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  1. I actually hope it happens this way.We don't want another Rebel Heart leaking fiasco.
  2. Collaborations that never happened

    Wasn't Madonna planning to do a song with Salt N' Pepa for her 'Music' album? I remember hearing that rumor.
  3. Yes,that would be great! I would love for the next album to have an exotic "band" sound.
  4. It is time for another EP.

    I would love for Madonna to release an EP or a soundtrack single.......something to tide us over until she does a new album. Or,at the very least,how about a Deluxe Edition of 'Like A Prayer'...complete with remixes,bonus tracks,demos,etc?
  5. 'Who's That Girl' is my favorite Madonna movie.She's really funny in it and the movie is alot of fun.As an added bonus,she recorded several great tunes for the soundtrack.
  6. I'm happy that she's taking a break and just enjoying life.I can wait patiently for a new album.Her peace of mind is more important.
  7. All of these women who talk trash about Madonna are nothing more than jealous,washed-up bitches.They can't stand the fact that Madonna is still relevent and is still doing great things in her career.When was the last time anyone cared about Debbie Harry?! Or Sheryl Crow? Or Cyndi Lauper? Those ladies are forgotten has-beens.I guess mentioning Madonna is one of the few ways for them to get some media attention
  8. I remember,many years ago,Mary said that she really wants to collaborate with Madonna.Maybe someday soon it will actually happen.
  9. Sheryl Crow? Is she still around? She is nothing but an irrelevent has-been.I always felt that her music was boring.
  10. I'd like to see Madonna write her own autobiography,which could then be turned into a movie....WITH her involvement (maybe as co-producer?).I have no interest in seeing an unauthorized biopic that she herself strongly disapproves of.
  11. "Inside Of Me"......that song is so beautiful,so mesmerizing and yet so sad.I think it's one of the best songs on the album.
  12. Trump calls Madonna "Disgusting"

    He has some nerve calling someone "disgusting".In the past,he has made lustful comments about his own daughter and we all know about his "grab her by the pussy" comments.He's a very sick individual.