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  1. He’s so vile, it’s beyond words. And he should go back to History class, he would learn how America has been build by immigrants... what an Idiot
  2. He looks like an orange blond Travolta,
  3. It's not ageism, but I think Biden is way too old - time to leave his place to younger generation
  4. Theresa ! You can cry as much as you want but you'll be remembered as one of the worst Prime Minister in UK history.
  5. wtf is happening to this World ?? This is so wrong, And same will happen in Canada, where the Conservative party should be elected next October. True that Trudeau was definitely not the best, but at least he is more centrist than these conservative morons.
  6. well it's start - doesn't mean gay people will be treated well, there, though.
  7. More than 200 dead, apparently - this is a real tragedy,
  8. Go Samsung, go !! https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-galaxy-fold-issues-broken/
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