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  1. Intellectual shaming ?? And he's talking about nazism, Time for you to take a dictionnary, @MeakMaker and take a look at UTOPIA. You should learn a little, just by reading that. Btw, having a friend in Spain doesn't make you a specialist on the question.
  2. Taylor Swift thread

    Exactly. And it went to #1 on some radio stations because of payola $$$. We all know it.
  3. What ???? You didn't bought Flopanne??? What are you waiting for ??
  4. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    I love Amy Grant !!
  5. Taylor Swift thread

    We all are,
  6. Following your romantic logic, no one could divorce their boyfriend when their relation is over. Talk about nonsense.
  7. When I read the argument "we are stronger when united" not sure if I should laugh or cry. One thing these idiots tend to forget: They've been united by force, not by choice. Twisted logic, indeed.
  8. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    If she does I'll cry all my soul, I swear. I won't hold it and I'll faint.
  9. @ the drama over the Lemonade reference. Ok. Let me do it again:
  10. Exactly my point of view. Not sure independence is the answer, but at least give them the chance to express themselves about it, in a legal way.
  11. Funny how Puigdemont talked about Franco in his last speach: "worst attack on Catalan institutions since the dictator General Franco ordered the end of our autonomy”. Oh but I forgot, they all moved on,
  12. Taylor Swift thread

    I wouldn't be surprised, seriously. Even her lyrics suggest she's a total bitch. And she seems proud of it.
  13. Taylor Swift thread

    WE DON'T CARE !!! Never seen anyone with so many enemies, tbqh. Girl must be insufferable...
  14. Janet Jackson thread

    Some Jancel fans need to get a bit of sense of humor,
  15. Taylor Swift thread

    She'll get a number 1 when the album will be out but she'll drop very quickly, I'm pretty sure.
  16. Thanks for the input, @promise to try, very interesting. Cultural identity is something very complex and complicated. As a french canadian, I feel my culture is totally opposite to the rest of Canada. Many times, we don't share the same value, we don't think the same way. Clearly we don't come from the same place. It's hard to explain. We're just different. They say about us, canadians, that we are "two solitudes". That's why so many french canadians still wish to be separated from Canada. They would like to take their own decisions, take their own risk and manage their country the best way they can. It is not exactly the definition of "oppression". Doesn't mean I'm for the independance of Quebec, though. I still think there's other solutions to live happier in Canada. I'd be curious to hear people from Belgium about that - they pretty live the same thing.
  17. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    I feel exactly the same. Her voice is like nails scratching a chalkboard.