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  1. Adopt me instead Madonna! I require minimal mothering!
  2. "Kylie Sasse is a great name ... Kylie Minogue has never exactly tripped off the tongue. She really is thick. Any semblance of a career is down to that name. If she has relevance issues now, just wait until she changes her name.
  3. That line killed me.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/20/opinion/donald-the-unready.html?mc=aud_dev&mcid=fb-nytimes&mccr=JanIntlMidMC&mcdt=2017-01&subid=JanIntlMidMC&ad-keywords=AudDevGate This is fucking scary.
  5. Seeing the turnout across America is amazing as well as the solidarity shown around the world. I was marching in Sydney in support of ma sistas.
  6. I couldn't possibly love/respect her any more
  7. Her ideas are so shit and poorly executed that they were thought up by a 4 year old makes sense. If I was the interviewer i'd follow up with: "So your show is going to be based on the thinking of a four year old? "
  8. I cannot get over Madonna in this photoshoot!!! Is ther MOAR???DF She's so chic and borderline sci fi villain.
  9. It's why we're here following her every movement, playing her music, and reminiscing on her illustrious career nearly everyday. I don't do that with any other artist/public figure.
  10. Hearing those powerful, heartfelt words, and the emotion in her voice and on her face, mixed up with shots of females in the audience, fixated and feeling what she's saying, in a way I could never fully understand as a man.. was, i can't even put into words the experience. She is an extremely special human.
  11. I meant the Shakira obsessed-posts by ShesnotMDNA