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  1. Avicii has passed away

    Oh my friend... 🙁 How I wish we could be all together tonight to honor him and his great work with M...
  2. Avicii has passed away

    How can you die so young ? So sad ! RIP
  3. Oh ! And I guess I can't like LAP because I never understood what the song is about,
  4. I think the discussion about how a song must be related to your own experience to appreciate it is pretty irrelevant. Following this logic, it means you couldn't like a book or a movie if it's not related to your life... @Pedro said it best: the song is not just about fame but about how sometimes you work so hard to achieve something but it doesn't necessarily worth it. At 40yo I went back to University, worked very hard to get a business diploma, got a new job, became the CEO of an important professional association, I doubled my income... Am I happier for this? I wouldn't say that. Happiness is not just about money and success. That's what the song is about. Anyway... just like the RH demos, guess we'll still talk about it in 20 years from now, AL the song will always be an underrated gem to me.
  5. I don't understand the hate for AL, the song. It's a little preachy, I can give you that. But who else than M to speak about fame and how it's not alway great ? I think the song is bold, audacious and totally Madonna. It was a risky choice (just like Frozen and Music were, if you think about it) but musically it was perfect. Have to say, with the Irak war, Bush and everything, it was not easy back then. But it was a mistake to pull the video. Still one of her best to date, imo
  6. Indeed ! Such a strange album... Having said that, even M's weakest effort are pure gem...
  7. Runaway lover is one of my favorite song on Music. Guess to each his own...
  8. Physical attraction is my favorite song on the 1st album. I'd die if she sings it live,
  9. In my book, MUSIC is one of her weakest effort, but AL is one of her best. I'm curious to see what will happen this time, if the rumour is true.
  10. She will never perform TUTBMP - I remember she said, once, she hates that song
  11. That's almost 10 years ago, but yes, I kinda understand what you mean. Let's wait and see and don't judge before we hear anything.
  12. That's from 2009 - one of his last production, apparently
  13. Maybe that's a song on his new album and that's why he got tagged