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  1. Another day. Another mass shooting in the good ole US of A. So sorry for the innocent lives lost to yet again another senseless tragedy. I don't know what to even say anymore. Something is wrong with American society. This isn't happening in any other developed nation. Once again "thoughts and prayers" will be offered and not much else. So tired of this happening.
  2. Rooting for Janet, Stevie, LL Cool J, Rufus, and The Cure to get in this year.
  3. Of course I will my dear! What's happening in Aus is scary. I hope they find that lunatic.
  4. Yes to Andy Gibb! Love "Flowing Rivers". A great and sort of forgotten album it seems. Good list. I agree with most if it (of course I would have had Janet on mines).
  5. This is so sad. Poachers are disgusting! They make me sick
  6. The only good song on that dreadful album is "Midnight Summer Jam".
  7. Me too. I thought his tour was doing great? At least in the U.S. anyway
  8. I like their new song. I've always liked the BSB. Say what you want about them but they've made some great pop songs.
  9. Sad but true. People have now become desensitized. Another day. Another mass shooting in America. Just as Jazzy said though, that teacher's attitude is part of the problem. It's never the right time to talk about gun control it seems. Why is it that America is the only (developed) Country which these mass shootings constantly happen? It's horrible that these 17 people, many of whom were kids, were killed. How tragic. When is it gonna stop? The problem is the culture. America has a serious problem and it's time to do more than just "pray" and send "condolences". A lot of evil and sick people here in America. Seriously though, what action is being taken? I mean, the NRA is too powerful so don't expect any change in regards to gun control. At least beef up security at all schools. Panic buttons, more security and even metal detectors. If that's what it takes then that's what it takes. Just take some action at least.
  10. Why did you highlight "white" women as if they are some disenfranchised group? Why not just "older" female artists, period? Because I can think of several older female artists, not just "white" ones, that have not been given enough credit for paving the way.
  11. Oh please. What bullshit. The likes of Justin Timberlake for example would never get half the praise he does if he was black. Yeah "Poor white artists" like Justin, Adele, Sam Smith,etc. They are treated so terribly. Right. The public and mainstream media love r&b and soul as long as it's being sung by white people. Black artists have been constantly ripped off and copied since the beginning and don't get the credit they deserve. White artists accomplishments are being diminished? are you kidding me? Such horse manure.
  12. And this guy is supposedly the new "King of Pop" according to "Rolling Stone" and some on this site? Haha. Justin does have some talent but is extremely overrated overall. His performance was boring. Point blank. Not memorable at all. He used to be charismatic at least. What happened? The Prince tribute was the only memorable thing. Flop era so far.
  13. ^^^ Great cover! Trump is a pos. Disgusting, racist loser. Sad that this man is the President of the US.
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