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  1. And ? Do you know how many people post stupid shit on twitter ? Are you gonna to quote them here, everytime? Talk about being desperate to stir shit, aren't you ? Just curious : were you with your friends in Dallas, today, waiting for JFK to reappear ?
  2. I can't believe Kyle Rittenhouse is free to go. That's just insane. If the guy was black, he would be sentenced to lifetime jail. If not worse.
  3. Not sure where to post this, it's not exactly Biden related, more Fox News, but this one is for you, @Junior How one can be so dumb ??
  4. Oh the irony, coming from a Trump supporter
  5. @Jazzy Jan, anyone comparing Texas and Australia should go back to school for a few years,
  6. No matter on what side you are, this is shocking and unaceptable.
  7. I agree. Greedy of power. Money talks - only money, nothing else.
  8. Terrible mess. And no one is doing anything. IS will be back in force and they are worst than talibans.
  9. They changed their mind ! https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/08/25/onlyfans-says-it-will-no-longer-ban-porn-after-backlash-from-users.html
  10. yes, they had too much peadophilia and hardcore stuff. They totally lost control.
  11. It's like saying PornHub will ban sexually explicit content,
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