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  1. And feel like I just got homeeeeee -- you bumped me up to 4 stars. *MWAH*

    1. jacket


      And I rated you 5, of course!

    2. Ray of Light

      Ray of Light

      You're welcome and thanks!

  2. Congrats on becoming a Forum God(dess). Love your work! :kiss2:

  3. Love that you have taken my cue and are using Queen Elaine gifs. Impeccable taste.

  4. very nice

  5. Be ware, it may spoil the fantasy...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_pS46YRMIQ. 1.12 mark.

  6. people fear what they do not understand

  7. Nice of you to say. Although i'm not sure how i've shown that i understand you. :)

  8. the buildings are changing into coconut trees... little by little

  9. oooo baby

    you're going to have pay for a replacement naughty boy... except i don't want cash or credit -- i will only accept payment in kind. :horny:

  10. jacket

    what about purple dick?

  11. *walks in, unfolds blue bath towel on the floor, then lies down*

    *clears throat and starts singing FMB's favourite Kylie song*

    *finishes, picks up towel, rolls it up, and then cartwheels out*

  12. i lurve your avatar. is it the guy from mgmt?

  13. change your avatar and sig this instant! :americanlife:

  14. you are hilarious!

  15. i just want a lock of hair :(

  16. Came here to tell you your Madonna avatar gave me the funnies, and then got distracted by the Pam signature. :wow: :wow: :wow:

    ps. i don't have sigs turned on.

  17. you cat avatar is too cute!

  18. jacket


    *wipes dirty feet on carpet*


  19. "u are hairy.. like animal! make love to me monkey man"

  20. i wanna freak in the morning

    a freak in the evening just like mehhh

    i needa ruffneck brotha that can satisfy mehhh

  21. is that you in your avatar? *.*

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