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  1. Her refusal to play the victim...she has endured some pretty horrific events in her life but she always presses on regardless. I also respect the way she separates her life as a public person and as a private one..I think she has handled extreme celebrity better than almost anyone. I think this comes from having to work hard for it and achieving it a little bit later
  2. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    That audience looks bored as fuck
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Makes me wonder if someone else is doing it for her..one of the kids maybe?
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I wish she would spell keith correctly 😄
  5. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    I should imagine it's part of a deal...her team pay for the ads and they give her an award. Look out for the fake surprise when she wins
  6. YouTube reaction videos

    I've seen a few of his videos and he doesn't really say anything at all he knows nothing about the reference points or the creativity that goes into her work..her just says wow or hot or great voice
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Probably just cos hockney is english 😉
  8. Madonna made very few tv appearances to promote her singles..especially in the 80s..it's amazing how successful those hits were on the back of just radio and video plays. I was gutted when take a bow flopped and ended a phenomenal run of top 10s
  9. Favorite single covers from Bedtime Stories?

    I had this cd single which is really lovely
  10. I was mostly pissed off that beautiful stranger and ray of light missed out on the no.1 spot behind really shit songs
  11. Madonna RARE

    I love this look..shame it only made it into the remix video
  12. They probably just sit around doing a fuckton of drugs which leads them to believe the output is amazing...hence the 'modest' tweets about album of the millenium and gamechanging anthems etc etc
  13. Madonna RARE

    I remember being stunned by her dark hair transformation at the the time and still love how sexy it looks now
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Omg the new video she posted is hilarious..i love the twins so much 😂😂😂