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  1. anyone see this? https://www.facebook.com/groups/SGMadonnaAssociation/permalink/346186109407092/ apparently monetxchange felt she was being used as a prop in god control. she doesn't explicitly say it, maybe for contractual reasons. maybe thats why she never tweeted about the video when it was released.
  2. i find it strange that the vinyl cover is the same as the standard cover, but the vinyl includes mercy and occident
  3. i believe he purposely wrote the review to stand out. he's trying to say "my music taste is sophisticated and more evolved than yours" it wasn't a review. it was a hit job and an attempt to raise his profile.
  4. rich is one of those bitchy gay men who thinks being contrary, snarky and subversive = being intelligent. i'm not surprised at the bad review from pitchfork
  5. god control crave medellin looking for mercy crazy
  6. my favourite song from madame x. i was not expecting much based on the reviews and the fact it's not on the standard album..
  7. from the reviews, i thought i would like this song, but alas i don't really... it's my first skip on this album
  8. i love this song. it's my favourite from this album
  9. was she wearing a grill when she sang the first verse?!
  10. did emma gonzalez comment on the song and the use of her speech in it yet?
  11. i like the chorus. it's stuck in my head. i think the 'bridge' could have been a bit more climatic rather than slowing down the song. it's sort of in the WIFLFAG category for me... not as good a ballad as ghosttown, i'll remember or you'll see, but better than one more chance.
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