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  1. Good first week numbers. I DL the album yesterday. Haven't listened to it yet but will. It seems that she's getting mixed reviews so far.
  2. Yessss! She killed it. Love this song so much.
  3. I've never seen Whitney (or Janet for that matter act like this). She always came across as being very thankful for her talent and success. She was confident (and with THAT voice and those looks who wouldn't be?) but I don't think she behaved like Mariah or any other big time divas. Mariah for one is petty, jealous of younger female artists and obsessed with her stats. Whitney on the other hand was always supportive of the younger girls of the time (Aaliyah, Brandy,Monica,etc. They all love Whitney and said how supportive she was of them). And when has Whitney bragged about her success like say Mariah? And damn it, she certainly could have. If she did have an "I knew I'd win" attitude, So what? During the "Bodyguard" era, she was THE biggest thing on the planet. Her songs were being played everywhere. Movie was a huge success. She was sweeping EVERY award show. Why should she act surprised at winning at these award shows? I prefer that over fake "omg I'm so shocked I won" act that Taylor Swift pulls for instance. By the late 90's, it's clear Whitney was over the whole fame thing anyway. She just wanted to spend time with her family at that point. Personality wise, Whitney was cool. I loved her personality. I'll be checking out this documentary btw. Whitney was amazing.
  4. Oh my goodness! Just seeing this on the news. So sad!
  5. So what if she was "only" popular in the US (which is a lie anyway)? Yes, it's great to be successful interventionally too but being a huge success in your own Country and the biggest music market in the world ain't nothing to sneeze at. I'd rather be huge in the US and a "nobody" worldwide rather than being big in a few small international markets and a nobody in America. Janet has had amazing success in the U.S. and should be proud. I mean look at Kylie Minogue. She's huge everywhere pretty much (or at least she used to be) except the U.S. (The only time she was popular here was of course when she released "Locomotion" and of course the "Fever" album). She's still had an amazing career. Being a "local" star ain't so bad.
  6. She's amazing. Period. I never tire of watching her perform. I know this upcoming tour will be no exception. I suspect you've bought your tix already ckw :). This tour is gonna be lit!
  7. Very respectable numbers. Janet certainly wasn't "only" a local star during that time. RN, "Janet" and VR albums were big internationally. This is a fact. Let's not try to rewrite history indeed.
  8. Thought Katy was awful on "SNL. As I've been saying for years, the girl just doesn't have any stage presence and I agree that this Russel kid and his one dance move is very basic. I do love "Swish Swish" though. It should be a SMASH. I also loved "Chain to the Rhythm". I don't understand some of the backlash and "flop" talk about the new era.
  9. Maybe...she should stop caring what other people think and take whatever "risks" she wants. At this point in her life and career, why the hell not?
  10. My original date is now rescheduled for November. I was hoping for sooner but it's fine. Can't wait to see her! It should be one hell of a show. It's cool that she chose to name the tour "State of The World". That's one of my fave songs from Janet period. It would be amazing if she performed that song on the tour as well as other lesser known songs from "Rhythm Nation" or any of her albums. Maybe she'll be performing more of her more "socially conscious" matetial on this tour if the name of the tour is any indication.
  11. Fucking hilarious....I can't breathe
  12. Can't wait to see her live again! Yes gawd my babay is touring again...woo hoo!
  13. Um, "Rhythm Nation" and "Janet" almost went diamond in the U.S. alone! Not a great seller my ass. She's one of the biggest selling female artists of all time.