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  1. Then they have a crisis of faith and blow people up to get back into God's good books.
  2. Okay, so you clearly thought about yourself reading my post and were quite affected. Again with the 'you're not American' - are you really serious with that? Most people don't truly know what motivates people to do what they do, especially in large numbers. That's why opinion polls, focus groups, and political pundits are big business. You don't have any greater claim on that knowledge than anyone else. And you call me condescending, woah. Watch me stay in this thread and keep giving my view as a 'not American'
  3. There are women and men in those cultures that fight it, but they get suppressed, intimidated or killed. And i'm sure there is a silent sizeable minority that wished things were better. Women I think are similar across the globe in terms of their capacity to dream and wanting a better lot in life (that's not just a western notion). Especially now that globalisation and technology beans around images of alternative lifestyles. However, when you are so completely held back by society you resign to your 'fate'. How the global community can better support these dissidents, I'm not sure. But inva
  4. Settle pettle... that post wasn't in response to you - hence no quote. I'm just sick of the media treating politics like entertainment. It's all about the horse race, personalities, phony scandals, while policy and the welfare of people barely gets a mention. That's why the media, pundits, political junkies are disappointed Hilary didn't pick someone to add to the entertainment and excitement factor. Excitement seems to matter more than having a good record on the things democrats stand for and proven ability. She really should have picked Carrot Top. And when did I tell you who to vote for?
  5. Well if you want excitement, look outside of politics. Try base jumping. Kaine is not in the running to become your lover or best friend. Look what happened when McCain went for excitement.
  6. WAIT... there is someone on here that is voting for Trump? :lmao:
  7. Exactly. Try being an openly gay person, or just a woman that wants to show her knees in their country and see how accommodating they will be... I wouldn't count on it, second generation muslim migrants can be even more conservative than their parents and there are many cases of their radicalisation. Pointing at other waves of migration success stories needs to look at why there were successful. I think it was because the people came from countries with a judeo-christian heritage. And even then, there were many teething problems. But at least there was a common foundation in which to bond
  8. Fucking horrible His proposal to ban all muslims will seem less crazy if this stuff keeps happening regularly. If there is a terrorist attack in the US before the election, he will definitely win.
  9. I'm serious, how are they to know what is expected in their settlement country if isn't explicitly told to them? The Netherlands show prospective immigrants a DVD of topless sunbathers and two men kissing. I think that's great. If it offends them, they can stay in their little village. I'd rather have the limited immigration spots taken up by people that are attracted to liberal values and don't want to simply recreate the backward society they came from while getting the perks of a generous welfare state.
  10. Yes it's a failure of the immigration program to impress upon people the laws,values and attitudes of the settlement country. You don't just go rearranging where the cutlery and plates go when you're a guest in someone's house.
  11. I don't care that people play it, and if it gets them out of the house and active - hurray. But let's not act like it's more than it is and hyperventilate if someone rolls their eyes about it. Personally I think it's sad that people will get energised over this and defend it to the death, but other things, arguably of more import, get a meh. Most people's reality is an escape from reality. A lot of people actually need to look up and take notice of the world. The middle and upper class has been super self indulgent in the internet/social media/technology age. Friends have to constantly tak
  12. This is their redemption. Serve Allah and all transgressions will be forgiven. This is why those holy books and the men that draw strength and purpose from them are so deadly.
  13. Bring your food, your fashion, your language, but leave the rest at the border crossing. If that's asking too much, stay in your country or find another one that likes to reconfigure female genitals, marry girls off at 9, ETC.
  14. Warren makes no strategic sense - she would over shadow Clinton and highlight the limits of Clinton's progressiveness. Plus there is the age factor and getting centre swinging votes. And for Warren, the VP really has no power. She has much more power in the senate and can be her own person. She's not going to be a Joe Biden...
  15. The man screams closet case. He's obsessed.
  16. So abhorrent My comment is in no way condoning his actions, but I guess for him it would be the urge that heteros feel for the opposite sex and homosexuals for the same sex. There is something chemical in the brain that attracts him to young children. For him it's probably just as strong a sexual urge as we might feel - so strong it can't be tempered by the clear feeling of society (and our laws) on the matter. That doesn't make what he did right, because children can't give consent, and even if they did, you would question it. But I'm never left wondering about motive in cases like this...
  17. I can kind of understand where she's coming from, back in her time gays didn't feel the need to mimic hetro relationships - they didn't want to mainstream. Legally they couldn't, but it didn't seem to matter. It wasn't seen as a natural progression from the sexual revolution where one could determine their own relationships free from biblical notions of chastity and ownership - especially the marginalised and stigmatised gays. Sharing of partners, etc. and other loose arrangements were big part of gay culture, as Larry Kramer's Faggots described. Then Aids came along and things had to change.
  18. It has to be, how else could you explain it??!?!
  19. But he's not really Muslim! That's not Islam! Islam empowers women... ETC.
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