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  1. Excellent video. It makes the song a little bit better.
  2. Ouch. Oh well, miscalculations happen. Hopefully the album the rest of the album is better than Luv & Masterpiece. My fingers ate crossed. lol
  3. Tomorrow, I want to to go Top 10 tonight! haha
  4. If this happens I have no doubt that Music will be on the setlist. Not sure hat else. Maybe Into The Groove or Holiday. I hope she doesn't do anything dumb like a rendition of Imagine......
  5. She, Bobbi Kristina, & Paris Jackson should do a reality show together.
  6. FYI: This is not some technical billboard chart list with points and rules. It's simply the greatest artists, so you can vote for folks like Beyonce & Michael Jackson while considering their careers as a part of a group. I keep seeing comments all over the web that Beyonce only has 2 or 3 albums. No! She WAS Destiny's child and any critic considering her greatness should take that into consideration. FTR: I STILL think she's ranked WAY too high. Where is Janet, Streisand, Diana Ross??????
  7. Not a true statistic. Just look at Josh Groban's sales for Noel.
  8. Clive Davis got demoted because of Leona Lewis. He spent an incredible amount of time and money trying to break her in the US and the results were disappointing. So he washed his hands on her and any other AI winner and instead is focusing solely on Whitney.
  9. Not even. Taylor Hicks still made a career on Broadway didn't he? He was on the 2008 Idol List for earning $900,000 in 2008. Not bad for someone so far off the radar.
  10. Iman always said with a laugh that MJ was a big gossip. And he had lots to gossip about since everyone wanted to get close to him. This is all harmless, silly stuff. Who didn't know Madonna was sexually explicit in the early 90s? Knowing how consumed she was with fame and money, it makes sense she wanted some of what MJ had. I don't think it's all in his head at all. Interesting that MJ kept going out with Madonna even though she was so crass. He obviously liked it on some level. People forget he used to perform in strip clubs as a kid, so he's seen more than we think. But did Madonna really think she could get him to go to a cross dressing club? His image was so carefully managed in those days!
  11. Sounds exactly like the Madonna of the early 90s. Too bad she "forgot" about those convos during the MTV tribute speech. LOL I bet MJ was shocked when she started adopting children. And poor Lisa Marie. He spills on tape how she begged him to take her back and started promising she'd have lots of children if they reconciled. I guess he never knew (until much later on Oprah) that it was Priscilla who told Lisa not to have kids with him. Mike has a negative view on women in general. He even sticks up for Bill Clinton and says it was Monica who caused all the trouble! LOL
  12. I think it's hilarious that Madonna made it clear she ain't going to Disneyland. LOL I have no idea if Madonna was in love with MJ but I SUSPECT she wanted to bang him for the heck of it. He probably misread that as love. He was probably pissed off in '93 or '94 when she said he looks like a space alien drag queen. So he's probably just getting back at her by stating that she has no sex appeal. LOL It's kinda funny. Both their egos were out of control in the early 90s. I don't think he's idolizing Hitler. He's saying what every history book/channel says: That Hitler was charismatic enough to get people to do his will. And I doubt he really wanted to hug those killers. He probably thought it made him sound kind and understanding and innocent to say everyone would be good people if we got enough love as children. Or maybe he really was that naive? I couldn't read that part about Liz. What was with MJ and older women? Yuck. Jane Fonda said that during their friendship (that included skinny dipping) she never knew if he was into her or not and she got frustrated and ended things with him. Yuck. Then he use to have a thing for Diana Ross. But I sure can't wait to see MJ's female fans react to him saying he finds most girls unattractive. LOL!!!!!!!!
  13. Well, MJ's fans really appreciated the speech. So did Madonna's fans. What else really matters at the end of the day?
  14. I wanted Janet's performance to be longer. But it was cool. I really liked Madonna's speech and I hope others do too. I've read some comments from "haters" saying she just wanted some of MJ's renewed interest to rub off on her but we'll see how the general public feels.
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