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  1. None of her tours made it to dvd (probably cos shes a horrible, sloppy performer) so why the fuck would someone have her performing in a movie? The plastic surgery alone will make close ups either hilarious or impossible
  2. The new album is pretty singer-­songwriter-y, no? Yeah. But not granola. I don’t listen to Ed Sheeran and John Mayer and stuff.
  3. It did quite well at the box office here in the uk..not a huge hit but it was in the top 3 films for a couple of weeks if i remember correctly. Was it an 18 certificate? I was only 15 at the time but i don't think people checked id in those days..they didn't in pubs and clubs much anyway
  4. Itunes sales are in serious decline..and if the ticket sales doing so amazing why the roadside and grindr ads? I've never seen a management team push an artist so hard
  5. Sounds pretty shit to me
  6. Love the W.E. print in the background
  7. Yesterday's pepsi shade was delicious and reminded me that over the years M has always served up the hottest tea. My favourite subtle dig was maybe this...
  8. Oh sorry it wasn't the Sunday Times it was the saturday culture supplement..that's all she said on the may have been misquoted though as these things often are
  9. I just read an interview with Vicky McClure from 'filth and wisdom' in the Sunday Times..she says she 'had a ball working with Madonna..but she's not a director is she'
  10. The most successful acts of the past few years have had multiple performances on xfactor..something which Madonna has never done. It's vapid, formulaic, junk tv but it has decent viewing figures..although they tend to stick with contestants singing songs by Sony artists
  11. Sorry why is this cunt at the Oscars again?
  12. i can't believe how much radio play m gets here in the u.k.
  13. Very Jerry hall..i love it