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  1. Bromance, bromance... who's the top, who's the bottom ??
  2. ^ I don't care if it's fake, I really like it !!
  3. I prefer the album version, too.
  4. He has no manner. Living proof that money won't buy you class.
  5. We all know you don't like it. No worries.
  6. Never understood why it's not on HC. One of my fav from this era !
  7. She has the worst fans sometimes. They're only good at one thing: complaining.
  8. Love that song ❤️
  9. This meeting with the pope is so
  10. Thank god she's ok, @Crux. I'm so devastated for the families. When will we live in peace? 😕
  11. Watch her cancel the tour after what happened to the Ariana Grande concert. How much do you bet?
  12. You'll never get answer to that question. He'll just ignore it like he usually does.
  13. Oh no... 😕 This is so tragic
  14. Take off, take off Take off all your clothes
  15. This story is absolutely tragic and proves once again why the fight is not over
  16. How I love this song...
  17. Any comparison made between LFL and Swish swish is totally wrong. Talk about over analyze too much. Just stop for Christ sake.
  18. Can't believe this thread has 20 pages.
  19. This is a comedy show, and a bad one, I tell you.
  20. I have no respect for neo-nazis, Madonna fan or not.
  21. Love that performance,