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  1. Me too!!! Just today someone made that mistake and i went postal.
  2. Yes i felt Kylie in it too... its the angle used, colours, and the fact its a straight out beauty shot (which Madonna rarely does but Kylie has had to for sales ).
  3. the buildings are changing into coconut trees... little by little

  4. Is an 86 year old woman referring to herself as a girl weird?
  5. Agreed. And it is not about them being generic, it's that they sound lame.
  6. +1 The titles sound like the songs are going to be generic disposable pop numbers.
  7. exposed: the poor lives of millionaire pop stars.
  8. Well, with the leak of GAYL and confirmation of TWO tacked on featuring artists, i think this prescient suggestion is the obvious choice to succinctly encapsulate the vibe of the album.
  9. i guess after being conditioned to lower your expectations, any minor discrepancy seems like genius.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/?uxaemc40cxnmlou link by whoopiedoo
  11. this demo must be part of a strategy to lower expectations in anticipation of releasing something much more substantial which will create a bigger impact. i cannot believe anything else. if not, she is skirting into some serious kylie minogue territory.
  12. the song is atrocious. it's something i could see kylie singing.
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