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  1. Madonnaman's Top Albums of 2019

    1. Ascend by Illenium

    2. Awake by Illenium

    3. Fear Inoculum by Tool

    4. TIM by Avicii

    5. Free Spirit by Khalid

  2. Voted! Madonna's Madame X getting the year end respect she deserves! Congratulations to the Queen of the World.
  3. Batuka by Madonna from her Madame X album is about my sixth favorite song on that album. Looking forward to the video. Madonnaman X
  4. Great choices, HolidayGuy X! Madonna would be so happy! HolidayGuy X, thank you for all these years that you have contributed to the "chart" facts and predictions on this board. Madonnaman X
  5. 1. Crave 2. Come Alive 3. Faz Gostoso 4. Bitch I’m Loca 5. God Control BTW, Madame X is still #1 on Billboard 200 albums chart! Madonnaman X
  6. Billboard web page with better, up to date photo of Madonna. Madonnaman X
  7. Madonna's Madame X album #1 on official Billboard 200 web page. Madonnaman X
  8. Congratulations, Madonna, on your official 9th #1 Billboard 200 album in the US, Madame X. We knew you could do it. So glad she is our Queen. Madonnaman X
  9. This looks like a beautiful clip from the upcoming God Control video. It will be the third single from Madame X. In the video, Madonna claims the "she's over this pop star shit." What a howl! Anyone have a prediction on Madame X Billboard 200 album debut ranking? Will she beat Springsteen? Madonnaman X.
  10. In the video for Dark Ballet, a veiled Madonna. She had always jogged our imaginations with her lyrics. With Madame X, Madonna took the time to produce countless, priceless messages loaded with symbolism. She pulled it off like no other artist could. We are enjoying her most unique collection. MADONNAMAN X
  11. Madonna X kicking ass in the Crave video. I'm sure all fans are still playing the Madame X album non stop since June 14, 2019. And rightfully so. MADONNAMAN X
  12. Madonna continues to entertain us in this MADAME X era. How powerful her message is. She definitely waited until everything was right. We are all benefiting from that with this new album. MADONNAMAN X
  13. ...and the great thing is that Madonna is just getting started ! ... MADONNAMAN X
  14. toujours X, our love for Madonna, the QOP, is unconditional. Madonnaman X
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