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  1. The song also includes one of her most used philosophical standpoints: "None of its real"
  2. I love this picture, how Madonna sort of "crawl up" against Stella M. It looks very warm and it's the sort of hug you give someone you're close and genuine with (unless you're drunk). It looks a little maternal from Stella Ms point of view.
  3. MDNA is shit. Many things she's done after Erotica and Bedtime stories seem somewhat beige (although not bad) in comparison. Confessions tour is her best tour. End of discussion. Hard candy and MDNA has made me lost some interest in her. Stuart Price and Madonna has created some of her most memorable and magic moments together. The more I think about it the more I realize that the bravest she's done in her career is the Sex book. She risked so much. Vogue is her best single. Frozen is her second best. Hung up her third.
  4. Frozen Erotica Open your heart Hung up Like a prayer Cherish Vogue Music Justify my love Nothing really matters American life Die another day Bad girl Express yourself Live to tell Deeper and deeper The power of goodbye Human nature Rain Take a bow
  5. This was a wonderful read. I think one of the best parts of the interview is the fact that the journalist is inviting us to explore the dynamic between the two. She definitely seemed defensive and angry in some parts, but she also seemed emotional and inviting. I really like that they actually develop some kind of relationship that they sort of "discuss". This, I feel, crumbles the general picture that she is cold hearted. Selfish yes, but not hard.
  6. This is heaven: I know you've been waiting, yeah I've been watching you, yeah I know you wanna get up, yeah Come on :dramatic:
  7. The album is good, there are indeed some wonderful moments on there, Love spent, Tutr, Falling free, I'm a sinner and Beautiful killer, Gang bang. But other songs, to me, sounds a bit dated and too much euro cheese. But I think her focus wasn't, as much as earlier albums, on the music this time, she mainly focused on her movie. And I think she has a really strong desire of becoming a great director, which perhaps she can in the future. With her other albums there has been such a worked out theme which she could market her albums around. This time there was the Super bowl and then nothing. But I'm sure she's not unaware of this, it's just a new way of handling her music business. I'm really excited for her tour. She showed with the Super bowl that she has no plans of letting her showmanship to rest. That, at least, is reassuring.
  8. It's so fantastic to read all of this! The work, the work!
  9. micco

    Tour 2012

    Sorry if this has been posted or discussed already, but who is musical director for the tour, is it the same as S&S tour?
  10. i don't have the energy to go through the whole thread, but how much truth would you say there is in the rumour about m.i.a and nicki minaj?
  11. My mother bought me my first album, I was hooked, she knew it, thanks mum!
  12. Ohh la la..thanks! And let's tweet
  13. I know! She should reach for the german folks, there are a lot of interesting Berlin based musicians that could generate some interesting results musically.. Another question, how do I insert those stylish youtube links that you published? Mine didn't look so good..
  14. this is a german guy she should work with for her next album, especially for that electro/hip hop/rock feel...
  15. Thumbs up to this thread The summarizing of the Madonna decade is a really good way to really see how much she has achieved these 10 years, amazing. I'm too tired to list 5, but on the top part of my list is definitely the opening of the confessions tour. Truly creative.
  16. The first picture is amazing..the hair, the cup, the eyes, the glove it just makes my imagination spinning!! great
  17. My god those pictures of madonna are soo hot!!!!! I mean the clothes, the hair, the everything!!!
  18. In the Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' the journalist gave the show 1 star out of 5... http://www.expressen.se/noje/musik/1.1276219/forvirrat-madonna ..stating in that the show was "confused", and that she has never been so confused in her artistry before. using words such as "uncomfortable", "embarrasing" and at some points even "painful" to watch..
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