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  1. The Cranberries's lead singer Dolores O'Riordan's passing is so tragic, especially at such a young age of 46. What a substantial loss to us in the music world. As we all look back fondly at The Cranberries's significant contributions, I recollect on my favorite Cranberries songs (in order): 1 Ode To My Family 2 Animal Instinct 3 You And Me 4 Linger 5 Zombie 6 Just My Imagination 7 Wanted 8 Dreams 9 I Still Do 10 This Is The Day Rest In Peace, Dolores!
  2. I plan to start investigating Adam's music with "Gold" from 2001 and work my way chronologically from that point. His Austin City Limits videos showcase his breathtaking guitar work. I believe Adams even did a legit metal album? I bet you enjoyed the small club performance you saw of him; that must have been impressive. BTW, Bitch I'm Christian, I am a Christian! - Madonnaman Madonna fan since 1982
  3. Ryan Adams is a very prolific and respected artist. He has released 16 solo albums since his 2000 debut. He is a phenomenal songwriter and has an ethereal voice. His work gets progressively better over time, from his debut solo album "Gold" to his most recent 2017 album "Prisoner." U2's Bono and The Corrs covered his self-penned "When The Stars Go Blue." I just recently discovered Ryan Adams in early 2017 for the first time during his live TV performance. His Bob Dylan-esque sound impressed me. Lots of his generous back catalog to investigate on Spotify. Thanks for your reply, Bitch I'm Christian!
  4. My Top Albums of 2017: 1 Kygo - Cloud 9 / Stargazing EP (incl. It Ain't Me with Selena Gomez) 2 Ryan Adams - Prisoner 3 The 1975 - I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it 4 Craig David - Following My Intuition 5 Jojo - Mad Love. 6 Blondie - Ghosts of Download / Pollinator 7 Kraftwerk - 3-D The Catalogue 8 Imagine Dragons - Evolve 9 Portugal. The Man - Woodstock 10 Depeche Mode - Spirit I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd get these in! Love this MadonnaNation forum! So entertaining...Keeps me howling!
  5. Natalie Merchant - Leave Your Sleep .....but most importantly, In My Tribe by 10,000 Maniacs is the best album of all time. Natalie was their phenomenal lead singer before she went solo.
  6. Madonna Top Albums and Year Released (best songs in parenthesis) | as of 6/3/2015 1 Confessions on a Dance Floor (Get Together/Sorry) 2005 2 Ray of Light (Frozen/The Power Of Goodbye) 1998 3 Rebel Heart (Joan Of Arc/Hold Tight) 2015 4 Music (Don't Tell Me/Music) 2000 5 MDNA (Love Spent/Beautiful Killer) 2012 6 True Blue (La Isla Bonita/Live to Tell) 1986 7 Like A Virgin (Dress You Up/Over and Over) 1984 8 Bedtime Stories (Secret/Take A Bow) 1994 9 Hard Candy (Devil Wouldn't Recognize You/4 Minutes) 2008 10 Like A Prayer (Till Death Do Us Part/Cherish) 1989 11 Madonna (Holiday/Borderline) 1983 12 Erotica (Rain/Thief Of Hearts) 1992 13 American Life (Die Another Day/Nothing Fails) 2003
  7. Most Played Song from Rebel Heart= Joan Of Arc Runner Up: Hold Tight! Those two sequentially on Rebel Heart are the equivalent of The Power Of Goodbye / Frozen from Ray of Light in greatness .....
  8. ...and Give It 2 Me (feat. Pharrell) peaked only US #57, and it pre-dates sound-alike Blurred Lines (feat. Pharrell) which was a huge #1 US hit!
  9. Joan Of Arc is the best song on Rebel Heart. Love Spent is the best song on MDNA. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You is the best song on Hard Candy. Get Together is the best song on COADF. Die Another Day is the best song from American Life. Don't Tell Me is the best song on Music. This is 2000-2015.
  10. 1. JOAN OF ARC 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghost Town 4. Hold Tight 5. Illuminati 6. Living for Love 7. Unapologetic Bitch 8. Bitch I'm Madonna 9. Iconic I've been a fan of Madonna since her debut.
  11. Be respectful when you post, especially when it's spelled "Christmas" not CRISTMASS.....
  12. Love Spent has always been my favorite song on MDNA. Still so fresh sounding!
  13. Here's a first re-write of the lyrics: "You had all of me, you wanted more Would you have married me if I were poor I guess if I was your treasury You'd have found the time to PLEASURE me..."
  14. 1. Ray of Light Frozen, The Power Of Goodbye 2. Confessions on a Dance Floor The Whole Thing! 3. MDNA Love Spent, Some Girls, I Don't Give A, Beautiful Killer 4. Music Don't Tell Me, Music 5. Like A Virgin Dress You Up, Over And Over 6. True Blue Live To Tell, La Isla Bonita 7. Like A Prayer Till Death Do Us Part 8. Bedtime Stories Secret 9. Erotica Thief of Hearts, Rain 10. Madonna Holiday 11. American Life Hollywood, Nothing Fails 12. Hard Candy Devil Wouldn't Recognize
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