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  1. I haven't given a shit about the Grammy's since 1989. Not only was 'Like A Prayer' a brilliant album; it was one of the best reviewed of the year. When Madonna was finally given love by them for 'Ray of Light', I still didn't give a shit. Madonna was gracious enough to say that it was "worth the wait". I'm sure she meant it. 2 years earlier, when she failed to get a nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards, she still performed "You Must Love Me" for the awards show. Barbra Streisand was also expecting a nomination the same year. When she didn't, she chose not to perform the song from her movie, in protest. Madonna knows awards don't have anything to do with talent. I'm sure that if Madonna was asked to perform this year at the Grammy's, she would graciously accept. And I love her for that.
  2. Still play it several times a day. As much as I hate saying it, 2012-2015 were MDNA free, I haven't played that album in at least a year (aside from 3 tracks). Thank the heavens for Rebel Heart. Love it more with each play.
  3. YES!! Tour. All I needed to hear. Not that I doubted it. And she sounds so sexy with that voice.
  4. Voted. But how are TB and Gaga winning? They were pretty dull. Oh well.
  5. Please GOD, don't let me die before she performs, LOL. I'm so fucking excited!!!!
  6. I have a subscription to Spin and I have found 5 issues with Madonna on the cover in my collection. Don't be too hard on Spin magazine; they have actually been very supportive of Madonna throughout her career. They even named MDNA one of the BEST POP albums of 2012 (which, let's face it, was pretty generous). In this case, it's ONE writer who put his two cents in on some songs that were never meant to be reviewed in the first place.
  7. Very excited about her performing BUT, I'm keeping my expectations to a minimum. LFL is a hard song to sing and am worried that she might get nervous and sing off key (a la Ray of Light at the 98 VMA's).
  8. I will cry if Ghosttown isn't the 2nd single. In my dreams, she will make a $10 million dollar video. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.
  9. Love the video. Very different for Madonna. Not at all what I was expecting. Once again, she surprises us. Go Madonna!!
  10. IF Madonna had done this, all the backlash U2 is getting from this move would've been worth it for Madonna. The possibility of countless people hearing her new album? One can only wonder. Now, if only Guy Oseary can come up with something as groundbreaking for The Queen of Pop's new album. It almost seems as if he's bored with Madonna and promoting her. I've heard people talk more about Madonna in the last year (Magazine covers, Katy Perry, Instagram, Grammy's, duet with Miley Cyrus etc, etc) than when she released MDNA. WTF?
  11. The guy behind Aphex Twin (Richard James) said that the ONLY way he would work with Madonna is if she "got on her knees in the studio while I recorded her making pig sounds". According to him, Madonna "was begging" to work with him. He even refused to do a remix to one of her songs. Then again, Bjork wanted to work with him as well and he turned her down.
  12. There are a few people I wouldn't mind M dueting with, just no more disposable pop bitches.
  13. YES! Bring it on. Fits her to a T. While some may see it as a bit cliched, it might give some clueless people (the ones that need everything spelled out for them) insight into who she is.
  14. I SOOOO hope it's Madonna. A celebratory funky ass beat. Throw in Madonna's "living for love/freedom lyrics with her voice and we have her next tour's closing number.
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