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  1. I wonder if there will come a time when he grows up that he'll look back on this with shame? Until then he should be locked up.
  2. I agree - they are a top 40 pop rock band. What else can they do with those songs and the band members?
  3. OK guys, I wasn't trying to equate homosexuality with pedophilia. I was just curious as to why did they find all this adult hetero porn if his thing is young boys. I mean there is a lot of adult gay porn produced and marketed around 'twinks' and 'barely legal', etc. which i thought would be more in line with his tastes...
  4. Gay porn - he's meant to be into males, right?
  5. It's counterintuitive that the only porn they found in the 2003 raid of Neverland was legal adult hetero porn (some dating back to the early 90s). Even one of the titles was Over 50. They also had 16 hard drives, which showed he'd logged onto legal adult sites using the moniker "Dr Black" or "Marcel Jackson". Where's the child porn, or at least homo stuff? No self made videos with the kids and photos? There was an article from my local news the other week saying a recently release pedophile had accessed child porn on the FIRST day of his release! This doesn't mean he didn't do anything with those kids that slept in his bed - but what you've got in your bedside drawer and computer can tell you a lot about a person.
  6. I hope she ends her acceptance speech with, "they never cared to give me one of these for an actual recording, but i'm happy to be here to help their ratings" *blows kiss and walks off into a waiting helicopter throwing the award behind her*
  7. I always viewed MJ as developmentally stunted and asexual due to his showbiz upbringing, exposure to his brothers sexual escapades on the road and domineering father. He was a very sensitive kid and away from his mother who he adored, and knew was being cheated on by his father. I feel that his obsession with kids stems from that. He's vicariously living the childhood through them that he was denied. The kids were naive, untainted by adult proclivities and therefore non-threatening to him. Just read the stuff he says about Madonna to see how threatened he is by adult nature. But i've not looked into the stuff deeply, so its possible he was a sexual predator to boot. Oh, and clearly he wanted to be white and idolised the white male form which probably factors into his choice of kids...
  8. Imagine living such a frivolous life. He doesn't appear to have a job or make any real contribution to society - all he does is use his family's money to fund his petty self-indulgences. I find that more disgusting then his physical appearance. Ignore my 2014 post.
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