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  1. Oh wow - never knew M was involved in this track. It's a fun throwaway song...very nice!
  2. Lana Del Rey

    I must say when I first heard Get Free it instantly reminded me of Creep. That aside it's such a fantastic song...pure Americana and I absolutely LOVE the way she sings 'into the blue'...they way she pronounces the word 'blue' is utterly brilliant...just conjures up images of being of a beautiful beach in Malibu and listening to the Beach Boys on the radio! Perfection!
  3. Oh God that wig was such a BAD choice...I remember it back in the day...big mistake!
  4. YES! She's always been one of my favourite Supermodels too! And has always reminded me of Madonna. Love her shoots with Helmut Newton especially! I follow her on Instagram.
  5. Fuck - this plastic looking monster really reminds me of that other non-entity who wore belts to cover her plastic tits, Jodie Marsh!
  6. She has such a huge inflated ego for such a short fat slut. Don't even get me started on her appearance on America's Next Top Model...proper WTF moment!
  7. Lola Is Fierce!!!

    She's a cool girl...beautiful with a great personality it seems.
  8. Ghosttown without a shadow of a doubt...her best video in years!
  9. It can be anything I want it to be as this is all hypothetical. Besides, the original version of Rain is boring in my opinion.
  10. I hope she makes an album of 10-12 songs which are stellar quality...dare I say a concept album which has a cohesive but non-repetitive style. Quality over quantity is the key M.
  11. Goodbye to Innocence is one of her strongest unreleased singles...I remember first hearing Up Down Suite on the Rain maxi-single and being infatuated by it thinking there must be a vocal version of this song...and subsequently discovered Goodbye to Innocence...a fantastic song that I do not believe any other artist could pull off with the same sass and conviction. I'd love it if the powers that be released a deluxe version of Erotica to include the following: * Erotica * Fever (Video Mix) * Bye Bye Baby (MTV Awards/Tour Studio Remix) * Deeper and Deeper * Where Life Begins * Bad Girl (Extended Version) * Waiting * Thief of Hearts * Goodbye to Innocence * Words * Rain (Radio Remix) * Why's It So Hard * Did You Do It? * Secret Garden * Waiting (Remix feat. Everlast) * Erotic (SEX Book Version) * Up Down Suite
  12. Sweet Jesus. Why does she always remind me of the midget prostitute in Total Recall...
  13. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Flat-faced bitch needs to whoop her love handles first!
  14. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    Very well done but I still hate the Kardashian Kunts