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  1. Who are the 2 women that always seems to be with her when she goes out anywhere these days?
  2. When Glamour magazine pissed her off by airbrushing her gap out.
  3. They'll probably just end up with regular black vinyl ones if they keep re-stocking them. Had to drive 40 mins to get mine on Saturday after the first one had none left. I went to one a bit more out of the way where I didn't think there'd be too many gays Madonna fans.
  4. Guy O would probably say they can't find the masters. Same thing he said for the Blond Ambition & Virgin Tour master tapes and whatever else he just can't be arsed sorting out.
  5. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    I haven't played it yet, it only arrived today.
  6. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    The original isn't exactly pin sharp. The new one really isn't bad at all. The original Something To Remember vinyl cover was terrible, the re-issue is actually an improvement.
  7. I managed to get a copy from Conde Nast News - ridiculous that you can only order over the phone from them though.
  8. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    That only applies if you had ordered it at the lower price and it went up afterwards. If you order it now you'll pay the higher price unless it drops again.
  9. SEX Book question ??

    I remember UK bookshops had official "SEX WILL RETURN IN DECEMBER" posters after the first run sold out. Not sure if that was supposed to be the re-print that never happened or what. Within a couple of weeks of it selling out, HMV had some US imports of it for £50 which was double the price of the UK version and seemed ridiculously expensive at the time! It was a crazy time to be a Madonna fan, the backlash was so shitty and it was everywhere.
  10. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    I think most of the plain colour ones ended up in the UK, it seemed that way on various forums at the time anyway. My US copy is the splattered colour, UK one is plain colour.
  11. "The 'Another Suitcase In Another Hall' hitmaker".
  12. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    Picked up the UK Bedtime Stories today from HMV. The gatefold sleeve is much thicker and sturdier looking than the US one. If you've got the UK/EU gatefold vinyl of AL or COADF you'll know what I mean.
  13. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    Perfect! I really thought they'd drop the gatefold sleeve for this.