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  1. Same. Being in the black book doesn't mean you're guilty. In what world are we living in? Guilty by association...
  2. Would be so funny and so marketing genius if Tweeter banned him just before the elections
  3. It's the opposite actually. I don't see how I could think too highly of many people when I say they're all a bunch a sheeps. They might want to be like him but, in the end, it just proves they don't know how to think by themselves.
  4. I think many people "approve" him not because of who he is or what he's doing but because he's a Republican. No matter who would be there, as a Republicans, they will never accept to vote for anyone else. 40% of Americans are Democrats 40% are Republicans And these people won't change their mind no matter what could happen.
  5. He just has to close his account if he’s not happy. What a fucking moron. A disgrace.
  6. Soooo depressing. She deserves everything that is happening to her. she felt threatened?? You can clearly see she was not. That man never lose his temper and always stayed polite.
  7. Just the way she treated her dog in that video, it says a lot about her,
  8. Another great story - and, omg, this woman is canadian. What a shame, https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/26/nyregion/amy-cooper-dog-central-park.html
  9. This story is just sooooooo fucking sad. When will it stop ?
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