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  1. OK this is getting Tired I want a new controversy or maybe a new performance tomorrow. Good Night
  2. Hahaha with one Kiss everything about Coachella is forgotten lol
  3. Basically the whole thing is so tame just magnified by social media ....I mean for crying out loud she was almost excommunicated by the Catholic Church . And the Pope himself had a reaction to what she was doing in the good ole days....This is nothing. These are just some random nobodies that's making a fuss about a kiss lol
  4. Oh dont worry this will just be another Antonio Banderas part deux
  5. Gurl get used to it. Its just a day in the life of the Most famous woman on Earth evurrrrrr
  6. Loved all the performances and the fact that its clear now that she wants the Album to be appreciated not just the singles. The variety in it is just spectacular and encompassing so maybe just maybe lets just appreciate each effort and just enjoy the era... I do love the BIM performance after the seriousness of GT which is glorious btw.
  7. Well actually just like any other procedure it takes years before the face totally heals. Most of the time swelling underneath takes years to subside and for the implants or fillers to sit in properly and that's whats happening to M right now, the procedures done to her face in 08 had settled already that's why we get the perfect face now. Plus not to forget that although the Queen is in great shape always she does have a more fuller figure as oppose to 08 wherein she's practically a muscular waif.
  8. Right On , For someone who had been buying physical cd's in support of artists i love since time immemorial I just feel like if the aim of Tidal is to help and encourage the artist to do his/her work and wouldn't feel shortchanged then Tidal's aims would have been worth the price they will be charging. And for crying out loud if one doesn't like the service then don't get it and stop moaning and complaining . Heck Get a torrent if you cant afford it. lol
  9. No offense meant but she reminds me of Glenn Close in Disney's TARZAN
  10. Might as well make this performance video official ala causing a commotion for it to count in the charts lol
  11. What is ‪#‎TIDALforALL‬ all them artist are turning cyan or cerulean or blue whatever the hell is that color is?
  12. Oh OK the heck i'm clueless what kind of guitar that is , All i know is she's playing the guitar lol
  13. I so love it that The top Award winner played backing Guitar to the QUEEN !!!!!
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