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  1. Can you imagine what the bosses at live nation must be saying right now! I'm amazed they could get any insurance for the tour in the first place
  2. EROTICA 25

    I think i listened to that album every day for about 2 years! I was 15 when it came out and it was everything! Deep, dark and beautiful..the Andre Betts tracks were my absolute favourites...such an amazing time to be a fan, despite the horrific press at the time. Modern pop stars with all their victim mentality truly have no idea what it's like to be crucified by the press..it was relentless
  3. I had it on a rain picture disc and i think it had open your heart on it too..cos it was featured on a uk car tv ad at the time lol
  4. I was obsessed with this and the jeep beats mix of erotica at the time
  5. It's really hard to pick out the 'star' in those tacky group photos
  6. Was 'i know it' a frequent b-side because of madonna's writing credit? It would have given her a nice extra payout
  7. Madonna RARE

    I loved this shoot
  8. Such a fun movie! I love it when Madonna does comedy
  9. Favorite single covers from Rebel Heart?

    Is this thread a pisstake?
  10. I'm on holiday in Lisbon at the moment and I've just spent the day in sintra..it's incredible, absolutely beautiful. I think Madonna will love living there..it's very romantic. I can recommend to anyone
  11. I love that for the first few years she did very few tv interviews yet became a phenomenon..there are so many media outlets these days it's easy to reach saturation point so i prefer a bit of mystery. I think the 90s were best..not just for Madonna but for the industry in general..current artists are trully mundane in comparison and have little rebellious spirit..probably because they had a much easier upbringing
  12. Only a daily mail article could attract such nasty, ignorant comments
  13. Will she sing Cherish ever again?

    I get the feeling she revisits her back catalogue when she's putting the 4 sections of a tour together and if a song fits the story she goes with it
  14. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    None of her tours made it to dvd (probably cos shes a horrible, sloppy performer) so why the fuck would someone have her performing in a movie? The plastic surgery alone will make close ups either hilarious or impossible