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  1. So sad....R.I.P. I love the cranberries :(
  2. They're a lovely couple and going to get married soon!
  3. Greeny

    MASTERPIECE - full leak!

    Queen of LIFE
  4. Greeny

    THE Madonna/Lady GaGa Thread

    She started dressing like me and talking like me It freaked me out She started dying her hair and wearing the same Perfume as me She started reading my books and stealin' my looks And lingerie She's not me She doesn't have my name She'll never have what I have It won't be the same It won't be the same I know I can do it better i just realized Madge already foresee all this this song must be dedicated to Gaga
  5. Greeny

    --------- Where Are They Now ???

    Is that really Jennifer Grey? I can barely recognize her BTW, interesting finds
  6. She looks so 95', which is good
  7. From Indonesia Different cover
  8. I'm not sure now Maybe just the editing......
  9. WOW I just found out that this cover shot is an outtake!! At first I thought it is this one: Later I realized that it is not
  10. Too bad Herb is dead He truly captured M's beauty
  11. wow she looks so good with penelope she hasn't changed a bit in 14 years
  12. Greeny

    Mariah vs. Madonna

    60-70k ........ Once again it proved that Madge made a good decision to leave Warner........
  13. has not set their status

  14. Madonna is #1 in Germany, too! Celebration is also her 11th #1 album, she ties with the Beatles record. There are 2 other artists who have 13 #1 albums.
  15. Greeny


    Long live the Queen