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  1. Omg lol I’m gonna get kicked off the bus for lol to myself
  2. Omg lolol make these go viral
  3. I feel duped

    Sweets can also go by the word confection, so it does make sense and it's clever and cute.
  4. Atlanta!

    Secret! Yes!!
  5. Aretha Franklin

    @ 1:59 watch the whole thing tho, it's hilarious. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6OJBjCJLx4
  6. She makes love to the camera like no other
  7. Love it! Her face is perfect!
  8. Thank you! If you are into a R&B sound HC is the album for you, I loved it from the beginning since I love the sound, were it took me a while to warm up to COADF. I will say that the kids went up for hard candy here in ATL, they would even play it at the clubs. I had a friend that left Madge after evita and came back cuz of HC. I don't see the need for debating, madonna has had 12 (13?) albums and they are all different. It all depends on the sound that you are into. So yes, to me HC is life also!
  9. Does she have the grillz on?
  10. Legends Panel (updated 6/25/14)

    That was cute, but it's all about this oldie but goodie for me: sorry...no Madonna tho