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  1. Two Bush presidents condemn 'racial bigotry' amid Trump backlash https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/16/george-w-hw-bush-statement-bigotry-antisemitism-trump Never thought I would miss George W. one day... You never know the future,
  2. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    She is so fucking generic,
  3. "Embarassing flop" ???? are you kiding me??
  4. Happy birthday QUEEN ! ❤️❤️
  5. Love your post @Nikki. Voice of wisdom. Thank you !
  6. Divide and rule. That's what he's doing. But that's a pretty dangerous game.
  7. Oh wow this thread. Seriously. Who plays the victim right now ? Coming from the most misognynistic member on this forum, this is VERY funny. I read this thread and I don't see anyone praising what happened in Charlotteville. Not one member. But you're very quick to accuse us of many things. Maybe you should look at yourself first.
  8. This is just as wrong as saying all Muslims are terrorist.
  9. I agree. But it's always the same people, so no worries. Dumb one day, forever dumb.
  10. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

  11. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    this video is
  12. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    Talk about a Nothing. A "zero talent".
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Enough with that MDNA skin bullshit
  14. In which DWT shows did M perform You'll See?

    I can't believe we'll never get a professional recording of this AMAZING performance. This is just insane it was not a bonus on the DVD. She was flawless, her voice totally on point, she didn't missed a note and it was incredibly moving.
  15. I totally forgot about that performance of HU and there's a reason why I guess,
  16. I 100% agree with that. I understand she plays guitar to have a break from dancing and take some rest. But that's not how I like her. I don't care if she stays behind her mic not moving (a la Frozen in RIT) but that guitar doesn't suit her well. I dislike it.
  17. Oh Christ.
  18. M was pretty HOT that night. WOW !! ❤️❤️ And X&Y is the best Coldplay album ever.
  19. Oh lord. I swear sometimes. Time to get a new team around her. She's totally lost.