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  1. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Someone replace Joanne and make a lady Gaga/ Doris album cover
  2. It is! Loved all the madonna influences. Katy had done her homework.
  3. Miami was packed. Never been a katy fan really but she hooked me with this album and the show was pretty awesome.
  4. Katy Perry thread

    Seriously tho... I can see katy ala brigette Neilsen full on 80s
  5. Katy Perry thread

    Wow I really haven’t been keeping up and didn’t realize she won a lot of non-fans over, me included. That was me a few months ago, “I’m I really recomending my friends to listen to a fucking Katy album with a straight face?”
  6. Katy Perry thread

    I’m going to the concert tonight here in Miami, and trust me never in a million years did I think I be going to a katy concert. Witness is in heavy roation on my Spotify, the connection I have for this album was so unexpected. Were there a bunch of 12 yr olds there? I’m gonna feel like an old man. How was the show?
  7. Omg lol I’m gonna get kicked off the bus for lol to myself
  8. Atlanta!

    Secret! Yes!!
  9. Aretha Franklin

    @ 1:59 watch the whole thing tho, it's hilarious. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6OJBjCJLx4
  10. Bitch I'm Madonna video extremely #soon

    You are correct my dear Stephen
  11. Bitch I'm Madonna video extremely #soon

    I Jst wish u were in the video chelle