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  1. We're still waiting for you to say you are jocking babe. Because, seriously, this is a little too much.
  2. So true, wait and see !
  3. For once we agree on something,
  4. This is insane. And scary.
  5. The entire forum, as you say, never post in the politic section. Stop trying.
  6. Same. Everything is "flop" these days, according to them.
  7. If it was Gaga they all would praise her success.
  8. love you too babe,
  9. Not sure who said it sounds like Gaga but seriously, time to consult an ear specialist.
  10. I agree Nonoka. I'm surprised to see it doesn't chart that well... song is very good.
  11. CRYING!
  12. I agree. This song is so good.
  13. Don't start with that shit,