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  1. albertogerard

    80s New Wave

    In a couple of my New Wave playlists, I always include "Stay (81)" that's on the 'Pre-Madonna' CD. LOVE this track.
  2. albertogerard

    M's live vocals.

    The whole Evita "vocal training" was FANTASTIC for the recording of the movie. Madonna is MAJESTIC on the soundtrack; BITCH pulled it off! That said, for the next several years, Madonna walked around thinking she was expected to sing in a "classically trained" manner. Either that or she was just overly confident. In late 1998, Madonna performed "The Power Of Goodbye" a couple of times. I was at a bar frequented by "Broadway" actors in a bar near Times Square when the VH-1 Fashion awards aired. Holy shit, I had never heard such shit talked about ANY artist EVER. When she did the "DO you wanna go Hai-EERRRRR" vocal, the ENTIRE bar went up in hysterics. I was the LONE MADONNA FAN that crowd. I tried defending her, to no avail. NOT a good night to be a Madge fan. My point is, when she tries to "prove" that she can sing LIVE (especially TELEVISED), her nerves get the best of her. But, put her in a arena with 20,000 fans that she knows adore her, we get treasures like "Lament" & "La Vie En Rose".
  3. albertogerard

    Prince Dead at 57

    I'm so fucking sad and shocked right now. For me, before Madonna, there was Prince. I need a bottle of bourbon along with all my Prince CD's today. I just can't believe it.
  4. albertogerard

    MDNA vs Rebel Heart - which tour do you prefer?

    As much as I loved RHT, I have to vote for MDNA. It is EPIC. Seeing Madonna "exorcise" so much anger ("Gang Bang") & pathos ("Like A Virgin/Love Spent" is EVERYTHING). Her sheer joy while she performed "Sagarra Jo" is so infectious, I dance and sing along each time I watch it. "Celebration/Give It 2 Me" is such a fantastic ending to the show. Plus, the choreography is STUNNING. I don't fast-forward any part of the show. Video interludes are incredible. "Vogue", "Erotic Candy Shop", Human Nature", "Like A Prayer". I could talk for hours about how much I LOVE this show.
  5. albertogerard

    Re-invention Tour - The Best Madonna Has Ever Looked

    VT= Trashy Street Urchin but ICONIC= 7 WTG= Susan Powter= 6 BAT= GODDESS ICONIC= 10 GS= Skeletor= 6 DWT= Atkins Diet= 7 RT= Gorgeous= 9 CT= L'Oreal Beautiful= 8 S&S= WTF?= 6 MDNA= GORGEOUS SEXY HOT Beautiful= 10 RH= GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY= 9
  6. Madonna takes the Never Say Never mentality to new heights but I REALLY thought she would NEVER perform this. So happy. Now, I'll really pass out if she performs "Nothing Really Matters". That song is harder to sing than a lot of people realize.
  7. albertogerard

    Tulsa, OK 01.14.16

  8. albertogerard

    Tulsa, OK 01.14.16

    While I'm on here, just a couple of my thoughts on the show. Madonna didn't perform "Like A Prayer" or "Ghosttown", that was a disappointment. That said, since I didn't watch or read any spoilers (aside from the unavoidable ones), I was thrilled by what I saw. Highlights: Deeper & Deeper, such a clean bass line and drums arrangement. Everyone danced to that. Don't Tell Me. LOVED this performance. BEST version I've heard. Burning Up. Rocking guitar (especially solo). I assume it's Monte doing the guitar solo? Heartbreak City/LDLHA. I HATED Heartbreak City but, not anymore after last night. Candy Shop. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it, especially after Music. The ONE song I did NOT enjoy was "Material Girl". A mid-tempo version? Couldn't dance to it. This should have been a fun up beat song. Other than that, AWESOME show. I've loved Madonna since I first heard her and will continue to do so.
  9. albertogerard

    Tulsa, OK 01.14.16

    When Madonna made the joke about how if the protesters outside knew how pleasurable anal sex is because of all our nerve endings we have in our "assholes", my section couldn't stop cheering. And my section was full of redneck men with their wives. Priceless!
  10. It was so disappointing for me to read that Quentin Tarantino say that he wouldn't do a music video. I was so hoping that he would do Gang Bang.
  11. I obviously don't know anything about show business but, it seems so odd to me that a perfectionist like Madonna would hire dancers to help realize her vision and not have a lot of contact with them. That implies SO MUCH TRUST that the people she hires not fuck up her shows. Seems like she would have daily meetings, including one on one, to talk about the show. Maybe I've watched Truth or Dare too many times.
  12. albertogerard

    Tulsa, OK 01.14.16

  13. albertogerard

    Tulsa, OK 01.14.16

    Is that a pic of the Mayo Hotel?
  14. albertogerard

    Tulsa, OK 01.14.16

    The local news mentioned that she's supposedly staying at the Mayo Hotel, the oldest hotel in Tulsa. Sounds about right. It's where Stevie Nicks stayed at when she was here. Also, Lady Gaga. It's literally a couple of blocks from the venue.
  15. albertogerard

    Tulsa, OK 01.14.16

    I'll be there. SO excited. I'm bringing my 14 year old nephew to his very first concert. I don't know what I'm more excited about.