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  1. Is this Hector? Katrina reached out to me - worried about you. If you have a moment, send her a text - I can email you her number if you need it - jonluvsmaddy@aol.com

    Hope things are okay.



  2. He is not a democrat. Maybe if he was, the party would have warmed to him. But he wasn't then and he isn't now.
  3. The people vote - and as their disdain for him during the primaries was not public, it had no impact. Bernie and his campaign did not want to engage with identity politics - though minorities and those who support them make up the majority of the democratic coalition. If you don't talk to Black people, Latino people, Asian people, Women - and address their issues in your campaign, you don't get votes. If you don't campaign in entire sections of the country (like the Southeast), you don't get votes. And he didn't do those things, and he lost the race. The predilections of the DNC have no impact when their public statements are consistently that they are neutral.
  4. To be fair, Ulizos, the media and Trump tell us daily that President Obama's failure to act firmly in Syria to remove Assad is the reason Syria and ISIS are where they are today. While that narrative is obviously flawed and inaccurate, it is regurgitated daily - which certainly colors public opinion on the topic.
  5. I love Hillary. I am voting for her - as I have done four times before I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there's a pair of us - don't tell! They'd banish us, you know! How dreary to be somebody! How public like a frog To tell one's name the livelong day To an admiring bog! (I love Emily Dickinson too)
  6. According to politicos, this is where a ground game comes in - to go knock on doors, call people, and drive them to the polls - and Hillary's massive field workers are up to that task. Donald has none of that - he only has the enthusiasm he inspires at his rallies. And as we saw with Bernie, just because people get enthusiastic in your presence, it does not necessarily translate to a winning voting base.
  7. In response to the earlier discussion about health insurance - The idea that people are paying more for less is complete bullshit. A lot of CRAP insurance plans existed before that covered very little and thus did not cost anything. Now plans may cost more but they MUST cover more and also limit the amount of out of pocket costs an individual can incur. Thus, if one has insurance and gets a catastrophic illness, they won't end up with outrageous bills to pay that they could never afford. Small businesses with only 15 employees are not required to provide healthcare for their employees now and they weren't before - and few small businesses did provide it before. As this 2013 chart shows, businesses with fewer than 50 employees provide insurance about 30% of the time - http://kff.org/other/state-indicator/firms-offering-coverage-by-size/ The other 70% had to get insurance on their own or go without. Pre existing conditions meant they couldn't get insurance. As many people have low incomes, they get subsidies for their premium - to the tune of 72% of people who get insurance though the Affordable Care Act - "For enrollees in the 37 states that used HealthCare.gov in 2015, those subsidies pay an average of 72 percent of the full premium cost, leaving subsidized insureds responsible for just $105 per month in premiums." https://www.healthinsurance.org/obamacare/will-you-receive-an-obamacare-premium-subsidy/ This is not even to mention the many millions of people who are now eligible for Medicaid that weren't before (provided that their state is not run by an obstructionist Republican who refused to implement the expansion). http://obamacarefacts.com/obamacares-medicaid-expansion/ Those who do not receive a subsidy (like my partner) can pay between $300 and $1200 per month depending on the type of plan they choose - but that's because his employer is an ASSHOLE and only offered the shittiest possible plan which none of his employees chose to take and most are now enrolled in Medicaid.
  8. Pud - have you seen this? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Co0LxZoWcAAFSp8.jpg:large
  9. I love you all - even your faulty thinking - sleep tight gentleman
  10. Further, while the republicans have made an industry of blocking Obama's nominees, the Democrats are not nearly as obstinate - so they would in fact likely confirm whoever was nominated
  11. If the popular vote goes to Trump, the senate will likely remain in republican control as well - don't be naive
  12. Scalia JR would not be far off - and as Ruth Bader Ginsberg has only a few years left to go - Trump's potential gaggle of Scalia clones would be incredibly destructive for generations - not to mention, of course, whatever nightmare he would dream up.
  13. The state of the Supreme Court will directly impact the lives of minorities, women, immigrants, and gays - so please do continue to believe that the election doesn't matter - as it may well not matter to you - but to all of the aforementioned groups, the balance of power in the Supreme Court matters greatly - so if you can't manage to get to the polls for your own self interest, do it on behalf of others who desperately need your support.
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