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  1. Completely agree with you. The key thing in my opinion is that any INTELLIGENT person will (to some extent) adopt the certain behaviours, mannerisms or inflections of their counterparts be it in the context of another country or engaging with others at differing levels of seniority and so on. This is psychology 101! Like when an infant mimics it's mother's smile! We mimic others in order to ensure effective COMMUNICATION and CONNECTION within the particular context. Madonna is INTELLIGENT and has been dragged for ages simply for adopting an inflection in her accent. As a person born in the UK, I can assure you she has always spoken with an AMERICAN accent only with an occasional change of inflection in her accent and an emphasis on her diction for the sake of clarity of communication within the particular context.
  2. Madonna has never had an English accent. The GP who say this are retards. Her diction was merely influenced by the English accent whilst living there which is perfectly common and natural for most people.
  3. Yeah, I chose shots that immediately spring to mind when I think of how beautiful Madonna is! And yes, the 1995 Versace apple shot was taken by Meisel.
  4. For some reason I love it when she wears RED! Always very flattering to her pale skin tone...then again she looks amazing in any colour!
  5. Sorry but Beyawnce at number 8? There was nothing interesting about that Lemonade album apart from Formation. And the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is SO unbelievably overrated - that album has NOT aged well at all. Adele at number 11? Sorry, but she is the dullest cunt to ever produce music. What a fucking snoozefest the majority of them! C'mon!
  6. Oh right...sorry I missed the reference to FartPlop! Yeah, it's baffling they would remove it from iTunes UK for no reason seeing as it was one of her most successful UK-selling albums and also in terms of global influence. It's such a pity she doesn't seem to have people around her who actually take care and effort to maintain her artistic legacy. She needs a curator with knowledge and an eye for detail who actually gives a damn!
  7. You mean Sisley the YouTube sensation? Or Sicily the country to react out of national interest? Getting Sisley to react to this news is not a bad idea at all actually!
  8. Well, she is "managed" by Oseary and his team. We never know...we might just get a remastered version...if we are lucky!
  9. Pretty sure it was on there 2 weeks ago as I was comparing the track length of songs on Celebration with those on the Ray of Light album as I was making a definitive collection. Geeky I know, but hell, I love her music!
  10. Only late 'cause of the Ester and Stella remixes of Little Star
  11. Not sure that's possible...perhaps her team are up to something? A 20th anniversary reissue with remasters and extended cuts/b-sides?
  12. Anyone else notice how Ray of Light is no longer available to purchase on iTunes UK? It's her only album not appearing now. Anyone know a possible reason for this? It better be a good one! (Thank God I purchased when it was available!)
  13. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    I don't believe you can really compare both artists as they both had an entirely different mindset and creative output despite their obvious similarities as dancers, performers, reflectors, narcissists, perfectionists achieving stratospheric levels of fame, etc. But I'll never forget waiting up late at night as a kid with my brothers to get the first viewing of the 'Thriller' video on Channel 4 in 1983. That video had such an immense impact - I don't know anybody who wasn't awestruck by MJ at that time - that video was as an EVENT. And I think Madonna who was just starting out at that time was savvy enough to replicate that idea of a having a killer song with a landmark pop video as shown throughout her career. The difference being, Madonna was able to SUSTAIN the ability to combine hit pop songs with impactful videos enhanced by a complete REINVENTION of her external AND internal self. Madonna in this sense redefined the pop song and pop video as a highly anticipated EVENT. MJ's formula was never about total reinvention or challenging controversial issues which made him less interesting and sustainable as a pop artist. So I think in many ways, Madonna went on to overshadow MJ whilst redefining the idea of what it meant to be a STAR. You only need to read interviews or watch videos of other stars talking about being in the presence of Madonna and she is often noted as a STAR among stars.
  14. I'm going through a 90s Madonna renaissance too...and LOVING IT! Everything from Erotica to Bedtime Stories to Something to Remember to Ray of Light is perfection...her music really reflects how she was at her most creative and experimental peak! One of the main things I've noticed after REALLY listening to songs from this era is just how BEAUTIFULLY constructed they are...from M's emotive and chameleon-like vocal ability to the instrumentation and production...sonic bliss!
  15. Madonna’s Oscar Party

    Nothing we haven't seen before from Madonna but it's great to see her having fun!