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  1. They announce the second date in BANKOK today afternoon. First date sold out quickly even ticket price too expensive for thailand ecconomy today . Highest price is 16000 baht about 450 $ , lowest price is 2000 baht about 60$ , VIP price is 36000 baht is about 1000$. 2000 baht for many thai people they can use for buy food for half month or more. After first date sold out many fans in thailand that cant get ticket, they bought over price ticket from internet that the price boost from 16000 baht to 57000 baht. This second date help many fans , including me Asian fan love her.
  2. Imagine if it was Mimi. She will break it immediately and said " It is not one of the top grossing tours of 2012 , it is top grossing tour of 2012 Darrrrlingggg".
  3. Is this official or not? I can't see it on billboard website. If it real , it so amazing gross averages per is $7 millions.
  4. This mean the second at Yankee Stadium already sold out?
  5. from tour facebook The first 'supposed' set list to be making the rounds...what does everyone think? - Intro/Girl Gone Wild Turn Up the Radio Express yourself Papa Don't Preach Justify My Love/Love Spent Celebration Open Your Heart ... Masterpiece The Power of Goodbye B-day Song Gang Bang/Revolver I'm a Sinner Who's That Girl Gambler Like a Prayer I'm Addicted/Superstar Deeper and Deeper Music Nothing Really Matters Gimme all your Lovin http://www.facebook.com/#!/madonnatour2012
  6. She add second date at Tel Aviv , Did the first already sold out ? http://www.facebook.com/#!/madonnatour2012 The Madonna 2012 World Tour announced a second show at Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv on May 31st. The added show has been declared by Madonna as a "Concert for Peace." Madonna is inviting several peace organizations to the May 31st show to honor and acknowledge people seeking peace in the Middle East. Celebrate with Madonna and fellow Iconers at this new show date! The Icon ticket pre-sale begins today, March 21st @ 6pm local time for Legacy members.
  7. I found this instead of old table. This is last week boxscore. They didn't report attendance of each venue. May be we must pay to see the old table. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" U2 tops this week's Hot Tours ranking with the first boxscore totals reported for their massive "360" tour" which kicked off in Barcelona's Camp Nou on June 30th. With six total sold-out shows from the first three stadiums on the tour, the band grossed more than $55.8 million. The group's top take comes from Pari
  8. GREAT Bono love M,last year he came to her show at Nice .
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