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  1. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump is such a stupid, racist asshole.
  2. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    Kiss my ass motherfucker! I am calm. I rarely get upset over you guys comments about Janet so I don't know what you're talking about. 10 years of trolling? Oh please. Your comment WAS ridiculous and so is your explanation. Just stop.
  3. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    Well dear, the mods don't seem to mind and he's not breaking any rules, so.... You're right. He had no impact on pop culture. No one ever bought his records, nor did anyone try to dance or dress like him. "Thriller" was a flop with no cultural impact and no one gave a shit when he died. You must be like 12. Really now, stop being ridiculous and trying to rewrite history.

    Happy Birthday to the beautiful Lola!
  5. I've had two people in one day ask me....

    I actually also heard "Turn Up The Radio" when I was in a cab the other day and thought how nice it was to hear that on the radio. I do hear M on the radio often but usually it's songs like "Into the groove", "Holiday", "Like a Prayer","Papa Don't Preach",etc. Mainly her 80's stuff so that made me happy hearing TUTR. It's not surprising that casual or non fans don't know about her last album or latest projects. Unless you're a big fan and follow her like that, you wouldn't know but as you said, she's still a legend no matter what. This makes me think of a couple weeks ago when I went to see Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey (Madonna nation's favorite haha) in concert. I went to the concession stand to get something to eat/drink during Mariah's encore (she was a bore on stage and I had enough of her at that point) as did many others. Anyway, I hear this couple who had to be in their 50's talking about how stiff and lacking in energy Mariah is on stage. So they start talking about about female singers who are older than Mariah but can still run circles around her on stage and they start talking about Madonna and Janet. The lady says she doesn't know if Janet or Madonna can still move that well on stage. The guy says he doesn't know if Janet can but that he might see her on her new tour but that he was sure Madonna still "had it". So I just had to comment and I said "You damn right she still does" and winked at them and they both laughed. The point is that people know what's up. Even if they don't follow M's every move she will always be respected as a singer and performer. Casual fans are usually surprised that she's still very active but that's our M for ya. I don't think think she'll ever slow down (I hope not).
  6. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    I love Latoya. Adorable and has a great personality. I like that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Why isn't there a Latoya thread in this section?! She's a "pop princess" for sure. Maybe I'll start one.
  7. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    I understand what you're saying but ckw isn't the only poster in this forum who only mainly posts in this section so I just don't get why he's the only one constantly being singled out for it. Besides, just because he doesn't seem to be a fan of M's recent stuff doesn't mean he isn't a fan at all. It's true he does not post much in Madonna threads but he does seem to like her from what I've seen. He's always respectful about her at least.
  8. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    The Janet fans in here have been respectful from what I've seen. CKW in particular is always pretty chill but I can't blame him for going IN just now. Crystal you just started being nasty out of no where. Have your opinions but you just started ranting about Janet and her fans out of no where and then some decided to join the party. I mean, what's the deal? Some of you need to go get fucked or something. Release all that frustration. Janet and Madonna aren't friends and never will be most likely but it seems that today in 2017, not fucking 1993 in case some of you have forgotten the year, these two SEEM to have some sort of respect for each other. Who cares what was said 20+ years ago? M and Janet have moved on from that silly rivalry. Their fans should do the same.
  9. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    Janet looks beautiful in those latest pics Aww so emotional and she sounds great
  10. Madonna-centric on latest Will & Grace episode

    I've gotta watch this episode asap
  11. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    I agree with both of you. Race was definitely a factor but sexism was probably the bigger issue in this case. I do think if Madonna was in that situation she would have gotten just as much backlash and JT would still have come out of it unscathed. Also, I have to say I think that Madonna would have handled the backlash differently than Janet. I personally wish she hadn't made that apology video after the incident but I guess the backlash was too much.
  12. Jean-Michel Basquiat & Madonna

    Yesss to this! I've always found her pre fame years in NY to be so fascinating.
  13. Janet Damita Jo Jackson thread *giggle*

    It has EVERYTHING to do with racism and sexism actually. Justin definitely has a good music catalog but it's absolutely unfair that he gets invited to play again at the "Superbowl" while Janet has pretty much been banned. Since everyone thinks they were both "in on it" then they should both suffer the same consequences, bottom line. Why ban one and not the other? hmmmm. I think we all know the answer to that.