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  1. @Jazzy Jan, anyone comparing Texas and Australia should go back to school for a few years,
  2. No matter on what side you are, this is shocking and unaceptable.
  3. I agree. Greedy of power. Money talks - only money, nothing else.
  4. Terrible mess. And no one is doing anything. IS will be back in force and they are worst than talibans.
  5. They changed their mind ! https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/08/25/onlyfans-says-it-will-no-longer-ban-porn-after-backlash-from-users.html
  6. yes, they had too much peadophilia and hardcore stuff. They totally lost control.
  7. It's like saying PornHub will ban sexually explicit content,
  8. I'd say it's US and NATO's fault, not only Biden
  9. It's insane to hear all the things she says. And the most scary thing is she has so many people voting for her. It means they agree with what she says.
  10. What happens in Vegas gay bathhouse won't stay in Vegas gay bathhouse,
  11. He also needs a punch in his face, if you ask me
  12. Terrible tragedy. The major problem with these appartments building is the owners never want to see their condo fees raised. They want to pay the minimum. But when there is major renovation needed, they have a big problem because they don't have the money in bank to pay. Owners have to pay a special contribution and they're not happy.
  13. Wow so prouf of him. It takes a lot of courage to do this in that kind of sport. He has all my admiration.
  14. Two years is not enough. It should be permanently.
  15. Did I just read GAZA IS NOT OCCUPIED ??? Shit, some people are so dumb, that's just insane. No wonder why this World is going so bad.
  16. I refuse to watch that shit. All of this because "she stole" 13.88$ worth pf marchandise at a Wallmart. Shameful.
  17. At 1st I read Kardashian, I was like... wtf ???!!!???
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