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  1. 1. Medellin 2. Crave 3. Crazy 4. Come Alive 5. God Control
  2. My Target cd has just arrived! Is the regular double vinyl “made in canada” also a legit version?
  3. God Control Crave Medellin Batuka Dark Ballet (could have been my number one if Madonna portrayed the part of Mykki Blanco) I Rise (how i wish madonna incorporated the Bounce magazine look wherein she was dancing like Martha Graham and inserted in the video during the chorus parts)
  4. Now its Come Alive, Killers Who Are Partying and Dark Ballet (i don’t like it during the preview but it grown on me after repeated listens) Last week God Control, I Dont Search I Find, Batuka Looking For Mercy and Extreme Occident The week of album release: Bitch Im Loca, Faz Gostoso & Crazy My all time faves are Crave, Crazy, God Control & Medellin
  5. Love her Pride performance! I will be forever grateful Madonna is still giving us these great performances, videos, images etc. All of these are just icing in the cake from the brilliant illustrious career she had. Scared of the thought she will in time stop doing all these things for us. Stop being nitpicky girls. Enjoy the ride. Cant get enough of Madame X. The best era ever!
  6. Madame X Secret agent pic in HQ please!
  7. OMG! Hands down to Vogue and God Control choreos. Got teary eyed with American Life. The gays were singing with all their hearts out! Amazing performance! Our Queen never let us down. Hope to watch this in HQ. thanks for the IG tv
  8. I hope there will be a mash up of Vogue and I Dont Search I Find!
  9. I hope the accordion Madame X is for the “Crazy” music video! A fan can dream. More Madame X please!!!!
  10. I’m obsessed with the video, the album, the era. i’m trying to digest slowly with everything thats happening. I don’t want this era to end. Enjoying the ride while it last. I want more!
  11. Is God Control just a promo track with video like Dark Ballet? maybe it goes like this... Official singles: 1. Medellin 2. Crave 3. Faz Gostoso 4. Crazy (music video with the accordion madonna?) Promo songs & videos 1. I Rise 2. Future 3. Dark Ballet 4. God Control 5. Batuka
  12. Bad girl is my all time fave ever! I love her cinematic video masterpieces. The typewriter scenes are all damn good. Actually every scene are breathtaking. The editing are awesome. Love her back to acting again in music videos. Thank god she made an effort again to make this kind of videos! Lazydonna is dead! Madame X for the win!!
  13. Im on a high with the last 40 seconds of the video the juxtaposition of the choir, the disco beat, images and the terrifying thought that she’ll end up dead in the story send shivers down my spine! On repeat mode for the nth time. Replay value is very high.
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