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  1. Madonna Top Albums and Year Released (best songs in parenthesis) | as of 6/3/2015 1 Confessions on a Dance Floor (Get Together/Sorry) 2005 2 Ray of Light (Frozen/The Power Of Goodbye) 1998 3 Rebel Heart (Joan Of Arc/Hold Tight) 2015 4 Music (Don't Tell Me/Music) 2000 5 MDNA (Love Spent/Beautiful Killer) 2012 6 True Blue (La Isla Bonita/Live to Tell) 1986 7 Like A Virgin (Dress You Up/Over and Over) 1984 8 Bedtime Stories (Secret/Take A Bow) 1994 9 Hard Candy (Devil Wouldn't Recognize You/4 Minutes) 2008 10 Like A Prayer (Till Death Do Us Part/Cherish) 1989 11 Madonna (Holiday/Borderline) 1983 12 Erotica (Rain/Thief Of Hearts) 1992 13 American Life (Die Another Day/Nothing Fails) 2003
  2. Most Played Song from Rebel Heart= Joan Of Arc Runner Up: Hold Tight! Those two sequentially on Rebel Heart are the equivalent of The Power Of Goodbye / Frozen from Ray of Light in greatness .....
  3. ...and Give It 2 Me (feat. Pharrell) peaked only US #57, and it pre-dates sound-alike Blurred Lines (feat. Pharrell) which was a huge #1 US hit!
  4. Joan Of Arc is the best song on Rebel Heart. Love Spent is the best song on MDNA. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You is the best song on Hard Candy. Get Together is the best song on COADF. Die Another Day is the best song from American Life. Don't Tell Me is the best song on Music. This is 2000-2015.
  5. 1. JOAN OF ARC 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghost Town 4. Hold Tight 5. Illuminati 6. Living for Love 7. Unapologetic Bitch 8. Bitch I'm Madonna 9. Iconic I've been a fan of Madonna since her debut.
  6. Be respectful when you post, especially when it's spelled "Christmas" not CRISTMASS.....
  7. Love Spent has always been my favorite song on MDNA. Still so fresh sounding!
  8. Here's a first re-write of the lyrics: "You had all of me, you wanted more Would you have married me if I were poor I guess if I was your treasury You'd have found the time to PLEASURE me..."
  9. 1. Ray of Light Frozen, The Power Of Goodbye 2. Confessions on a Dance Floor The Whole Thing! 3. MDNA Love Spent, Some Girls, I Don't Give A, Beautiful Killer 4. Music Don't Tell Me, Music 5. Like A Virgin Dress You Up, Over And Over 6. True Blue Live To Tell, La Isla Bonita 7. Like A Prayer Till Death Do Us Part 8. Bedtime Stories Secret 9. Erotica Thief of Hearts, Rain 10. Madonna Holiday 11. American Life Hollywood, Nothing Fails 12. Hard Candy Devil Wouldn't Recognize
  10. The acoustic version of "Love Spent," at the intro of the song, reminds me of a southern rock ballad (almost "Skynyrd-like"). Anyone else notice that? Also, what language is she singing in the bridge of the song?
  11. .....If we opened up a joint account Would it put an end to all your doubt? Love spent Feeling love spent Yeah, I'm love spent Wondering where the love went Love spent Yeah I'm love spent Really love spent Wondering where it all went..... I really like the order where she put "Love Spent" on MDNA. The overall album has a very strong sequence. My two favorite sequences are: 1) Love Spent/Masterpiece/Falling Free/Beautiful Killer and 2) TUTR/Some Girls/I Don't Give A
  12. Your post is "filler" in this thread. No dissing Love Spent!
  13. Well, I've gotta post. "Love Spent" is my favorite song on MDNA, and it is definitely in my Top 10 Madonna songs, and I have been a fan of hers since 1982. When I first heard "Love Spent" (as it's the 10th song in), I thought "Holy Shit"! I was shocked at how insanely catchy it is: not that she is not capable of incredible material like that. My favorite lyrics of LS are: "You had all of me, you wanted more Would you have married me if I were poor I guess if I was your treasury You'd have found the time to treasure me" If we opened up a joint account Would it put an end to all your doubt Frankly, if my name was Benjamin We wouldn't be in the mess we're in" Didn't Jimmy Fallon even admit that LS was his favorite song on MDNA in the interview they recently did together? Stunningly beautiful...and that oh so modern-sounding beat. At her ethereal best.
  14. I really hope Madonna gets her 13th #1 Billboard single in the USA. It would tie her with Michael Jackson for #1 singles in the US, and we know that she is the #2 Artist of All-time in Billboard (just behind the Beatles). Hasn't every Madonna studio album had at least one Top 10 hit? The promotion for her right now is phenomenal! It's like she's in her heyday again!
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