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  1. paradise

    Tori Amos - Native Invader

    I'm going to her Manchester gig on thursday..I've seen her a couple of times before..she's always very entertaining
  2. paradise

    Songs that you hate.

    Rag and bone man 'human' UK radio has been playing this overrated shit for months now..I cringe at any Robbie Williams and train and goo goo dolls too
  3. I love 'thinking of you' for me it's one of the greatest disco pop songs. Although 'Frankie' flopped in the US, here in the UK it was a huge hit
  4. paradise

    BRIT AWARDS 2017

    The brits are always embarrassing..this one seemed a bit empty? And the blatant industry push of stormzy its just a token urban act..every year its cringe inducing
  5. 1990-1997 Madonna the immaculate collection Madonna erotica Massive attack blue lines Seal seal Shakespeare's sister hormonally yours Tori Amos little earthquakes Nirvana never mind Smashing pumpkins Siamese dream Kd lang ingénue Liz phair exile in guyville Hole live through this PJ Harvey to bring you my love Massive attack protection Beastie boys Ill communication Bjork debut Tricky maxinquaye Portishead dummy
  6. paradise

    Erasure Top 10

    If anyone gets the chance to see them live, don't hesitate! They are the most fun ever
  7. paradise

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    7 Money don't matter 2nite How you don't call me anymore Let's go crazy Little red corvette When you were mine When doves cry Thieves in the temple Cream Sign of the times
  8. Ive been a huge Madonna fan since 1990 and I can honestly say this has been my favourite era ever, just a shame the general public weren't on board.. But it's their loss! The album and tour, the videos and photoshoots were amazing, but most of all Madonna defiant spirit and attitude were classic. I'll be sad to see it end
  9. paradise

    ABBA thread

    I love 'the day before you came' it's just perfect
  10. paradise

    Years and Years

    they do a nice cver of blu cantrell's breathe
  11. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is fit as fuck! i could see him and madonna together
  12. paradise


    i'm so in love with this track, the music at 1min 56 is lovely, very grimes..i'd love a 'world music' album next..but not in a sting kinda way heheh
  13. Everyone is so corporate and nice..it's fucking depressing
  14. Nick grimshaw is gross...and he has more botox in his forehead than Kylie