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  1. It’s true - I think that she/Guy have to approve what they can play - odd choices on the remix and live front but the programmer who decided what to play made an interesting choice - the channel is essentially these tracks: Burning Up, Angel, True Blue, Causing a Commotion, Cherish, Vogue, Justify My Love, This Used to Be My Playground, I’ll Remember, Take a Bow - with a few Madame X, a few other hits, something from the MDNA tour, a remix of Deeper and Deeper, and one rando album track in two hour rotation - but I’ll take it -
  2. Andy's second hour Come Alive Lucky Star/Hung Up (Confessions) Music Inferno (Confessions) La Isla Bonita / Lela Pala Tute (Sticky and Sweet) ”songs I didn’t like when they were released but then I did when she performed them live”: 4 Minutes (Sticky and Sweet) Give Me All Your Lovin’ (MDNA) ”classic songs she did something unexpected with” Open Your Heart / Sagarra Jo (MDNA) Susan McLeod / Into the Groove (Reinvention) ”the classic” Holiday (Rebel Heart)
  3. Andy's hour - Celebration (Benni Benassi mix) Jump I’m addicted Drowned world (BT mix) Give it 2 me I want you Love spent Rebel Heart Veni Vidi Vici Joan of Arc Wash Over Me Gone
  4. Andy Cohen will be on Friday at Noon - an hour of album cuts and an hour of concert/live picks - this could get interesting (love him or hate him) -
  5. I've been on a Twitter mission for the last two days - progress is being made - Time Stood Still!!
  6. From Sticky, I've heard the weird Music (where it segues into Live 8 for the ending/crowd sing along), Vogue, Borderline, Spanish Lesson, La Isla, Like a Prayer, and Ray of Light
  7. I have heard Secret, Human Nature, and Die Another Day - (road trip last week and listening all day at work)
  8. UPDATED 7/26 2019 12:51PM Songs I have not heard – by album Like A Virgin: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore True Blue: Ain’t No Big Deal Like A Prayer: Love Song Act of Contrition Supernatural I’m Breathless: He’s a Man I’m Going Bananas Cry Baby Something to Remember Back in Business More What Can You Lose Now I’m Following You (Part I) Now I’m Following You (Part II) Erotica: Did You Do It? Up and Down Suite Goodbye to Innocence Get Over Bedtime Stories: Forbidden Love Let Down Your Guard One-offs: Guilty By Association Freedom Something to Remember: You’ll See Veras Evita: I’ve only heard album version of DCFMA and Buenos Aires Ray of Light: Mer Girl Has to Be The Funny Song American Life: Hollywood Confessions: Fighting Spirit Super Pop Erotica/You Thrill Me Hey You I’m Going to Tell You a Secret: I Love New York Hard Candy: Ring My Bell Celebration: It’s So Cool Broken MDNA: Gang Bang Some Girls I Fucked Up Rebel Heart: Devil Pray Unapologetic Bitch Bitch I’m Madonna HeartBreakCity Body Shop Holy Water S.E.X. Auto-tune Baby Addicted La Vie En Rose Madame X: Funana Back That Up to the Beat Ciao Bella CONTEXT – I defend everything included here no matter how obscure given that I have heard: Madonna Mix Side A (I’ve heard it three times) Madonna Mix Side B (with a skip in Angel and a lot of skips/surface noise at the end of Dress You Up!) Me Against the Music Be Careful Sidewalk Talk (many times) History Like a Virgin/Hollywood (MTV) (also many times) Music (Live mashup that goes from Sticky and Sweet into Live 8 ) And countless remixes of Bye Bye Baby, Erotica, Living for Love, American Pie, Girl Gone Wild, etc.
  9. They are really getting good coverage of her catalog - most 80s and 10s albums close to being played in their entirety - 90s and 00s albums (including I’m breathless) only getting 3-4 tracks played
  10. They played side A of MadonnaMix this afternoon - wild to hear that
  11. It was amazing. She was incredibly happy - lots of smiles. One gay commented at the end ‘well Kylie did an hour’ but otherwise everyone seemed very excited. And walking off stage at the end to I Don’t Search, I Find - it was everything.
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