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  1. Today I heard "Give It 2 Me"....such a great song that really should have been a major hit.It sounded so good on the radio.
  2. I have heard Secret,What It Feels Like For A Girl and Die Another Day.
  3. I have Sirius in my car so I've been listening to Madonna's station when I'm driving.Lots of good songs being played! Yesterday,I heard the live version of "Express Yourself" from the MDNA tour,and today they played the 2003 MTV Awards performance of "Like A Virgin and "Hollywood".I also heard "Dear Jessie"! I wish that this was a permanent station.
  4. I agree.I don't wanna hear her dumb voice on this song anymore!
  5. Lord have mercy (Lord have mercy)......things have got to change (things have got to change) Love this song!
  6. Her heart is in the right place.That's all that matters to me.
  7. This song is becoming one of my favorites.Mirwais did an amazing job on the production.
  8. one of the catchiest songs on the album
  9. It's a nice,fun little song....but I can see why it was left off the album.
  10. Exactly.They criticize her no matter what she does.I say 'bring it on'!
  11. I agree,her vocals are incredible on this song!
  12. I love that teaser ! This should be a good interview.
  13. I wouldn't mind a 'sequel' to this album,but Madonna hates to repeat herself.
  14. This song is becoming a favorite.I keep going back to it.
  15. It's interesting what they have done to the song,but I actually prefer the demo version.
  16. This song is hypnotic.....a truly fascinating disco jam! Powerful lyrics,too.
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