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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I totally understand where @romais going and I think that's his choice. I'm the 1st one being annoyed by her skincare and by her kids (the twins, especially). I never "like" any of that kind of post and I scoll down as quick as I can when she posts about that. I wouldn't unfollow her, though. It's not worst than the random advertisements I never asked for.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    @ the drama because she follows Rihanna. I swear, some people here, so dumb,
  3. Oh my god !! Can't believe it! Such a great news this morning!
  4. A costume party for Christmas?? Seriously, get a life...
  5. This is terrible. And no matter how hard you try to defend it, it stays absolutely terrible. What a fucking mess.
  6. I love how you consider Like an angel and Tragic girl like "old songs",
  7. Greatest hits tour or not, I don't care, as long as she tours,
  8. God I love her !! Can't wait for the album, this is so exciting !! I'm pretty sure she receives or is waiting for a lot of musical proposition at the moment. Thinking of lyrics and melodies.......... She will be in studio february-march, mark my words.
  9. I'm surprised to see the streaming numbers of Sam Smith and his Goodbye song... Kids listen to that shit these days ? Oh lord.