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  1. I think she sweated out the cheeks in Abu Dhabi.
  2. jonski42, audiovisual technical college isn't mandatory in your country?
  3. The question is whether it will better than Kylie's 60s inspired video featuring a vintage car and kooky passengers also. Tehehe
  4. very nice

  5. Be ware, it may spoil the fantasy...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_pS46YRMIQ. 1.12 mark.

  6. Does MDMA performing gangbusters in the charts make the music sound better?
  7. Madonna fake's her death to cash in on sympathy sales. Although, it would probably be Warner's The Complete Studio Albums box set that would benefit.
  8. Virginia Madsen could probably use the work.
  9. I may be Jamie King, and I may be offended by this thread.
  10. people fear what they do not understand

  11. Finally. Something i instantly like.
  12. I have to say the vocals let it down... they sound thin like kylie's What a lovely painting.
  13. Nice of you to say. Although i'm not sure how i've shown that i understand you. :)

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