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  1. I may sound harsh but she's very ugly to watch
  2. I always felt that when you listen to Orbit instrumental, there's nothing special either. But when M puts her touch and her voice kicks in... BAM ! There! Pure magic !
  3. Ghosttown is one of the only song that didn't leak during the RH session. Hope it gives us a hint at how tight security will be this time.
  4. Billboard is behind Ghosttown, but other than that, I don't know. He worked for Britney, apparently
  5. This girl is unbearable to watch, btw. And her decor is
  6. I'll never understand the interest for these Youtuber/Instagram stars.
  7. It will be entertaining, I can assure you that,
  8. I just realised we will get a new Madonna album in a few months and then I got all emotional and almost cried during my lunch time. Shivers down my spine.
  9. I hope some people around here will understand the message !!
  10. OMG !! THANK YOU M !! Thanks to stay true to yourself.............. I love you for that !
  11. Well you should because, apparently, no one remembers and no one seems to find that quote you're desperatly looking for. Debbie downer.
  12. OMG this post, I don't even know where to start,
  13. Big fan of Bodak Yellow, here, but I'd prefer no featuring too.
  14. I want something very organic with a lot of strings and guitars............... pls, pls, pls !!
  15. they always mixed up with her age. nothing new.
  16. I'm seriously having a heart attack, watching at these pic