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  1. Well... since 2013 surveys said she will win 1st round and she did. And since 2013 the same surveys said she won't win the 2nd round. Of course surveys are surveys and it doesn't mean a lot in the circumstance. But I still think many people will wake up and get out on day vote to vote against her. Just like the same happened in 2002 with her dad. Even the right wing party invites people to vote against her. It says a lot.
  2. Same for me. Love every words of this post.
  3. He will get around 65% on 2nd round, according to the last survey
  4. When you don't understand why it's wrong to be gay and vote for Le Pen, you clearly have to go back to school and to open some books.
  5. I think that what happened to her dad a few years ago will happen to her.
  6. The electoral system is not the same. You can't compare.
  7. She can win the 1st round but she won't win the 2nd.
  8. Her two last album are like good wine: they get better with time. The more you listen the more you like them.
  9. Australia has the best taste in music. When it's not Sheeran it's Gaga, POOR JANELLE !!!
  10. And I love the Weeknd soooooooo much
  11. This song is soooooo good
  12. Omg the argument of governement having guns while you don't No surprise the world is so fucked up.
  13. I know the sound is bad but I like the look,