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  1. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Oh, Mrs. Bucket, I’ve missed you in my life!

    Any US first-week numbers for the Blu-Ray and DVD release?
  3. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Finally, a HQ video of TAKE A BOW is online! https://vimeo.com/235628458?ref=fb-share&1

    Yes! That means that only the 2-CD album qualified for the Billboard 200/Top Album Sales Charts. They've categorized it differently this time--BD/CD and DVD/CD--I don't think the single-CD factors as anything but a bonus CD in the video package. We'll see how the Blu and DVD perform on their own in the Music Video Charts--10K combined, hopefully!
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Please don't get the DVD if you have a blu-ray player. The SD looks so... you know... not highly defined lol!! The Blu looks really great on the big screen.

    I've been streaming the 3-minute TRUE BLUE repeatedly since its release on Spotify. By the time Thursday rolls by, I would've contributed to the sale equivalent of 2 physical units in addition to my purchase of 2 copies hahahahahahahaha!
  7. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The Blu-Ray looks and sounds great! TRUE BLUE got me a little misty-eyed... And all those gorgeous close-ups during LA VIE EN ROSE... Madonna is so beautiful! That Moschino dress with all that intricate detail--just WOWOWOW! I am such a happy queen tonight!
  8. Thanks to Google Play's 99 cent album sale (still going on), Madonna's LIKE A VIRGIN album makes a triumphant return to the charts, re-entering at #124. With almost 6000 copies shifted in pure album sales, this represents the first time the landmark studio album has returned to the album charts since 1987. Congratulations Madonna!
  9. Recent "Immaculate Collection" USA Chart Activity/Notes

    Wow, 9000+ actual sales in one week is terrific--more than double last week's combined numbers, and probably the album's highest sales week since the late 90s (can HolidayGuy confirm?). The Immaculate Collection remains Madonna's most enduring record, the perfect encapsulation of her 80s reign. It's great that people are still discovering and shelling out for it, even if it's just $1. I wish Warner's would at least remaster this and Like A Prayer for Deluxe Edition releases--I would buy them multiple times all over again.
  10. I was going to that same postponed show too! I was a student in Canberra at that time, and had scheduled a flight home to NY the very next night after the show. Of course, the show was delayed two weeks...it was either sacrifice the show and fly home, or bum around at friends' homes around Sydney till that date. There were many nights at Oxford Street those two weeks...
  11. I've listened to Rebel Heart daily since the iTunes release--absolutely love it, definitely a Madonna classic (tour and album). So happy for this era... Like a Prayer Ray of Light Erotica Confessions Madonna Rebel Heart Bedtime Stories Music True Blue Like A Virgin American Life Hard Candy MDNA
  12. ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    I'll be home by 3am tonight--I hope I'm not too tired for the drive...
  13. ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    I love my section 106 tickets! For only $100, and only a few rows from the heart--loves it! The crowd looks significantly older, straighter, boringer... Poor Michael Diamond is practically grooving on his own. Place seems to be filling up quite nicely at this point, and I'm quite sure it's a sell-out.
  14. ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    Devil Pray and Beautiful Scars were also done by Blood Diamonds.
  15. ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    Lori, rebel is correct--only a handful were offered and even then, they were slow-moving... I had days to make up my mind before I finally settled on one. Best to try on day of show, you may get some great deals on the many still available floor tickets...