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  1. Pabl0114

    Bitch I'm Madonna video extremely #soon

    You are correct my dear Stephen
  2. Pabl0114

    Bitch I'm Madonna video extremely #soon

    I Jst wish u were in the video chelle
  3. Pabl0114

    Bitch I'm Madonna video extremely #soon

    Chellelicious how excited are you for this?
  4. Unapologetic bitch http://images.rapgenius.com/d285944ffe03334f36ba9b014852291c.500x700x13.gif
  5. I knew that Howard was going to deliver a stellar interview, we heard her talk about so many things she hadn't touch on before. I like it when she said to him "that's a good question" it was all so amazing on so many levels.
  6. As amazing as I thought it would b
  7. "That is my way of flirting" I love Howard!!!!
  8. How much longer is this going for? I gotta go to work
  9. I love all the actual music talk