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  1. I've listened to Rebel Heart daily since the iTunes release--absolutely love it, definitely a Madonna classic (tour and album). So happy for this era... Like a Prayer Ray of Light Erotica Confessions Madonna Rebel Heart Bedtime Stories Music True Blue Like A Virgin American Life Hard Candy MDNA
  2. 6 tracks released early to counter the leaks was a good move; I would've chosen 6 different songs to put out though. And I would have released a series of EPs instead of an album. 1) Rebel Heart EP--Devil Pray, UB, Illuminati, Heartbreakcity, Inside Out & Rebel Heart. Aviicii pop mix of RH released as radio single. 2) Living For Love EP--Released in March. Living For Love, Ghosttown, Hold Tight, Joan of Arc, Body Shop, Wash All Over Me, Messiah. Living For Love released as a single after the Grammys, followed by Ghosttown. 3) Iconic EP--Released early September. Iconic, VVV, Bitch I'm Madonna, Holy Water, Best Night, Sex. BIM as summer single, followed by Iconic.
  3. Hi there! I started my very first topic! What an honor... Is anyone else waiting to redeem their downloads? I am attending two NY shows with 5 others, and will be redeeming all those downloads during show week. JUST TWO MORE WEEKS! I also managed to get more download codes by complaining about not getting download codes hahahahahahaha! Anyone else doing the same to help REBEL HEART's chart performance in the US?
  4. I hope there's a surprising performance on the tour, but I suspect it will pretty much easier like the Fallon performance...
  5. Not one of my faves... I'm sure Madonna has forgotten it hahahaha!!
  6. I have a Spotify playlist named Ghosttown, which features all of the Heart songs plus some. https://open.spotify.com/user/1225803276/playlist/2Ho9tuPZaAJQ9kZBFLdRJ0
  7. I loved Mika's debut, and am very curious about this screwing over part, and how awful he is. Can you spill a touch more, please? Thanks!
  8. Such a huge coincidence that Adam Lambert would also have a single named Ghost town!
  9. Shane, you simply must! If you have love for the song, then the demo is a must-hear. It doesn't veer too far from the album version--just some added pop touches, which I have to admit are sorely missed when I listen to the album version. Look at it as the 'radio remix' of the album track, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  10. Location: NY, USA 1 Ticketmaster Album Redemption (thanks nabguy!) 1 Deluxe iTunes 2 Deluxe CD 2 Super Deluxe CDs 1 Standard Explicit I am thinking of purchasing 2 copies of the Deluxe CD for friends, but probably next week.
  11. 10 is too hard, so I'll go with 15, in this order... Living For Love Wash All Over Me (Avicii mix) Rebel Heart (Avicii mix) Devil Pray Ghosttown Unapologetic Bitch Illuminati Hold Tight HeartbreakCity Body Shop Joan Of Arc Iconic Inside Out Borrowed Time Messiah
  12. Mine are: 1) Devil Pray 2) Ghosttown 3) Joan Of Arc 4) Hold Tight 5) Living For Love 6) Unapologetic Bitch 7) Iconic 8) Illuminati 9) Bitch I'm Madonna
  13. DEVIL PRAY had such a profound influence on me that I stopped taking intoxicants for the last 12 days and counting. Sing Hallelujah!
  14. My 19 would be: Living For Love Wash All Over Me Rebel Heart Devil Pray Ghost Town Heartbreak City Addicted Inside Out Hold Tight Unapologetic Bitch Illuminati Bitch I'm Madonna Nothing Lasts Forever Best Night Never Let Me Go Borrowed Time Beautiful Scars Joan Of Arc Messiah
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