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  1. she looks like she would fit right in at a Pride Parade!
  2. This song seems to be shaping up like the "Jump" of the MDNA album, hopefully it will fare better
  3. Like This Flick-my-bean Today, 02:29 AM I didn't like this song when I heard it, now it's quite possibly my favorite from the album. yeah I used to skip this track (along with Some Girls) every time I listened to MDNA, but now that is where I start the album. I think it's one of those slow growers....and not the kind of song you quickly get tired of
  4. I'm Addicted next Club single?? Was at Portland Pride this weekend and the played an Extended (Remix?) Version of I'm Addicted at the club and the place went nuts! Pretty fun to dance to, bass was thumpin!
  5. car product placement....it did wonders for We Are Young....wonder if it will do the same for TUTR?
  6. I would prefer to have this song as the "summer single" over TUTR. for the video, since Lourdes sings in the background, it'd be pretty cool to have Lourdes dressing up and re-enacting or dressing up on her mom's most iconic images (sorta like the LAV thing she did for celebration)
  7. I know! and I picture myself in the Austin powers go-go scene as I'm dancing haha
  8. OMG! that's what i do whenever i play this song! haha
  9. this song is growing on me. i didn't like it that much at first but after hearing it on the radio today, i'm luvin it!
  10. I agree that Gang Bang will most likely get banned at radio. My choices: 1. I Don't Give A - I've actually heard it on the radio and it sounds awesome!! they ended the song at the part where Nicki says "there is only one queen" 2. Love Spent - love this song especially the acoustic version 3. I'm A Sinner - this song has slowly caught on with me and now I love it!
  11. It will most likely be Turn Up The Radio, but I want it to be Love Spent!! Also, I think Masterpiece should be serviced to AC at the same time.
  12. The beginning music reminds me of "Another Day In Paradise" while the first line or two sounds like "Die Another Day"
  13. Love it! I listen to this song the most from the album. sounds like it could go really well on the soundtrack to a movie. hope it gets released as a single!
  14. i bought it as well. it's back down to #106. it was at #101 earlier today.
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