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  1. I really like this song,but I don't think it should be the next single.

    "Iconic" is a stronger choice for the next single.Like BIM,it has a radio-friendly sound,but it's more positive and uplifting.Let's face it,a song like BIM would get alot of criticism (like elijah mentioned).If "GT" takes off and becomes somewhat of a hit,it would be to Madonna's benefit to play it safe and choose a really strong third single,which I think "Iconic" would be.

  2. I truelly welcome back the return of a music video that actually looks like it cost some money and effort and thought. Allthough she has had pretty videos and fun videos (GMAYL had a big budget as well), this is definately a return and nod to the classic Madonna music video era. Thought provoking, beautifully shot and styled and a great attention to detail! I hope she keeps releasing cool videos for future singles!

    I agree! This video is like a return to the "classic" videos she did in the past.I hope we get more videos like this.

  3. I just don`t know why in the last 5 years everything changed and now a song has to be composed by 10 people. Maybe now there's some kind of new law that means that if a person is in a room when a song is written, his name has to be there? Because I sincerely doubt that ICONIC lyrics were written by any other but Madonna, she can write lyrics like Iconic in a minute while she cooks breakfast.

    If Madonna chose to,she could easily write an entire album (the lyrics) all by herself.I think she prefers to collaborate with others,though.I have to admit,it is crazy seeing a ton of people listed as the writers for one song,lol.

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