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  1. It is a crime that 4 Minutes did not go #1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 (due to lackluster radio support and chart rules). It is even worse that Hung Up only made it to #7 in US (consensus worldwide #1 everywhere else). And US Billboard implemented new chart rules all of a sudden that screwed up The Power Of Goodbye missing the top 10 at only #11. She also had six #2 US Hot 100 singles (like Express Yourself, I'll Remember, etc...), the most of any artist. The way the US market is today, it will be very difficult for her to have another #1 single; she would almost have to duet with someone like Timberlake again to have a massive chance, which isn't a bad idea. I love whatever Madonna does and whatever Madonna will do. This awesome journey has been incomparable since 1983. GO MADONNA !!!
  2. Here in the US, the last song to get massive radio play for Madonna was 2002 "Die Another Day." I heard "4 Minutes" like twice on US radio. Never heard "Hung Up" on radio. Very sad state of affairs. "Popular" pop music is absolute manufactured, recycled crap now. I love progressive, upbeat artists today like CHVRCHES, Avicii, Zedd. Of course, Madonna is the GODDESS they all look up to.
  3. Greatly anticipating Queen Madonna on Tonight Show ! I have loved her and have followed her ever since her debut. I am totally infatuated with her. What an incomparable awesome journey it has been...and it continues..... Thank you all for having this informative and provocative forum!!!
  4. Where did you see/hear Madonna today?

    I heard Ghosttown in a dentist's office.
  5. Supreme Madonna Grammys!

    I thought it was Madonna's worst look and performance ever. She seemed pissed off. I love Madonna though. Metallica was the best performance of the night.