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  1. Madonna is working on new music.

    Mambo = first single Magic = album title 😃
  2. The Night Porter (Justify My Love) Singing In The Rain (Rain interlude Girlie Show) Blue Angel (Open Your Heart) Saturday Night Fever (Hung Up) Xanadu (Sorry) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Sky Fits Heaven - DWT)
  3. 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Bitch Im Madonna 3. Give Me All Your Luvin 4. Ghosttown TUTR could have been great...they should have maximize the potential of the italian location. Another missed opportunity.
  4. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    1. Bad Girl 2. Express Yourself 3. Vogue 4. Girl Gone Wild 5. Borderline 6. Nothing Really Matters 7. Like A Prayer 8. Justify My Love 9. Material Girl 10. Die Another Day
  5. Just watched it from youtube...amazing! The recorded version catched the details, visuals & awesomeness i didnt noticed when i watched it live earlier this year. All time fave is the rockabilly section and holy water is life! Forever will be the queen of concerts!
  6. I luv cant stop! Gives me good vibes everytime i listen to it. One of my fave M tracks.
  7. Madonna 2016 Billboard Woman of the Year

    Finally watched the speech..amazing! got me teary eyed...
  8. I love the entire show. She sounded good. Love her bitchy interaction with the audience. This is the Madonna that i know. I dont know whats the negativity all about.
  9. i want a tight tracklist 1. Iconic 2. Illuminati 3. Bitch im madonna 4. Unapologetic bitch 5. Holy water 6. Inside Out 7. Ghosttown 8. Body Shop 9. Joan of Arc 10. Living For Love 11. Rebel heart
  10. "Love Profusion"

    One of my all time fave madonna songs ever! Love the different layers of the song especially the overlapping and mirwais backgound vocals. Mirwaiais is genius! I just dont like the video. But cant imagine what kind of video treatment for the song would be?
  11. Cherish "Cherish"!

    Does beautiful stranger, dont tell me & body shop counts? 😊
  12. My fave entrance ever! 2nd only to the unbeatable opening of BAT. I always wish and imagined an epic performance like this in a live tv show or award ceremonies. I want the general public to see what a great performer she is & to be blown away by it.
  13. Explore more on the sound of inside out, illuminati & body shop
  14. Yes! Borderline is my number one all time fave M song.

    Cant get enough of this video! Im so obsessed by it. I always watch it at least once a week since it premiered. I love the intricate group dancing part and the opening beat when M dances to the wall. This woman never fails to amaze me. one of my top 10 fave madonna videos of all time!