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  1. Oh sorry it wasn't the Sunday Times it was the saturday culture supplement..that's all she said on the may have been misquoted though as these things often are
  2. I just read an interview with Vicky McClure from 'filth and wisdom' in the Sunday Times..she says she 'had a ball working with Madonna..but she's not a director is she'
  3. The most successful acts of the past few years have had multiple performances on xfactor..something which Madonna has never done. It's vapid, formulaic, junk tv but it has decent viewing figures..although they tend to stick with contestants singing songs by Sony artists
  4. Sorry why is this cunt at the Oscars again?
  5. i can't believe how much radio play m gets here in the u.k.
  6. Very Jerry hall..i love it
  7. I thought the propeller was a giant headpiece at first lol i love rihanna..completely unpretentious and joyful
  8. I love how the crucifix looms in the background of this shot..the mix of sex and religion is classic madonna
  9. Iconic nipples
  10. I know alot of people disliked this look but i like it's really pretty
  11. Jeez that face gets worse..she looks more and more like penguin from batman returns every day
  12. Weekend at bernies tour 😂😂😂😂
  13. What happened to the baby? She didn't give another one away did she?