I never heard any of the leaked demos...lol....I think that's what Madonna would want anyway.
  2. sadly,that seems to be the only way for her to get airplay,at least here in the States.
  3. Is there *any* version of the album that contains "Queen" and "Autotune Baby"? I'd rather have those two tracks instead of the two remixes!
  4. thanks for the info. Does anyone know any other sites to order the UK Super Deluxe Edition? (I'm in the US)
  5. At first,I wanted "Ghosttown" to be the second single,but I now think "Iconic" may be a wiser choice.
  6. "Ghosttown" for the second single. "Iconic" for the third single. "Best Night" for the fourth single
  7. I feel the same way.I *like* this song,but I'm not in love with it.It's an OK song,but not as strong as most of the other tracks.
  8. I'm in the US and I guess it makes the most sense to get the UK Super Deluxe Edition,since it contains "Queen" and "Autotune Baby" (which are replaced by remixes on the US Super Deluxe Edition).
  9. Love this song! Excellent message and lyrics.I could see this song becoming a single.The production is on point.
  10. I agree....all this song needs is a week-long radio deal and it will catch on with the general public.It's a much better song than GMAYL and has more universal appeal.It's time for Interscope to get aggressive and do their thing!
  11. This song is gonna be an international smash.Promoting a new single on the Grammys is a shrewd move.
  12. she's with NAS!! Maybe he will join her onstage for "Veni Vidi Vici"??!!
  13. SPIN is crazy! How can they re-edit the tracklist and leave off great songs like "Ghosttown" and "Devil Pray"?!
  14. ^^ that Spin article is insane! Their revised tracklist leaves off so many amazing songs.No "Devil Pray"? No "Ghosttown"?!
  15. "Best Night" should definitely be considered for a future single.It's a sexy,sultry song,full of hit potential.
  16. I don't want Madonna to lip sync on the Grammys.She will be just fine.She can handle this.
  17. "Ghosttown" truly deserves to be the next single.It's been a long time since Madonna released a ballad as a single.It would surprise alot of people.The song is brilliant and would definitely appeal to listeners outside of her fanbase.
  18. I love "Beautiful Scars"! I love what this track evolved into: a smooth,infectious disco song.And you're right,this is a whole new style for her.She's done the 70s throwback thing before,but never has it been this appealing.
  19. I love this song! Reminds me of the Erotica and Bedtime Stories era....it's very sexy and inviting.This song is sheer perfection!
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