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  1. Just put it up on YouTube already. Who cares about 1pm or whatever! I want it now!!!!
  2. Wow I didn't realize MDNA isn't well liked? I loved it then and still listen to it now. Rebel Heart has a few songs I still listen to. I would rank MX above both.
  3. almost the best song sonically for me...so good...
  4. The three bonus tracks won't be available in iTunes?
  5. can someone summarize the drama? I don't get it and don't want to read 32 pages.
  6. An excellent surprise! Shaping up to be a great album! How many more surprises could there be?!?
  7. but what about those that dont wanna wait...
  8. lol geesh i'm getting dragged i'm not even a troll. It reminds me of something from Hard Candy or Bedtime Stories which aren't my favorite Madonna fans. I'm not saying it's the worst thing I've ever heard. but it's cool most of you are connecting with it. Express yourself don't repress yourself.
  9. no me gusta. Medallin >>>> I Rise. Hip hop Madonna is not my cup of tea.
  10. the outro with "ven.. ven.. ven.." mixed in. *dead*
  11. ooh thanks for the link for past work. gonna go do my research.
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