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  1. I wonder if there will come a time when he grows up that he'll look back on this with shame? Until then he should be locked up.
  2. The obsession on here with her having dark hair is manic and hilarious I'm here for it too... until it happens and then we get the threads moaning that she is actually better as a blond, especially at her age - less harsh, less ageing, and that she now looks like any old Italian woman, etc. Then cue the essays saying it was only when she went blond she made it and became a superstar, and that she should go back to her roots.
  3. Imagine living such a frivolous life. He doesn't appear to have a job or make any real contribution to society - all he does is use his family's money to fund his petty self-indulgences. I find that more disgusting then his physical appearance. Ignore my 2014 post.
  4. Does this mean she will now get paid for articles and other celebs will tweet out prearranged praise? Just like certain other public figures... Thanks robster. You da man!
  5. Can i have some quick dot points on where we're at with Madonna's upcoming opus? I'm short for time.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/20/opinion/donald-the-unready.html?mc=aud_dev&mcid=fb-nytimes&mccr=JanIntlMidMC&mcdt=2017-01&subid=JanIntlMidMC&ad-keywords=AudDevGate This is fucking scary.
  7. Seeing the turnout across America is amazing as well as the solidarity shown around the world. I was marching in Sydney in support of ma sistas.
  8. democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard
  9. He was democratically elected before he turned dictator. But yes the comparisons are over the top. I think the biggest meltdowns will come from the trump loyalists that are let down by their man who can't improve their quality of life, build a giant wall and give them jobs. I feel like he'll do something dumb or something will come up that will lead to impeachment before the 4 years is up.
  10. After the initial shock of it all, I'm now eagerly awaiting this populist struggling attempts to please his voters by: bringing back long gone manufacturing jobs eliminating ISIS with a click of the fingers deporting millions of people building a giant wall along the southern border (that Mexico will pay) improving people's perception of their quality of life on the 21st January. If you think Obama failed to live up to his 'changey hope' message... WATCH THIS SPACE.
  11. This is probably a good thing. May help democrat voter turnout?
  12. Sloane seems the be only one, but not sure.
  13. I never said that. The party has clearly moved away from your friends. But who let it move away so far to the right that the base elected Trump as their nominee?
  14. Sorry, but this is their party. Republicans in leadership positions have been giving a wink and nudge to the social extremists with their rhetoric, if not actions, around women's rights, immigration, safeguarding christianity, squashing gender and sexuality issues. A lot of the republicans don't follow through on the extreme rhetoric but use it to energise a base that will come out to vote. They have been cultivating this rabid group and not always delivering on the crazy agenda when in power. Now along comes Trump and they feel like he's their man that will finally fulfil what establish
  15. Save the 15 billion and just fix the rampant overpopulation.
  16. I'm worried the Republicans will somehow replace him, the new person will get a boost and snatch the election from crooked hag hillary Media outlets, keep your explosive shit held in until the week leading up to the election!
  17. I love how Trump says the video is over a decade old, and now Pence saying it's 11 years old. Like it was said when he was young guy and didn't know any better. He's in his 70s! 11 years ago he was in his 60s not teens or 20s!!
  18. Go gurrrrrl! Still fuming from Jeb's flaming out.
  19. He was 'useless' because he spent the first few years trying to reason with the unreasonable and squandered away his senate and house advantage. Where he wasn't "useless" was with the economy and jobs. What he should really do is go and fix the potholes in people's streets. :rotfl: Yeah, they totally diminished the stature of their awards. But the worst thing is, he accepted it!
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