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  1. I still love this gorgeous record and part of me still believes that if the tour is streamed on netflix it will reach the wider audience it deserves
  2. I really believe that the only way she will reach the general public in the UK is through a TV documentary such as a career retrospective or a Glastonbury slot. I wonder what happened to the 'ray of light' documentary that was discussed last year?
  3. Can you imagine having to choose which songs to pick
  4. The lack of variety in UK radio is shocking! It's the same six artists on constant replay..I don't know how pink has managed it but I don't think I've ever heard an artist get so much airplay and for quite a few years now..pink, ed sheerhan and Lewis capaldi..it's truly mindless stuff
  5. I'm loving this song sooo much! When she says ' sometimes..I don't know'
  6. I think they just sell one version..i don't think it counts for much as it's a mix of albums and compilations in their chart
  7. Unfortunately she didn't really come across well..she seemed a bit nervous/tetchy..guests on this show always suck up to each other..it's gross..so i think the general public won't take well to her not doing the same..especially to someone like sir Ian
  8. There's an interview on BBC 1's the one show on Monday
  9. I'm on holiday so i have to wait..but I'm back on friday evening and it's my birthday on Saturday so it's a lovely treat to get back to!
  10. Whilst other gay 'icons' are releasing cheesey christmas albums, generic jazz standards and abba covers my queen is putting out quality work like this..the general public might not care but as a fan i feel spoilt
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