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  1. I really hope that this time they prepare a schedule similar to the Music era: tour after 9 months of promotion. All this year dedicated to performances, videos, interviews, magazines. Tour rehearsals in autumn and Australian tour in january/february, followed by an american/european tour during spring and summer. That would make a lot of sense.
  2. Madonna technology are the curtains of nowadays. She can recreate anything with those big screens and I think she uses them correctly, the projections aren't too simple (like a window screensaver) but also not too distracting. Most of the time they only set the mood for the song. However, there are a few exceptions like Express Yourself in MDNA Tour where the message on the screens is stronger. Some people here also forget that the experience is very different when you are in front row compared to the seats at the back of an arena or stadium. For example, when I went with my friends to see t
  3. I totally agree with VogueMusic, Madonna shows are so sophisticated that it's not easy to change them. And when she does, it's always in the acoustic/intimate parts of the show when she doesn't use backdrops, dancers and light programming and has time to include her traditional speech (for example: You'll see/Gone in DWT, Girl from Ipanema in GS, Don't cry for me Argentina in S&S, Holiday/Love Spent in MDNA...). I think she will be able to repeat this pattern in the future, but I don't expect dramatical changes in the setlist during a tour.
  4. Yeah, you're trying to diminish her accomplishments. What else does she have to do to match your expectations about her tours? The same arguments can be said about ANY artist with a certain level of success and longevity. Some of my friends are huge fans of rock bands (Muse, U2, AC/DC, Rolling, Springsteen, etc) and every time they have done a tour in Spain, they go to every possible date. This behaviour is not exclusive to Madonna fans. The important fact is that Madonna is the only artist out there that can put those extremely high prices and she can fill arenas and stadiums quite easily a
  5. I completely agree with you, in the tour the song is not about a pregnant teenager, it's about a problem with a man. The first verse fits perfectly between gang bang and hung up, the rest doesn't.
  6. What's the problem with the "sold outs"??? It's a relative concept that depends on the size of the venue and the expected attendance. If they say that a show is sold out, it means that they have met their expectations, that's all. That doesn't mean that the stadium has to be packed. I also think that the term "sold out" is good for promotion but doesn't indicate anything, it's like saying that your album is #1: looks good on paper, but if the following week you are out of the top 40, it's a disaster. As long as the attendance and the revenues are healthy, I don't see a problem. It's normal.
  7. El Palacio de los Deportes has a good acoustic, the artist is the problem.
  8. First, the show was perfect! Beautiful Killer and Je t'aime (moi non plus) should be added to the tour! Second, I think some fans here are also overreacting. Insult a whole continent with things like "Fuck Europe!" are as horrible as the insults that some people said after the concert. Third, don't protect Madonna because in this situation she is not 100% innocent. She has not been very generous with this concert, she has used the money from the fans to pay the broadcast and to rent the theatre and in addition she gets international promotion for free. 200 € for 8 songs is just too much. She
  9. Some of you will never be happy... I think this table says it all. She's still one of the biggest touring forces.
  10. This is an exaggerated example and not realistic. But of course, if they obtain benefits selling those 1000 tickets, they can hire whatever they want. These boxscore numbers are the expected attendance, that's all. They are not equal to the maximum capacity, they represent the expected benefits. These are their rules. You can like them or not, but they are what they are. Debating them is as useless as debating whether the gold certificate should be 400.000 copies instead of 500.000. It's only a reference. And let's not forget that the contrary might happen. It is not the first time that the
  11. No, that review was not objective at all. Madonna tours have always been the same: a mix of new songs, some reinvented hits and a pair of rarities. The MDNA tour sticks to this formula. That is the objective truth. If the critic doesn't like it, it's his problem, not Madonna's. She is selling the same formula all the time.
  12. It is also important to say something very obvious: the younger generation might feel indiference for her right now, but that doesn't meant that when they grow up, they won't discover her and start appreciating her work. This is what happened to me with many "old" groups and singers, I was too young and was discovering the music, and I started listening the obvious choices: the things that sounded in the radio and in the MTV. As I grew up, I started listening to more alternative music and discovering older acts. We must accept that she is going to enter the league of older and classic acts th
  13. I understand your point and I also think that she needs to reconnect with the general public with a wonderful album and tour, but in spite of all the bad press, I truly believe that she is still respected and loved as an artist. Madonna the person is receiving bad press, but her body of work is untouchable. As soon as she comes back in top form, all this backlash will be forgotten.
  14. I think that this backlash (if there is any), has more to do with the fans than with the general public perception.
  15. Yes, we all know that she struggled to sell tickets in some cities of the second european leg, specially in Spain. But that doesn't mean that she would have problems with a greatest hits tour. She can visit less cities in Europe and focus on Asia, Australia and America.
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