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  1. Tragic story. How can you do that to someone ?
  2. A bit of sanity in this thread. Thank you Martin.
  3. oh, here we go with the conspiracy theories,
  4. yes indeed. She doesn't look too freak, just like she used to as a male. But, yeah, she must be carful with her nose.
  5. This is so interesting, and scary at the same time : The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President facebook and social medias in general are really a plague for democracy.
  6. Sanders has one big problem, though: he is way toooooo old.
  7. It's less lethal than influenza. I don't why we're talking about it.
  8. Just thought it was obvious when I said UK was now part of Scandinavia but I guess it was not,
  9. no ? Ooooh. I thought they would belong to Scandinavia from now on, or Russian continent. I'm all mixed up.
  10. 'Corona beer virus' searches suddenly spike on Google after deadly coronavirus outbreak
  11. Coronavirus vs. Flu: Which Is The Bigger Threat To Americans? All this panic is total nonsense. (once again, thanks to media).
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