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  1. I hate she always dresses them the same. So tacky.
  2. Great story. My favorite album are always connected with something important in my life (positive or negative). I understand exactly what happened to you and what you mean.
  3. @spotlight is a real bitch today. Have you seen his comment about SFH ????
  4. And don't forget 1990 is the year Milli Vanilli won for best new artist. Says it all really.
  5. I've never heard TiTie in my life.
  6. I Voted 1st half because I really really love BORDELINE, LUCKY STAR & I KNOW IT. But PHYSICAL ATTRACTION is my favorite song on the album.
  7. That's so true. Who still remember Bonnie Raitt anyway? No one. LAP is a cult album and deserved to be nominated and win.
  8. Here: ❤️❤️ Not the best quality but it deserves a listen, 😊
  9. I miss all the Trump voters around here, they used to be so vocal, now they all disappeared. Would be curious to see what are their arguments to defend him. They must be so proud of themselves.
  10. OH MY GOD !!!! What a fucktard......
  11. IKR some people should be ashamed!