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  1. Well every time M is dissed by this show its Sharon mostly who does the dissing along with Sheryl Underwood . Sara Gilbert who incidentally also the creator and co executive producer of the Show is a Madonna stan. Jullie although occasionally had some back handed comments never truly dissed M. Aisha mostly go with the flow and oftentimes defends M. So in hind sight this show is actually more well rounded than the bitches from The View.
  2. Gawd that make up was really flawless.... it pays to have great skin . In the past she always says that she sweats a lot but comparing her to the dancers she is still very fresh looking. Then I think of Britney and especially Janet when doing live concerts who always makes it a point to look like they were bathe in oil dripping like sweaty pigs lol.
  3. Oh 9 days she'll probably head out in one of the islands in the pacific for a vacay . It was rumored before she and Sean went to Amanpulo in the Philippines during the 80s. Its an exclusive island frequently visited by the likes of De Niro and other A listers.
  4. I wanna see the Celebrity FANS in the audience...
  5. People are ignoring the front act they're outside buying tour merchandise lol
  6. And people are starting to line up
  7. Agree with some of your points but we in Asia never complained more like we wished she includes us for the longest time and now that she's coming were just oh so happy and it shows in the box office . PEACE :-)
  8. I think there will be no problem if she add dates to Asia she will have no trouble selling out a venue I mean for crying out loud I was just at the concert of 80's Boy band Spandau ballet and they were able to fill up the same arena M will be performing this coming February although tickets are quite cheap but Madonna is Madonna and no matter how high her tix gets she will deliver. I just think her team should advertise more and show footage of the new concert .
  9. Love the Boston Crowd they were so loud
  10. wtf i loved the priscope then he said 67, although he did correct himself lol
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