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  1. I really hope that this time they prepare a schedule similar to the Music era: tour after 9 months of promotion. All this year dedicated to performances, videos, interviews, magazines. Tour rehearsals in autumn and Australian tour in january/february, followed by an american/european tour during spring and summer. That would make a lot of sense.
  2. It is also important to say something very obvious: the younger generation might feel indiference for her right now, but that doesn't meant that when they grow up, they won't discover her and start appreciating her work. This is what happened to me with many "old" groups and singers, I was too young and was discovering the music, and I started listening the obvious choices: the things that sounded in the radio and in the MTV. As I grew up, I started listening to more alternative music and discovering older acts. We must accept that she is going to enter the league of older and classic acts that release albums that only interest to her fanbase but still manage to sell out tours (U2, Rollings, Elton...). However, I also think that she can still score hits, like Cher, Elton or Tom Jones did in the past.
  3. I understand your point and I also think that she needs to reconnect with the general public with a wonderful album and tour, but in spite of all the bad press, I truly believe that she is still respected and loved as an artist. Madonna the person is receiving bad press, but her body of work is untouchable. As soon as she comes back in top form, all this backlash will be forgotten.
  4. I think that this backlash (if there is any), has more to do with the fans than with the general public perception.
  5. Yes, we all know that she struggled to sell tickets in some cities of the second european leg, specially in Spain. But that doesn't mean that she would have problems with a greatest hits tour. She can visit less cities in Europe and focus on Asia, Australia and America.
  6. Something exists if you know that it exists. If Mattress hadn't opened this post... would you have detected ALL the "mistakes"? Absolutely NOT. That's my point. Celebration has been overanalysed. You have to saturate the loudspeakers to hear some of these "mistakes". And even with headphones and maximum volume, I can't notice the American Life ending. And the problems with Express Yourself, Dress you up, Cherish and some others, it's just a question of taste. Do you really think that all fans and casual buyers know every single edition of Express Yourself???? Some friends have listened to this track and they have noticed that it's different, but they don't think it's horrendous. However, I agree that Erotica should have been edited better and the clicks in Music are horrendous.
  7. I can't hear that. Maybe you should lower the volume of your speakers! Mattress, I don't know what are you listening to, but my copy does not have some of the things you describe. For example, Hollywood does not have the fading out of American Life. Die another day and Don't tell me are well edited. And I don't find so horrendous the changes to the other songs (Express Yourself, Dress you up...). We know these songs so well that we detect every single modification, but it's not THAT bad. It's just DIFFERENT. You're creating a very big and negative buzz about something that "normal" fans would not have noticed. It's like finding a man with a clock in Spartacus and declaring that it's the worst film ever just because of that.
  8. It's also desilusional to think that Sorry went to #1 just because promotion and timing were good. People liked the song! On the other hand, Give it 2 me and Celebration have generated more mixed opinions.
  9. We can't compare this to previous singles. As debord said, digital sales and physical sales evolve differently. If nothing strange happens, I think that the single will keep rising on iTunes as more and more people realise that the single is available.
  10. Well, this same argument can be used against you, because it's your taste and your perception of things what leads you to think that Celebration is equal to Hung Up and Sorry. All I can say is that here in Spain, Hung Up and Sorry were everywhere and everyone went mad in the discos. This doesn't happen with Celebration.
  11. Hung Up and Sorry are way better than Celebration. Equalling all these three tracks is extremely simplistic. The songs of COADF are way more sophisticated than Celebration, and they sounded fresh. Celebration is too generic. Good, but generic. And I agree with you that chart positions also has to do with promo. The video for Hung Up was iconic, the photoshoot too. And she supported the single by performing it in several programs. I also think that Celebration could also give us some surprises. In the digital era, the singles can last longer and have different peaks. Only fans know that the single was out this week. If the airplay increases and Warners do some promo next week, many casual buyers might discover the song in the following days and weeks. Maybe a #1 single is something dificcult to get, but it could have a nice chart run with several weeks in the top 10.
  12. I think Madonna has been in automatic mode during 2008-2009. Most of you talk as if she had lost the inspiration, but it seems like she simply has reduced the complexity of her music on purpose because that was the spirit she wanted for this Hard Candy/Sticky & Sweet/Celebration era. She doesn't need to take a break, she simply has to take a new direction. And that is what she always does! Celebration is a decent single, but it's nowhere near her biggest hits. It's promoting the album, and that's more than what we had for GHV2. Let's hope she gets top 5 or even top 3 easily!
  13. No, she doesn't need a new manager. She has had a successful album (+3.5 millions sold), a hit single (4 Minutes) and one of the biggest tours ever. The only problem I see here is that people is saturated with the "let's go party" concept. She hasn't run out of ideas, it's simply another era, a recurrent theme. She had many other in the past (violence, fame-is-not-important, sex, spirituality, ballads...) and you should remember that many of you were saturated and complained about them. But now, they are long gone. And this one will also end, probably with the next album.
  14. Why should she take a break? I don't think she is no longer creative and relevant. She is simply having fun! It was incredible to see her so happy during this tour! She is enjoying it. And the same goes for Celebration... she doesn't want to have the finger on the pulse all the time!! I'm sure that for the next album, all of you will eat your words!
  15. I can't believe the criticism of some pleople here. Celebration contains about 30 obvious hits... what's the problem if they include 3-4 tracks due to sentimental purposes or because they are classic tracks that almost all the fans love?????? And let's not forget that the world is something more than the UK and the USA. Hollywood and Sorry were big hits in several european countries, as well as Miles Away in Japan. I don't think those tracks are out of place.
  16. I don't understand the negativity. Look what happened to She-Wolf. At first, it looked like it was going to flop, but after several interviews, promotion and the video, it is becoming a hit. I know that the market has changed and the singles need exposure to be sold. If there is no video, no interviews and the radio is not interested, it will go nowhere. But I think that there will be some promotion in September and the single will pick up. Maybe it won't be top 10, but at least top 40 is possible.
  17. I think it's obvios that it's on sale on Amazon and iTunes because it leaked before the official date. Don't blame Warner, they simply want to do business!
  18. Instead of missed hits, I would prefer current reinventions of her old hits! (something along the lines of Music Inferno, Like a Prayer 2008, Everybody from the Confessions promo tour...)
  19. Why don't you try www.elcorteingles.es or www.servicaixa.com? They have some tickets left. In Servicaixa, you can even choose the sector!
  20. Relax, boy! I know where Lisbon is, I'm spanish, so I'll try to explain myself better. Like it or not, Lisbon attracted many spanish fans and can be considered part of the same market, inside the Iberian Peninsula. For many people living in Castilla Leon, Galicia or Extremadura it was easier to go to Lisbon instead of Valencia or Sevilla, and I know several friends and colleagues who went to Lisbon because it was in the weekend. But I agree with you, the third spanish show should have been in Bilbao or Vigo, or even a second show in Portugal, it makes more sense. They have saturated the east of the peninsula. Without Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona would have been sold out or almost sold out and Vigo would have had a pretty good attendance.
  21. The decision to make a concert in Zaragoza was simply stupid. 6 concerts (Lisbon, Sevilla, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza) in less than a year???? She has saturated the market. If the tickets weren't that expensive, she wouldn't have problems to sell out all of them, I know many friends that aren't going because paying 100 € to seat at the back of the stadium is too much. But it is not only a Madonna problem. U2 started their tour in Barcelona, and although they sold out the first show, the second one wasn't. And the same goes with Bruce Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Beyonce or Kylie Minogue. The crisis is affecting all the tours, even the biggest spanish groups are being forced to reduce their prices. However, Barcelona will be almost sold out, and I think Madrid will be at 75%-80% of capacity. Not bad!
  22. Exactly! Personally I think that Madonna, Like a Virgin and True Blue are her worst albums. Each of them have 4-6 stellar songs (mostly the singles), but the rest are bland and quite generic. After Like a prayer, she became an album artist instead of a single artist and that is why I prefer her later work. It's obvious that Hard Candy does not contain songs as good as "Live to tell" or "Like a Virgin", but I do not find myself skipping tracks as often as when I am listening these three albums.
  23. Hard Candy is not a bad album. Not her worst, but quite enjoyable. The same goes with the tour, by no means it is a bad tour (anyone would kill to have this kind of show) but compared to previous tours, it is not her best. I think people are not over her, they are simply deceived. If the following album is good, all will forgive her. As simple as that.
  24. "Due to unprecedented demand by fans and some logistical scheduling issues..." It's clear that the problem is that they can't do three shows in a row in different cities.
  25. There are two different topics here: sales and radio support. Hard Candy and all the singles sold OK compared to the 2008 best selling albums in Spain, she has a huge fanbase here. It's true that the sales climate is depressing because albums can enter the Top 50 selling less than 200-300 copies, so Gold is quite an accomplishment. On the other hand, the radio support was minimal because the biggest stations (los 40 principales) usually ignore these R&B/hip-hop hits. There are quite a few exceptions, but as I said earlier, they are not as massive as in the rest of the world. And I don't see what's the problem with Madonna doing so many shows here. She is probably our biggest international act, Spain is a big market and has ignored us in many tours. She owed it to us.
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