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  1. runa

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    yes indeed - vile human being, just like Trump.
  2. And I hate Android - always a tacky look
  3. Yes indeed - I hate it. I don't see the point to have it so big.
  4. We disagreed many times over the years, @Nessie but I hope you stay safe. Be careful !
  5. runa

    ABBA thread

    Same here, I'm all ABBA GOLD + a few others songs here and there, but I've never listened to one of their studio album from start to finish. Sorry guys !!
  6. runa

    Kanye West

    What an idiot.
  7. Tragic news. We don't learn from the past, that's for sure. This World is very sick.
  8. runa

    Pipe bomb suspect arrested

    Am I wrong or he kinda looks gay ????
  9. Terrifying situation indeed !! OMG ! Stay safe !!
  10. I work on a University campus and my bf works in a college. I think about it everyday. It could happen everywhere. Sick.