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  1. I asked for a refund for that ugly shirt, here's what they replied: "I apologize, this is the shirt we received from the vendor. Unfortunately sometimes the stock photos we receive do not match 100% but are typically pretty close to the finished product. I can offer you 20% refund off this item."
  2. just got my bundle after almost 6 moths.... Same shirt as yours and my eyepatch is still missing nowhere to be found what a terrible service
  3. One month passed....they did refund my shipping cost....however, I received only the "freedom fighter" bracelet and nothing else!! I'm going to write another email to them today to complain about this
  4. i have not received anything so far, so i sent them an email with regards to my order. they replied they would ship my order soon and refund my shipping cost
  5. oh my.....r u sure this is not a bootleg? this shirt looks really bad. can't believe this is from her official store. i'm also still waiting for my merchandise to arrive too.........
  6. she has one eye covered. that's why she can't move properly on stage. try it yourself
  7. Thank you!! I luv old time Ritts shots!
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