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  1. just got back to singapore after watching the taipei show last thursday it was sooooo good she was so funny and chatty. she 'married' 2 guys and said one would be for when she wants to be left alone and one would be for when she wants to get fucked then she asked if we wanted to marry her and we all shouted YESSSS. then she asked if we even liked girls. it was so funny!!! she was wondering if taiwanese people knew the F word and made the audience shout it out loud during holiday, the flag got stuck to her costume and wouldn't come off she is really really tiny in person. super petite
  2. smeowly


    damn just when i spent a fortune on taiwan tickets and airfare. nvm i'll catch her in singapore too!!!
  3. is there a physical cd release?
  4. i prefer these demos to the final versions and i've replaced them in my RH playlist: hold tight joan of arc illuminati sex rebel heart
  5. smeowly


    i think she shouldn't sing with the grills on...
  6. loved loved loved this! as a maturing madonna fan who's followed her since the 90's, (i'm 35 now) i'm starting to prefer these kind of stripped down performances that showcase her vocal talents, rather than the big dance numbers where she's straining to sing and dance at the same time. i want more!!!
  7. s.e.x. iconic vvv bitch im madonna illuminati
  8. inside out is like love spent... an album track near the end that's sooooooo awesome. love it!
  9. Living For Love Devil Pray Ghosttown Hold Tight Joan Of Arc Body Shop Inside Out Wash Over Me Messiag Rebel heart
  10. does anyone's itunes rebel heart have the digital booklet? mine doesn't have it
  11. smeowly

    Rebel Heart album: Your Fav Top 5 songs

    ghosttown devil pray living for love messiah inside out
  12. smeowly


    i still want a hq acoustic version
  13. i would really like to ask madonna if the album would have sounded different had there not been any leaks. did she purposely make the songs different to contrast from the leaked versions...
  14. smeowly


    i want the acoustic version............ pleaseeeeeeeeeee