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  1. All of this was planned far in advance with Turks complicity. Such a shame.
  2. @Gaudet, we wanted a cooking thread,
  3. Totally agree @KalamazooJay I think it's a very bad idea, but they really don't have the choice. If what they say about this phone call to Ukraine is true, not sure it's treason but it's really not far. However, I think it will galvanize the Rep and they will win 2020. The next election campain will be terrible as I don't see any Dem strong enough to beat that.
  4. Do you think IMPEACHMENT is a good idea ? Will it work ? This is a kinda risky move, isn't it ?
  5. Frightening indeed. What will the "chosen one" and his acolytes do about it? Probably nothing, there's no oil or money in Amazon...
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