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  1. Well I'm disappointed this is an "unauthorized" biopic. I'm sure it'll be crap. These kinds of things never turn out well without the artist being involved.
  2. I just read about this! I'm so excited for this! YES!
  3. Um, "Rhythm Nation" and "Janet" almost went diamond in the U.S. alone! Not a great seller my ass. She's one of the biggest selling female artists of all time.
  4. !!!! Yes to ALL of this. This is exactly what these people have morphed into. It's disgusting.
  5. Interesting. Is it that today's female artists aren't making "quality" music? Although most of the songs in the top 10 by these male artists are trash imo but obviously someone likes it.
  6. Yep. I wonder how Kid Rock's half BLACK son (whom Kid Rock had with his BLACK "High School" girlfriend) feels about his redneck, confederate flag loving Daddy? Then again, maybe this is who he always was but his public "transformation" from wannabe rapper/rocker to a redneck, confederate flag waving, staunch republican is interesting to say the least.
  7. I like Gaga's new song. Sorry not sorry. Just basic pop/r&b/dance. It's what she does best. The other stuff she does comes off as her being a try hard (The fake "deep" "Joanne" album). This kind of music is more natural for Gags to make. It suits her more.
  8. Never Jancel! I still have my ticket! I wanna see her live this year *fingers crossed*
  9. I will be back later to post Janet's REAL sales because that list isn't totally accurate. As I said, Janet's albums are under certified.
  10. I feel awful for that old man. I hope they find this piece of shit. This bastard needs to be executed.
  11. Janet's albums are under certified. This is just a fact. I'd put her sales at around 170 million. No, I don't think it was a stunt. She changed her whole lifestyle for Wissam. If it was all about PR, she could've found someone else whom she didn't have to change for as she did for Wissam. Oh and Janet has her own money. She doesn't need his. Shit article. The author is clueless.
  12. Haha....your gifs are always PERFECT
  13. I'm sorry for Janet that her marriage didn't work out. That's gotta be tough! Especially so soon after having a baby. The Queen and her little prince will be okay though. On a selfish note, I hope this means that the "old" sexy Janet is back and that she does go on tour this year.