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  1. anyone see this? https://www.facebook.com/groups/SGMadonnaAssociation/permalink/346186109407092/ apparently monetxchange felt she was being used as a prop in god control. she doesn't explicitly say it, maybe for contractual reasons. maybe thats why she never tweeted about the video when it was released.
  2. i find it strange that the vinyl cover is the same as the standard cover, but the vinyl includes mercy and occident
  3. i believe he purposely wrote the review to stand out. he's trying to say "my music taste is sophisticated and more evolved than yours" it wasn't a review. it was a hit job and an attempt to raise his profile.
  4. rich is one of those bitchy gay men who thinks being contrary, snarky and subversive = being intelligent. i'm not surprised at the bad review from pitchfork
  5. god control crave medellin looking for mercy crazy
  6. my favourite song from madame x. i was not expecting much based on the reviews and the fact it's not on the standard album..
  7. from the reviews, i thought i would like this song, but alas i don't really... it's my first skip on this album
  8. i love this song. it's my favourite from this album
  9. was she wearing a grill when she sang the first verse?!
  10. did emma gonzalez comment on the song and the use of her speech in it yet?
  11. i like the chorus. it's stuck in my head. i think the 'bridge' could have been a bit more climatic rather than slowing down the song. it's sort of in the WIFLFAG category for me... not as good a ballad as ghosttown, i'll remember or you'll see, but better than one more chance.
  12. diplo is so hot i want him to sit on my face
  13. i prefer these demos to the final versions and i've replaced them in my RH playlist: hold tight joan of arc illuminati sex rebel heart
  14. i think she shouldn't sing with the grills on...
  15. loved loved loved this! as a maturing madonna fan who's followed her since the 90's, (i'm 35 now) i'm starting to prefer these kind of stripped down performances that showcase her vocal talents, rather than the big dance numbers where she's straining to sing and dance at the same time. i want more!!!
  16. inside out is like love spent... an album track near the end that's sooooooo awesome. love it!
  17. Living For Love Devil Pray Ghosttown Hold Tight Joan Of Arc Body Shop Inside Out Wash Over Me Messiag Rebel heart
  18. love profusion (i don't get the love for this song... it sounds terrible to me) incredible s.e.x. love song in this life nobody's perfect i'm so stupid love don't live here anymore hey you push
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