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  1. Thanks Curtains!
  2. I'll play too! Thanks.
  3. Wasn't there a book deal and an official mini-series planned just before INNOCENCE LOST (or shortly after)? Madonna has always objected to anyone writing a biography/making a movie of her life--she's always said the same thing--they don't know me or haven't even spoken to me, how could they know my life etc etc. It's that control-freak part of her, and quite understandable. I am very surprised, however, at how mad she is about this movie. The script's been out there for a bit now, and she could have easily squashed its existence if she wanted to. I feel she should've just let it be, and not let it faze her. Make LOVED, make it good, and carry on her life like this bio was irrelevant. But that's just my opinion. Mark Zuckerberg had a biography about him, which was also produced by Michael DeLuca. It did not paint him in good light, was wildly inaccurate in many ways, but THE SOCIAL NETWORK did not damage his reputation whatsoever after all was said and done. It's just a movie, and not a definitive ANYTHING about anyone's life. And it's only the early years, so many many MORE movies etc to cover all the many eras to come. While the dialog is chintzy in many places, the screenplay has many gems which truly encapsulate the scrappy spirit of who I feel Madonna was in those early years. Yes, they compacted and condensed, but the screenplay is well-structured and entertaining. It is missing a couple of important things that I feel helped to define Madonna during that era. The art and club scene coming together, New York City culture, SEX, gay men, Martin Burgoyne... perhaps a good director and writer could help flesh these out better. And if I could rewrite it any part of it--any mention of abortion will not be a part of the story. I get it, but that part could be taken out completely. Truth or not, it turns the audience against the character, and she never quite recovers in the screenplay after that. Perhaps this is the real reason why Madonna is so against this movie. I personally did not feel the script made her look that bad, but this revelation sure does. I hope they DO make the movie--it may turn out really bad in the wrong hands but eh, we don't have to see it, and it can disappear within days. Whatever reason the producers may have for making it--it won't matter--Madonna will still stand tall, and she can easily weather this like all the other things she's gone through.
  4. Amazon.com (sold by Turntable Lab) has 18 copies left for sale at $39.99, if anyone's still looking for this. Soundstagedirect.com also has it in stock ($45--use code LP15 to get an additional 15% off).
  5. Barnes and Noble has the vinyl back in stock online, if anyone's interested... they also have a 15% off coupon code BNWIN17 that expires today, but they tend to have weekly coupon codes, so look out for them and take advantage.
  6. Mattress, please give your audio analysis on this vinyl release--I'd love to know your opinion, as always. Thanks!
  7. Phew, thanks! Love love LOVE IT! Can't wait to receive it!
  8. I haven't received mine yet, but here's a picture of the vinyl set as seen on Facebook. It looks great, but where is that additional liner insert with the exclusive picture, lyrics and production credits? I'd be quite disappointed if it wasn't included in the reissue.
  9. Music: Critical Acclaim

    Off topic--I loved the almost non-stop Madonna fest from 1998-2001 (Album, singles, Grammies, Beautiful Stranger, Cuidado, American Pie, Time Stood Still, Worst Madonna movie ever, Music, singles, Grammies, Drowned World). One of the happiest periods of my Madonna fandom--she was respected and loved by almost everyone. My favorite stretch is def Erotica to Evita... I am glad to have gone through it all, and never wavered in my love. Those 9 years were truly special.
  10. Oh no they didn't... it's still the same burps, especially noticeable at 0:31 and 0:34. But oh well, that's what the album, and GHV2 are for...
  11. Well, that was a tremendous and hugely entertaining read! Straight forward and unpretentious--and also strangely unsexy for a Madonna biopic. NYC does not figure in any cultural context, and club Madonna, performing/creative Madonna is under-represented throughout. It is practically all driven Madonna, which makes it well-behaved for a Madonna biopic. But overall, I think the screenwriter captured Madonna's early scrappiness, spirit and drive very well. Her story was rewritten in a 'movie' way, and it works. The screenplay also condensed all of the debut album's producers to just Jellybean, who features a bit too much throughout. And Bette Midler introducing her at the VMAs is just so wrong. It needs to be developed further (and without the vomiting and that one particular scene).
  12. Yes, they did correct the issues with Cherish and Erotica, but Music and DYU still sound bad. Still, it is the only place to get the remastered versions of Into the Groove and Who's That Girl, and I'm happy with that.
  13. The bouquet! The steak sandwich! The knotted stem! The guitar collection! It's SO GOOD. The script plays around a bit with the chronology of events, and compresses a few characters, but it all fits well. Such an entertaining read. The writer gets it.
  14. THANKS SO MUCH TX! Am reading it right now, and it is really wonderfully written, from the moment she appears in the Russian Tea Room. It sounds and feels like her. Love It. I'm going to finish it tonight.