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  1. I think it's much broader than race and encompasses ideas of masculinity and femininity and how that adds to perception of self.
  2. my childhood *.*

  3. "i'm lying there thinking, will this pleasure ever end?"

  4. I actually enjoy reading the endless Madonna face deconstruction opinions and analysis.
  5. I want sexy mob house wife look. Sopranos inspired.
  6. "Kylie is amazing and I loved watching her on the x factor, she's forever gorgeous." - Goldfrapp She publicly detested Kylie as well... what an about turn around. Can't wait for the impending Madonna praises to start coming in.
  7. ahahahaha at your avatar

  8. Couldn't even get a voice-over gig.
  9. She hasn't released bsides because she probably isn't contractually obligated to do so with the writers she works with (unlike less in control pop stars *cough*kylie*cough*)... and by not having bsides on singles she doesn't have to further divide song writing royalties. So yeah... she's greedy.
  10. How could anyone seriously entertain the idea of Germonotta playing Madonna in a biopic?
  11. Madonna look old. I'm concerned.
  12. "In all aspects of reasoning, in all aspects of human understanding, these two gay boys were wrong - totally wrong,"- Mr Mutharika http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/10190653.stm Yep. Sounds like real triumph of love there.
  13. Greyson Michelle Chance the ignorant ungrateful TURD! jks
  14. < at those who think this had ANYTHING to do with Madonna. Malawi is highly dependent on foreign aid, and there was much international pressure from creditor nations for the president to pardon their release. The fact that Ban Ki-moon the UN secretary general made the visit for the press conference of the announced release says it all. The president also made it clear that he was still adamant that homosexuals are wrong, so it wasn't like he had some epiphany. Get a clue.
  15. Well Madonna is 50 in that photo... gaga is supposedly 24. A fair comparison would be Madonna at the same age.
  16. Those prices are seriously fucked. Australia is the only OECD country not to go into a technical recession, still maintain a low single figure unemployment rate, and incur a measly 15% Debt of GDP - but that doesn't mean average fans could, or would be, willingly to pay those prices. Even in better economic times it would be outrageous.
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