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  1. Even better How long was that turd #1? Probably 1 week I'm guessing.
  2. Trump and his inept administration are the biggest embarrassments ever. They're all such liars and so corrupt. I mean all politicians lie but Dump and his ilk are just the worst. Dump owes Obama an apology for his wiretapping allegations which he had no proof of in the first place (unless you consider the white nationalist rag "Breitbart" credible). Being that Trump has no class, he'll never apologize to Obama but he should not be able to get away with making up such a serious allegation without facing any consequences. The Country is going down the toilet with him as President. We're more divisive then we've ever been. I can't believe I have to deal with this idiot for at least another 4 years. I was hoping for impeachment but the Republicans have made it clear that they put party above country so I'm pretty sure the orange buffoon is here to stay. Ugh.
  3. 59 cent deeply discounted "hit" "Lover Boy". It's actually one of my guilty pleasure songs. I love the video too. It's so cheesy and over the top. Mimi is always good for a laugh.
  4. HA! I bet we won't see that baby til he's like 30. Janet is very private when it comes to her personal life.
  5. Thank you Isaac! Love the pic. It's so fitting. So glad Jan is not with that little troll anymore though. JD was the worse thing to ever happen to her, at least from a career standpoint.
  6. Well that's one down in this shit show!
  7. What are you talking about? The media talked so much shit about Michael and yeah he brought a lot of it on himself but you've got to be kidding me acting like everyone praised him. Do you remember what a media joke he had become in the last 15 or so years of his life? But even before all the surgeries and allegations, I remember there being nasty articles about him. Michael was a ground breaking artist regardless of your dislike for him. Yeah she is the new Michael Jackson alright. Beyonce wishes. NO ONE criticizes Yonce or tells the truth about her is what I'm saying. All these critics praising that average album "Lemonade" made think I was living in an alternate universe. There has never been this much ass kissing for a pop star from the media and fellow peers as there's been for Beyonce. It's fucking bizarre. As for Adele, how was she pathetic? She was great and so down to earth. I really have no idea what you're on about.
  8. Seriously,has any pop star ever been this worshipped? Yaki is also worshipped by all her peers. Beyaki can fart into the mic at this point and all her fans and those in the industry would praise it as being the best thing ever.
  9. MJ's life sized statues during "History">>>>Yaki's self indulgent performance I'm sorry I thought the statues were so over the top and ridiculous but hilarious lmao. At least he had the talent, memorable songs and pop culture impact to back it all up. Yonce's music on the other hand is pretty shit overall. She's just a standout in a sea of mediocrity. The ego centric thing doesn't work for her. It's not even interesting when she does it actually. Just dull.
  10. For Katy kat, the Grammy performance was decent. I like the new song.
  11. Yonce's performance was so self involved. She really thinks a lot of herself which I mean is fine. Most musicians have huge egos but she takes it to another level. The imagery however was awesome. A visually impressive performance. But once again, just as I had predicted months ago, Yonce was shut out of winning in any of the major categories. I knew Adele would win. If there is any album in which Yahtzee deserved to win Album of the year, it was the "Beyonce" album. "Lemonade" wasn't all that great apart from like four songs. I don't care how much the critics praised it. Without the visuals, "Lemonade" doesn't hold up. I got bored with the album after two listens. As I've always said, her music just isn't that good especially for someone of her stature. "Anti" on the other hand was amazing and I can't believe it didn't win anything. They definitely did my girl Rih wrong.
  12. Terrible what happened. I hope little Maddie makes a full recovery
  13. Her opening was pretty good I admit (the drone thing was cool) and I enjoyed "Bad Romance" but overall it wasn't great or particularly memorable. She can't touch Madonna's performance that's for sure! Sure Gags will get a boost on itunes from her performance. All performers do. However, it will not be a career defining moment like say Prince's amazing superbowl performance was. Gaga really just did the same ole, same ole.
  14. Imagine the fall out if Obama had said this? Faux news and every other right wing media organization would lose their minds and call him anti American. Sure Trump is right in this case but I don't think a sitting president should make such a statement. Trump gets away with saying and doing stuff no other president could. It's unbelievable. It's also amazing how he refuses to utter a bad word about Russia/Putin. That's why he even made that comment in the first place in order to deflect. He's afraid to say anything that could piss Putin off.
  15. This train wreck should be starting soon. Can't wait!