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  1. I have no words. Just absolutely stunning. That wistful look in the bathtub, aside from the beautiful framing, clothes and styling just conveys so much.


    3 hours ago, Silverfox said:

    What she says about Lola is so revealing in itself. Lola is obviously multi-talented but having Madonna's drive is a talent on its own but people don't appreciate it. Could always tell that she identifies with David and he seems to have that confidence she has. Incredible because it's not a genetic thing obviously and I don't mean to use them to make a point but it shows how much kids respond if given encouragement 


    I'm surprised at how open she was about her children. She's pretty thoughtful about the reasons why they may not have her drive. It reminds me of the often repeated analysis, which i think is mostly true, that children of immigrants to western countries often have a lot more drive to succeed at school/work because of where they've come from and their limited means. It's hard to have a lot of drive when you're comfortable and maybe don't have a deep passion or interested in something yet.

    I'm loving this era so much. Madonna is giving us so much of herself.

  2. 5 hours ago, Wunderkind said:

    Interesting. He says Madonna wanted to work with him. She says Maluma wanted to work with her. 

    Either way. They have great chemistry and he is sexy as f...


    5 hours ago, elijah said:

    thats what i was thinking. wonder who asked who.

    The respective managers probably told them the other wants to work with them. A strategic plan hatched by the managers that saw the mutual benefits in cross market pollenation.

    Whatever the story, Im glad they collaborated!!

  3. 7 hours ago, Vogue992 said:



    7 hours ago, peppermint said:

    Damn she looks sensational!!

    Perfection! How does she look more stunning here than in a highly produced music video?! :dramatic:


    5 hours ago, Shane said:

    I love this video.

    Cracks me up how they have several others come in to the class with Maluma, and Madame X instructs them all for a few seconds before getting down to business with him :lmao:

    :dead: ma

  4. I AM DEAD.

    M and Maluma are so hot together. He is an adonis and she is just as striking, effortless and cool as when she first stepped into the spotlight.

    So much to like about this video:

    • The rich and visually engaging costumes and styling
    • The high production values and multiple scenes
    • Dancing that matches the mood and rhythm of the music
    • The wedding table strut with all the closeups of the extravagant guests
    • The nonchalant throwing of glasses and the sound effect
    • The toe sucking
    • The unexpected switch to a red overlay in the cha cha dance
    • The video going from B&W to colour as it tightly follows her shoes walking in the room
    • Madonna with horses
    • The absolute joy and sexiness that bleeds out of the screen when M is sharing scenes with Maluma
    • The motherfucking eye patches

    I already love the song and the video just enhances it.


  5. I can't stand all these overbearing, millennial,  middle-class hippies. Quick to be offended, usually on behalf of another person or group,that they believe should be offended (no matter if they're not).

    That aside, If Madonna does a new song that's a disco banger then I doubt she'll do something similar from her EXTENSIVE back catalogue. Personally, I WOULD DIE FOR WIFLFAG (album version) - the world needs to be reintroduced to this divine and powerful song and its just so right for the times.

  6. Love the story.

    And it's all okay because M got an email from Martha's people and her, sending their love and complete support on behalf of the story and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be. :crazy:


    7 hours ago, YannBouch said:

    Ironic claiming Madonna embellished her background story in this world of instagram filters fake ass everywhere etc. Where you only share the good parts of your life in surface without revelling any more that the fun parts of your life. Madonna is one of the most open artist I ever seen. Through her stories and lyrics. If she romanticized a few parts to get to the message she wanted to share who cares. Are we not doing all the same thing after all ? 


    All those fame whoring pop tarts and tv 'personalities' would kill to have one hundredth of M's biography and personality. That's why some study her so hard and a few (blatantly) steal from her. 


    10 hours ago, RoyalMadonna said:

    Madonna was my student when she was young. At first, she arrived 2 hours earlier to see me enter. Once famous, she came back to pay me a visit. Everyone was terrified of what my reaction would be.
    It was totally unjustified. I liked her very much. She's direct. She reaches her goals and she couldn't care less. She's a non-conformist. Yes, she's criticized. She's provocative and dares you to react. But she only shows on stage what most women hide; it's true, it's not too respectable.
    In 1980, a well intentioned finance guy seeked me and said: "Miss Graham, your best asset to find you subsidies is your respectability." I wanted to spit. Respectable! Show me one artist that wants to be respectable.

    Fabulous. Thanks for translating, i was like for 2 pages - where my Frenchies at?!? :rotfl:

  7. 1 hour ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Same here.  Think it will be steal the night.  Madonna's live performances at events and awards shows are an absolute treat. 

    Jacket,  are you ready for Eurovision too ? .  I think she will blow everyone away - and by blowing away,  I am not talking about the wind machines of Eurovision !   Truly exciting time for every Madonna fan. 

    Yes I am - Madonna performances are an EVENT. :wow: 

    The lazy media and all the haters can fume about her adopting black babies and painting her drive way - but when it comes to her performances they all have to take a 'sit'.

    She cares about what she puts out there and it's always a treat for the fans and general public. And i love that she's coming out blazing this era.

  8. 23 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Also, as Madonna is a beautifully trained dancer,  would be wonderful to see her incorporate the whole " Cha- Cha"  into her routine as it is also one of the Latin dances registered for ballroom competitions.  Many enjoy these dances on ballroom dancing shows and concerts.  The Latin dances are truly beautiful.  On another note,  imagine Madonna and Maluma possibly also doing a rumba in the future - seriously the sexiest most fluid dance to watch.  

    Madonna's love for dance and her experience can be used in so many ways.   I have always adored her dancing which is much more detailed, professional and difficult than so many people realize.  She is a skilled dancer and not enough people are aware of that.  I would rather watch Madonna dance than any other pop performer by a country mile ! 

    Yes! I can't wait for this performance!

  9. i really really dig this song. the production, the vocal delivery and those cute little elements (cha chas, the lingering pauses between words). I think it's really well done - M's minimalist lyrics that break up her collaborators more intense and dancey sections works really well.

    I'm so excited to see what else is instore on this album

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