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  1. https://hearthis.at/cw/madonna-devilpray-cajjmerewray-remix/ DP IS COMING!
  2. Youtube now plays an ad about "BIM, new single from Madonna" before loading certain videos
  3. BIM Sander Kleinenberg Rebitch(LOL!) just added on MADONNA channel! Stream bitches!
  4. Flash her cunt to Varufakis LOL!!! As a Greek I can't stopping laughing at the idea of this promo move!
  5. Which of her IG posts are you talking about?EDIT: oh, I saw it. A collaboration would be a dream come true Maybe UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH?
  6. Why is VEVO stuck for 12h now at the same number of views? And why youtube updates are something like 5k/views per hour? GT does more than that!
  7. Yes, that 9k estimation came from KWORB, so it's not reliable?
  8. No, it's not that! Number of views has not been updated for over 5 hours now!
  9. Views are stuck for hours now on both youtube and vevo. Why don't they update? The suspense is killimg me!
  10. Just came home from a GREAT Robbie Williams concert. First thing I did when I came out of the arena was to check the BIM views which were slightly over 9m from the 8m I left them! An hour later they are over 9.2m!!! What an awesome day I'm having!!!
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