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  1. He looks like an orange blond Travolta,
  2. It's not ageism, but I think Biden is way too old - time to leave his place to younger generation
  3. Theresa ! You can cry as much as you want but you'll be remembered as one of the worst Prime Minister in UK history.
  4. wtf is happening to this World ?? This is so wrong, And same will happen in Canada, where the Conservative party should be elected next October. True that Trudeau was definitely not the best, but at least he is more centrist than these conservative morons.
  5. well it's start - doesn't mean gay people will be treated well, there, though.
  6. More than 200 dead, apparently - this is a real tragedy,
  7. Go Samsung, go !! https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-galaxy-fold-issues-broken/
  8. I'm sorry but I totally disagree with what you wrote. Tbqh I would also add I feel it's insensitive and disrespectful.
  9. There's no words......... OMG I used to live ust in front, 10 years ago. So much memories. I'm in shock. Feel so sad........
  10. Totally agree with you Kurt. Just like I feel there's nothing worst than a racist homosexual or a black homophobe. This is something I will never understand.
  11. No need to insult people. Seriously you're such a disapointment these days with your over the top reactions.
  12. I think EU is very patient and they should pull off the plug. This is ludicrous.
  13. You miss the point, here, my friend : It is not against Christian, but against radicals from ALL religions. And I would add this: in this case, there were something funny about the fact it was about an innofensive kit kat ad. Don't let your beliefs blind you and make you lost your sense of humor. It would be sad.
  14. This is a lie. The guy had a prepaid Visa card and he tried to pay with it, but the terminal in the taxi refused it - just like some of them refuse pay pass. He didn't try to pay with a "Gift certificate" like you say. I don't try to excuse the behavior of this guy (He totally acted like a jerk with the taxi driver and lord knows how I hate these "influencers") but you totally twist what happened. For someone claiming here and there that you're so perfect and always looking for the truth, this is quite surprising. It might serves your own rhetoric but it also proves how patronizing you are.
  15. And people who watch that video are as guilty as the shooter if you ask me. You worth less than nothing in my book.
  16. Absolutely horrific There’s no words to express how I feel. Sometimes I feel so disgusted by human beings...
  17. Who is still going on that site? What’s the point?
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