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  1. Another day. Another mass shooting in the good ole US of A. So sorry for the innocent lives lost to yet again another senseless tragedy. I don't know what to even say anymore. Something is wrong with American society. This isn't happening in any other developed nation. Once again "thoughts and prayers" will be offered and not much else. So tired of this happening.
  2. Well I personally enjoyed RH and MDNA very much. For me, M is one of the few artists who's never released a truly bad album. I do agree that less producers and very little or no collaborations as well would be a good thing. It's not necessary. As long as M doesn't try too hard to follow any trends then I think it will all be good tho. She should just do her thing.
  3. Of course I will my dear! What's happening in Aus is scary. I hope they find that lunatic.
  4. This is so sad. Poachers are disgusting! They make me sick
  5. Hahha. The donut licking little trollop is a major bitch. Definitely not "sweet" by any means but I don't care about that. I like her voice and her music. Of course I love that she's a major M loon. She has good taste. I'm here for M and Ariana collaborating!
  6. YES! I'll take Janet "whispering" or "mumbling" over Miley's 5 pack smoker a day voice. Janet has a nice tone to her voice at least! It's soothing. Miley has a horrible speaking and singing voice. My goodness. Don't do it Madonna!
  7. I know Miley is a major M fan but I HATE her voice. It's so grating. I really don't want a collaboration.
  8. Sad but true. People have now become desensitized. Another day. Another mass shooting in America. Just as Jazzy said though, that teacher's attitude is part of the problem. It's never the right time to talk about gun control it seems. Why is it that America is the only (developed) Country which these mass shootings constantly happen? It's horrible that these 17 people, many of whom were kids, were killed. How tragic. When is it gonna stop? The problem is the culture. America has a serious problem and it's time to do more than just "pray" and send "condolences". A lot of e
  9. ^^^ Great cover! Trump is a pos. Disgusting, racist loser. Sad that this man is the President of the US.
  10. So glad that the perverted, racist, homophobic bastard Moore lost! I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome especially since Alabama is such a deep red state. And yes a big thanks to the black people of Alabama- especially black women-for having some good sense and coming out in RECORD numbers to vote for Jones. A historic victory.
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