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  1. Ive been a huge Madonna fan since 1990 and I can honestly say this has been my favourite era ever, just a shame the general public weren't on board.. But it's their loss! The album and tour, the videos and photoshoots were amazing, but most of all Madonna defiant spirit and attitude were classic. I'll be sad to see it end
  2. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is fit as fuck! i could see him and madonna together
  3. i'm so in love with this track, the music at 1min 56 is lovely, very grimes..i'd love a 'world music' album next..but not in a sting kinda way heheh
  4. Nick grimshaw is gross...and he has more botox in his forehead than Kylie
  5. the 4music music channel are showing the grammys at 9pm in the u.k. on monday night
  6. i love that every day a different song gets stuck in my head, it's 'joan of arc' today, 'holy water' yesterday..'graffiti heart' and 'body shop' last week..i'm constantly singing 'krug rose and sometimes lemon drops' heheh
  7. i love 'graffiti heart' it's really sad when she sings about basquiat. i don't get the hate for body shop' it's a pure pop joy
  8. if the album does come out next year and there are dozens of tracks then can we please have an E.P. this year as a teaser?
  9. i think if the results are good a single could be out in the summer with a second single and album to follow in november
  10. new album threads are both cruel and exciting..everytime someone posts something (with no information, like this post i'm writing) i get false hope when the thread gets a bump! i want patrick leonard and joe henry for the ballads and a slinky night time feel for the dance stuff, like kavinsky's 'nightcall' or frank ocean's 'pyramids' as long as it sounds mature like the second half of the 'music' album
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