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  1. Hahaha sounds like it would be that way, try and drum up viewers
  2. Eunos

    golden triangle/good seats

    My dream is for her to come to Australia.... I kind of have an idea of spending an obscene amount of money to make that whole experience possible hahah I know it would be worth it though
  3. LMAOOO... should we ask someone to remove all possible weapons
  4. I believe it is still there, I can see it in the list
  5. Eunos


    I'm really liking the new track
  6. Fucking Loveeeee The Album

  7. Hahaha Gaga's tweets are hilarious!
  8. Eunos

    Full GMAYL DEMO leak!

    oooooooh thankyou!
  9. Eunos

    Full GMAYL DEMO leak!

  10. Eunos

    A New Official Celebration Remix.

    nice! I like it <gets down and boogies>