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  1. the rise of extreme right around the world is mostly due to 30-40s white male, feeling threatened. I don't think this ad will help. In fact, seeing their reactions I think it's the opposite. I'm always suspicious when marketing mixes with social issues. I can see the idea behind it, it might be great but personally I'm not so sure about it.
  2. Are you serious ? You can't be, seriously. If you can't see the difference, you have a big problem. Time for you to read an article or two.
  3. runa

    The Weeknd

  4. I love Ariana, wish I could see her live ❤️
  5. runa

    Kanye West

    and the critics will call it genius
  6. runa

    Shawn Mendes

    He just doesn't seem. He is.
  7. runa

    Kanye West

    Kanye is an overrated piece of 💩
  8. runa

    Troye Sivan

    Glad you like it guys
  9. runa

    Troye Sivan

    His new album was a let down to me, unfortunately. I think Blue Neighborhood was way more superior and unique.
  10. runa

    Shawn Mendes

    ooooh I remember that story ! Curious who was top, who was bottom,
  11. runa

    Shawn Mendes

    I thought he was married... Doesn't mean anything, though.
  12. runa

    Shawn Mendes

    Your bad taste in men is legendary
  13. runa

    Shawn Mendes

    At least Nick Jonas is HOT