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  1. Absolutely amazing speech. He makes so many logical and rational points about regulation and sanctions for the 'silicone 6'. He would definitely get my vote if he were a politician.
  2. The advert makes sweeping generalisations about men which I will agree comes across as condescending towards them. I think it would be very interesting to see an advert targeting 'toxic femininity' in order to counter-balance the argument here. And yes, it does exist where females will use "sneakier" or less overt ways to exercise violence, power and control, particularly evident in working cultures and educational establishments. As a gay man who I guess outwardly appears '"straight", I have experienced this first hand on frequent occasions throughout my working life to the extent I would class this as sexist discrimination from females on the basis of gender, and in some instances, sexuality. Yes, men can sometimes be rotten hideous people but they can also be magnificent individuals - conversely as women can be. There just seems to be a constant discourse in society that seems to encourage the disparagement and disrespect of men which isn't really solving the problem of 'toxic masculinity' due to the inherent negativity within the discourse. Just as women should be championed and supported, men deserve to be championed and supported too as this may help them to steer clear of the path of 'toxic masculinity'. And no, I am not a misogynist, rapist, murderer, abuser or even a person who is necessarily 'politically correct'. I am just someone who believes in balance and fairness.
  3. Poor guy. Hope he gets to return to some sense of normality without any further punishments. I don't understand all the hype a lot of people make about Dubai. It's a backwards SHIT HOLE from what I've seen and heard. And don't even get me started on some of the gays who flock there...why on earth anyone would give their gay pounds/dollars through tourism to a culture that despises them makes no sense to me. I'd much sooner take my tourist trade to a place that's LGBT-friendly and deserves the investment.
  4. Cowardly despicable acts in Berlin and Zurich...hope we eventually get rid of this scourge of the earth! Scumbags!
  5. Hmm...so I wonder if the people of Bath and North Somerset will be eligible for a tax refund seeing as they are now expected to pay for medical care out of their own pockets?
  6. It's all so very depressing...and stupid! We are much better off as part of a unified Europe. I just pray for a second referendum or hope whoever gets next into power at 10 Downing Street halts the proceedings somehow. If it follows through and Scotland becomes independent you can be sure I will up sticks and move as some of my family are already based there.
  7. I found the production on those songs quite soulless. I just love how Ghosttown has warmth and depth...an enduring Madonna track as it still sounds so fresh to me.
  8. Kanye is awful. Billboard for Ghosttown alone wins for me.
  9. I imagined she would have filmed a video similar to Pharrel's 'Happy' for L4L but I'm glad she didn't. The final product is fantastic. Very iconic imagery and the use of the colour red makes it really striking.
  10. Like others on the forum, I watched the news coverage of the horrific events as they unfolded last night. I went to bed feeling heartbroken, scared, angry and confused by it all...I didn't sleep well of course, like many others. Still shaken by it today. My thoughts, love and prayers are with the people of France, and more importantly, with the world over. We should be fighting for peace - not religion.
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