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  1. In 10-15 years from now, they won't sale Cds anymore - or just in an extremely limited way. What are you gonna do ? I'm a Premium Spotify member since 4-5 years, now. Tbqh, I can count on my fingers the time I couldn't listen to what I wanted because it wasn't available. Having said that, I agree with you both: I miss the good old days, when I spent hours and hours admiring the booklet. Used to really like it.
  2. This thead gets more and more offensive each day. In all my time at MNation, I think this is one of the worst thread ever. You all make me laugh (or else I would cry) when you talk about "both side of the story". You want to know what was on each side? Let me tell you: On one side there were a manipulative abuser and boy rapist. On the other there were young boys, victims of sexual abuse and rape. And yes. Paedo apologist that's what you are. No witch hunt, here. Just truth.
  3. OMG but if they had to pay 10 bucks a month to listen precisely to what they want, that would be terrible... ! It's ok to pay 10 bucks for a chai latte at Starbucks, but don't ask them to pay for music, oh no...!
  4. Wow. What can we add to this ?
  5. what a bunch of jerk. Some people are so evil, this is beyond understanding.
  6. Where is @Nonoka when we need him,
  7. And people who watch that video are as guilty as the shooter if you ask me. You worth less than nothing in my book.
  8. Absolutely horrific There’s no words to express how I feel. Sometimes I feel so disgusted by human beings...
  9. Who is still going on that site? What’s the point?
  10. runa

    Eurovision thread

    This is one of my favorite. And the performance is amazing.
  11. runa

    Eurovision thread

    Netherlands, Portugal and Italy get my vote.
  12. runa

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He's really seeing him as god himself Megalomaniac.
  13. runa

    Stars Are Releasing Singles Faster Than Ever

    The music industry is really going down the drain... Sales, radio, charts.
  14. I guess that's what he said to the young boys...