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  1. The shortness of breath is the worst part but thank you! I will definitely reach out to my doctor if my symptoms worsen. Thank you. It's been one week. Thanks my friend. I certainly will. Thank you. Will definitely do! I'm glad your test came back negative! I wish you continued good health Thank you! Yeah extreme weakness and fatigue. I actually have been sleeping okay for the most part except sometimes I wake up in pain because of body aches. As you said, it's a tricky time. I don't know if it's allergies and exhaustion but I seem to have most of the symptoms of the virus. I'll keep monitoring. Coronabounce. Thanks for the laugh and well wishes. I will continue to monitor my symptoms and will call my doctor or 911 if I have breathing issues again. Anyway my sister will kick my ass if I don't. She's been calling me every hour and insisting I go to the hosptial. The problem is my symptoms are considered "moderate" although I think shortness of breath is serious. I don't have a fever or cough. I'm afraid they'll turn me away if I go to the hospital. I know others who were exhibiting symptoms that went to the ER and they were sent home and unable go get tested. Like you said, they don't have enough testing kits unfortunately and I actually work at a hospital. It's not easy to get tested. They want to save those kits for people who exhibit "serious" symptoms and/or who have actually been in contact with someone that's tested positive. 2020 has been such a shit year so far but I'm hopeful we'll all get through this.
  2. Does anyone else just feel like crap? I've been feeling very weak, fatigued and have body aches. Also shortness of breath. I was recently in contact with someone who was in Italy about two weeks ago. A few days later I started to feel sick. One morning I was fine and by the afternoon, I became very weak suddenly and was unable to finish cooking. I had to shut everything off and lie down. But according to some people this is just like having the flu. I have never felt so weak and fatigued in all my life. I also have a compromised immune system so yeah that's worrying. I've already called my local health hotline and told them of my symptoms. Their recommendation is for me to self quarantine. I'm pretty sure I have it. I just hope I haven't infected anyone. I've been washing my hands all the time, wearing a mask when out in public and keeping my distance from others (not easy when you live in nyc). The good news is around 80% of people who get it will recover so I'm hoping for the best. I hope everyone here is doing okay. These are crazy times we're living in.
  3. Another day. Another mass shooting in the good ole US of A. So sorry for the innocent lives lost to yet again another senseless tragedy. I don't know what to even say anymore. Something is wrong with American society. This isn't happening in any other developed nation. Once again "thoughts and prayers" will be offered and not much else. So tired of this happening.
  4. Of course I will my dear! What's happening in Aus is scary. I hope they find that lunatic.
  5. This is so sad. Poachers are disgusting! They make me sick
  6. Sad but true. People have now become desensitized. Another day. Another mass shooting in America. Just as Jazzy said though, that teacher's attitude is part of the problem. It's never the right time to talk about gun control it seems. Why is it that America is the only (developed) Country which these mass shootings constantly happen? It's horrible that these 17 people, many of whom were kids, were killed. How tragic. When is it gonna stop? The problem is the culture. America has a serious problem and it's time to do more than just "pray" and send "condolences". A lot of evil and sick people here in America. Seriously though, what action is being taken? I mean, the NRA is too powerful so don't expect any change in regards to gun control. At least beef up security at all schools. Panic buttons, more security and even metal detectors. If that's what it takes then that's what it takes. Just take some action at least.
  7. ^^^ Great cover! Trump is a pos. Disgusting, racist loser. Sad that this man is the President of the US.
  8. So glad that the perverted, racist, homophobic bastard Moore lost! I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome especially since Alabama is such a deep red state. And yes a big thanks to the black people of Alabama- especially black women-for having some good sense and coming out in RECORD numbers to vote for Jones. A historic victory.
  9. It's sickening! Every freaking day. What the hell? There's some really fucked up people here in the U.S. Prayers are nice but what is that gonna do to prevent the next mass killing? We need a drastic change. This is insane.
  10. *Sigh*. I used to work around there so this hits home. it's just such a shame that this is becoming a common occurrence. I'm very sorry for those who lost their lives as well as those who were injured. I hope the members on Mnation who live in NYC are okay as well.
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