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  1. What did she say that is uncorrect ? She only stated the truth, so please explain.
  2. Best way to win your election: start a war. Old recipe, nothing new.
  3. This is absolutely frightening and devastating. My heart goes to all my friends in Australia. Stay safe. Heartbreaking, really,
  4. OMG What a dumbass https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/12/19/conservative-radio-host-wishes-colorado-school-shooting-during-trump-impeachment/
  5. oh wow this thread keep watching your netflix guys. At least some people are trying for you. They might not be perfect, but they try. And you? What are you doing about it ?
  6. Totally agree Janelle. When someone is speaking too loud, especially if it's a woman, you can be sure she'll be flooded by hate and bullies. Look at M. This is exactly the same thing. Strong women with strong personalities are the threat when it should be the other way around. What a sick world.
  7. If I was a computer genius I'd start a new platform
  8. He is brilliant. Thanks for sharing @VogueMusic It's time to wake up
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