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  1. Even if she does suffer from alleged seizures, she's still getting the job done and handing Krump's ass to him on a platter. Makes Krump look even more pathetic. PS FDR saved capitalism and he could barely walk!
  2. I thought Frump said Hillary founded ISIS, literally.
  3. And that's why he's more credible. Research reviewing predictions of political and economic pundits over 20 years showed their forecasts were only marginally better than predictions by chance or those made by average person with a passing familiarity with the topic. OOPS It's the stupid media that loves these kinds of things. Much easier than talking about policy and explaining it to the public. By the way, does everyone at a rally need to be personally invited?
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing
  5. Yeah it's really quite sad. Take the risk and stand up for yourself and your values - it's not like you'll be destitute or need to find another job if you don't get reelected. You'll definitely feel better about yourself and history will judge you kindly. Why is it not 80% to 20%??? Surely, 39% of eligible voters aren't blue collar, white male schmoes?
  6. He really doesn't want to be president. I think he just likes the attention.
  7. I'm sure a lot of them will be voting HIllary. They just won't telegraph it.
  8. Better change that booking to a twin share
  9. Hillary delivered! He doesn't sound tough in those quotes, just really hyper sensitive and insecure.
  10. Cher should be Hillary's white house press secretary when she wins! Speculating on an outcome is different to being ignorant to which party controls the senate.
  11. Clash of cultures. They will never truly integrate into the West unless they shed their religious and cultural baggage. And that mostly doesn't happen.
  12. Anyone that believes in a magical sky fairy is a little bit mental, IMHO.
  13. Such a sad story. I'm glad she is able to exercise her right to choose.
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