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  1. Music Ray Of Light Confessions Erotica Like A Prayer MDNA American Life Hard Candy Bedtime Stories Madonna
  2. Happy birthday! Rock on! xo

  3. spazz

    i'm not in a good mood since the revolution even before I was thinking of fleeing the country after the bombing explosion.

    i went only 10 days to work since January because the school i work in, many of students are absent & their parents fear to let them go because the rate of crimes increased besides the lack of security.

  4. A.J

    are u ok?

  5. GOD

    Life gives u lemons-make lemonade; life gives u chocolate-make candy lol; when life gives u other people-that makes DRAMA! We all need to try and avoid bs-life is hard enough!

  6. Glad that you are OK! But I'm sorry to hear that your job in tourism is so effected right now... hopefully everything will get better soon! :)

  7. I`m alright dude ;)

  8. I hope everything is going OK with you! There's so much going on in Egypt.... :)

  9. Thnx <3 How are u?

  10. hola friend.

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