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  1. It's all very strange. From the news coverage I saw it seem like a pretty limp wristed affair for a military coup... So sad
  2. This is horrible. The carnage, the senseless destruction of life, the trauma that will stay forever with survivors, the attack on liberalism. How can one feel safe around people that think this life is temporary and that better things await them after death? How do you reason with people that don't value life, even their own? This is a clash of civilisations.
  3. I hope it's a hung parliament. But which ever way it goes, likely Liberal, the senate won't be kind. You hardly have a mandate if you scrap across the line.
  4. Great post! Be wary of the low information voter.
  5. Erm, Australia with a population of 24 million and takes around 200,000 migrants pa. We have the growth rate of a third world country. It is insane. Take a look at Japan if you want to see a strict migration system.
  6. I was about to say Mauro, exactly. So again, why not the convention? What are they afraid of?
  7. They should overturn their ban on guns at the convention. Very un-American.
  8. Well, we know he doesn't! Oh and Ms Hilary Rodham Clinton slayed in that speech.
  9. And how many of these so-called Christians are down at the shelter every other weekend dishing up soup for the homeless? But I guess you wouldn't have time when you're busy shouting your head off in Target stores and chaining young girls in basements.
  10. Well know we know why Obama bent down to kiss the ring of the Saudi King.
  11. I guess coming out of the washing machine yellow is probably cleaner.
  12. I hate it when schools don't fucking do anything to help kids like him and let the abuse go on!
  13. Humans really are a plague on this planet. We're responsible for the failing health of the environment and the rapid extinction of animals and plants. Just can't have enough humans.
  14. Aren't polls kinda unreliable in a country without mandatory voting? All those people giving their opinion might just end up staying home eating cheetos on poll day. Or more likely, work as you have elections during the working week.
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