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  1. I can't stop listening. I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago.
  2. *passes out*


  3. muzishane

    Madonna's worst lyrics

    I kind of agree... It's like she's been channeling Dr. Seuss for the past few years.
  4. muzishane

    *New Madonna pix at D&G party*

    LOVE the dress.
  5. muzishane

    It's "Erotica" Month

    My mom strongly urged me to stop listening to Madonna when Erotica came out. Her reasoning? "She's not a very nice woman."
  6. muzishane

    Madonna.com S&S DVD Preview

    Omg. This NEEDS to be released on Bluray.
  7. muzishane

    Is Susan Boyle the new Madonna?

    She should do an inspirational cover of "Erotic." "We could use the cage...I've got a lot of rope..." I'm getting all weepy just thinking about it.
  8. muzishane

    Appreciate the 'Hung Up' VIDEO

    I honestly don't think she's been any hotter. And being reminded of how good this video is just makes me hate 4 Minutes a little more...