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  1. Hold On WIlson Philips co-existed with Hold on En Vogue. no problem.
  2. bitch is so big she can sample herself now
  3. I think I paid for the three new ones again. They wouldn't download by completing album
  4. Ridiculous. Did we watch the same show? Annie Lennox brought down the house. Sam smith and Mary j blige were soulful. Gwen and Adam very pretty.
  5. It's driving me nuts... who is that in your sig sticking his tongue out?

    1. 5iVe Elements

      5iVe Elements

      Matthew Camp! He is hot.

  6. feels like a drug and i can't get enough I was the only one jumping like crazy at the concert to this soing in my section
  7. Hard Candy what? MDNA is still my fav madonna album at the moment.
  8. LOL @ the herpes... offer nissim's remix is really good. not dark as his usual stuff though
  9. I would say 50-100K might be ticket redemptions honestly. regardless, amazing number!
  10. And it's here I begin my story..... AAAAHHHH SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!
  11. Love Spent I'm Addicted Turn Up the Radio
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