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  1. So sad and tragic. USA, wake up! It doesn’t happen anywhere else, when are you going to wake up ? 🥹
  2. I told it already : ugly inside and out
  3. Very happy for all of you guys !! Such a great news ! Much love from to
  4. This guy has so much power, it’s just insane. He plays with that just like a kid plays with his toys.
  5. It’s on hold: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-13/twitter-shares-slump-after-musk-says-takeover-on-hold
  6. Just read the Neil Parish story, He was looking for a tractor, but fell on a porn site….. the brand he was looking for was DOMINATOR I can’t at this clowns, it’s just too much. No wonder why people are so cynical towards politic,
  7. Wow, that’s so frightening, there’s so much at stake. We’re going back 75 years behind. Witch hunt is at our doors.
  8. He might be the richest man in the World but he's also the ugliest. Inside and out.
  9. I agree with you @Raider of the lost Ark, Tesla design are very outdated. Nothing outbreaking there.
  10. And he's a real TROLL and a BULLY, saying anything that comes to his mind.
  11. He wants it because he’s a spoiled kid. It has nothing to do with money… yet.
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